Tools For Living Free

Tools For Living Free are FREE two-sided publications combining valuable excerpts from the Enlightening Monthly Talks given by Cosmos Tree Founder/Director Dr. Lane with short exercises that you can do during the day to help you be present; live more Joyously and Peacefully and, most importantly, focus into the Spirit you are and know that doing that is the Purpose of this life you’ve been given.

Each bi-monthly Newsletter from Cosmos Tree includes a new Tools For Living Free. Many people keep libraries of them; still others order a ToolKit that contains all 150-plus Tools For Living Free, which they use day-to-day to help them with situations that arise.

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Complete List of Tools For Living Free:

1. Using The Tool Of Choice
2. The Power Of Letting Go
3. Acceptance: All That We Are
4. Allowing God To Live Through You
5. Ask! Let Go(d)! Receive!
6. Discovering God’s Will
7. Practicing Eternal Vigilance
8. How To Create Wisely
9. Allowing God To Be Here For You
10. Choosing To Live In Grace
11. You Are Worthy Of Abundance!
12. Taking Responsibility: Tag You’re It
13. Taking Responsibility: Tag You’re It (Part II)
14. Loving God Through Imitation
15. Using The Doorway To God
16. Being Present In The Moment
17. The Power Of Positive Self-Talk
18. Living By Giving
19. The Secret of Success
20. For-Giving YourSelf
21. Awakening Consciousness
22. Worry! Then Use Worry To Lift.
23. Practicing Patience
24. Seizing The Miracle In The Moment
25. Using The Tool Of Prayer
26. Generosity: A Tool For Giving To YourSelf
27. Using Your Reactions To Lift
28. Using The Tool Of Lila
29. Living A Blame-less Existence
30. The Antidote To Fear
31. Using Surrender To Advance
32. Appreciation: Loving God With All Your Heart, All Your Soul, And All Your Mind
33. Giving The Gift Of Kindness
34. Living The Truth
35. Sacrificing “The Sacrifice”
36. Dealing With “Death”
37. Direct Knowing Through Tisra Til
38. Introjection: Claiming Our Power
39. Spiritual Economics
40. How To Run A Business (Your Life) Spiritually
41. Initiation Into the Sound Current: Direct Access To Spirit
42. Learning To Listen To YourSelf
43. Trusting YourSelf: A How-To Manual
44. Excuses, Excuses – Let’s Be Done With Them!
45. Using The Tool Of Loving
46. You’ve Got The Power!
47. Fated? Forget It!
48. Got Guilt? Now Live Guilt-free!
49. How To Win The Game Of Life
50. Every Season Is The Season To Be Jolly
51. Give Your Self A Happy New Year!
52. Exercising The Tool Of Responsibility
53. Why Not Do It Now?
54. What Is Your Next Step?
55. Meditation On The Path of Soul Transcendence
56. The Winner Is The Spirit In You!
57. Why Is God Hidden?
58. What Is Love?
59. The Recipe For Success
60. Our Responsibility To Know OurSelves as Spirit
61. Using The Tool Of Gratitude
62. The Remedy To Fear
63. The Democratization Of Spirit
64. Giving To Spirit
65. Exercise Your Right To Vote
66. Living In Integrity
67. Creating The Life You Truly Want
68. Freedom Is Just Another Word For God
69. Trusting God Is Trusting Yourself
70. The Inner Truth And Its Implications
71. What Do I Have To Do To Be Perfect?
72. Family “Problems”: What, Why and How
73. What Does God Want From You?
74. You Are Worthy
75. How To Serve Humankind: A Service Manual
76. What Are You Waiting For?
77. Are You Giving YourSelf The Best?
78. The Spiritual Reality Of Mankind
79. More On Love
80. The Spiritual Reality of Mankind – Part II
81. Self – Acceptance
82. Living As An Initiate Of The Light Of The Most High
83. Where Are You Going, My Little One, Little One…?
84. The Spiritual Teacher
85. God: The Answer To All Your Prayers
86. Are You Open Or ‘Whatever’?
87. Being Present
88. Peace
89. Applying The Message Of The Easter Season
90. How Do You Approach God?
91. Be With God – Now!
92. Fight? Or Forgive And Forget?
93. Surrender Everything!
94. The Divine Plan And You
95. The Point Of Power
96. The Family Solution
97. The Inner Life
98. Choosing Wisely Your Creations
99. The Nature Of The Soul Is Joy

100. Questions, Questions. Looking For Answers?
101. The Only Way For The Holiday(s) – And Every Day
102. Power: The Knowledge Of Peace, Surrender To The Self
103. The Only Reality
104. Our Responsibility To Walk Through The Tenth Door: Tisra Til
105. The Three Qualities Of The Lord, God That Begin With An “I”
106. The Antidote To Animosity
107. Our True Nature
108. “Exactly” What’s The Point?
109. “Exactly” What’s The Point? – Part II
110. How To Serve YourSelf – And Others
111. Attuning To The Spiritual Forces That You Are
112. ‘Whatever’ It Is – Matters
113. How Much You Love God Is How Far You’re Going
114. ‘Tis The Season To Examine Tradition
115. What’s The Hurry?
116. There’s No Freedom Without God
117. Coming To Know Your Self As Spirit
118. How Do You “Get To” God?: Practice, Practice, Practice!
119. Being In Agreement With The Agreement
120. The No-History Lesson: Be Born Anew
121. Thinking Outside The Box
122. The Truth Of Our Own Spirit
123. Genius Is The Absence Of Thinking In The Presence Of Thought
124. Where Do You Go To Find The Answers To All Your Questions?
125. Living In Loving Cooperation
126. Give Your Garbage To God!
127. What Have You Bought And Are Still Paying For It?
128. Soul Level Consciousness: Now Is The Time, Here Is The Place
129. Now Is The Time For The Real Education
130. How About Now?
131. Do Nothing. Do No Thing.
132. The Wealth Is Inside Of You
133. Thinking Outside The Box – Part II: The Secret Of Creativity
134. What Is So Difficult For Human Beings To Accept?
135. Our Purpose Here: To Remember Who We Are
136. The Surrender To Grace – Knowing You’re Okay
137. Surrender Part II: The Opportunity To Regain Our Freedom
138. Dancing In Your Soulness
139. Give – Then Give Some More
140. Are You Pulling The Wool Over Your Eye?
141. The Divine Blueprint
142. The Democratization Of Consciousness – Part III: Equality
143. Our Responsibility For Now Taking Initiation Into The Sound Current
144. What It Means To Be HU-Man
145. What Do You Have To Do To Trust YourSelf
146. What Is Discipline?
147. What Is Discipline? – Part II
148. We Are One And We Are All In It Together
149. Simple, Simple Prescriptions From God’s Drug Store
150. Individual Responsibility With And In A Group Focus
151. God’s Will: Will You Or Won’t You?
152. Everything Is An Opportunity To Grow In Love For The Lord God
153. Who’s The Boss?
154. Are You Fearing And Tearing Or Caring And Sharing?
155. “The Truth, Five Saboteurs, The Con Man And You: A Participatory Satsang” Part I Of Three Parts From This Talk Doubt And Its Antidote
156. “The Truth, Five Saboteurs, The Con Man And You: A Participatory Satsang” Part II Of Three Parts From This Talk Saboteurs Two, Three, Four and Five
157. “The Truth, Five Saboteurs, The Con Man And You: A Participatory Satsang” Part III Of Three Parts From This Talk The Con Man And You
158. “What Is Loving?”
159. “What Is Loving? – Part II”
160. What Are You Trying To Get Away With?
161. Living In Your Own Inherent Truth
162. The Forbidden Truth You Already Possess
163. The Forbidden Truth You Already Possess – Part II
164. Would You Like Another Drop Of Honey?
165. Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse
166. Are You Being Generous? 
167. Are You Being Generous? – Part II
168. How To Receive
169. How To Receive – Part II
170. The Teacher, The Mirror And You
171. The Teacher, The Mirror And You – Part II
172. The Real Economic Crisis
173. The Real Economic Crisis – Part II: Inner Resources
174. God’s Wake-Up Call
175. Be A Nazir!: A How-To Manual
176. Be A Nazir!: A How-To Manual – Part II: Being On Point
177. Living The Guidelines
178. Living The Guidelines – Part II