Cosmos Tree is a non-profit Educational Foundation that helps you live the life you want! Through Meditations, Spiritual Programs, Classes, Workshops and the numerous Tools/Resources generously offered, many free of charge, you learn to live your life from a Spiritual Perspective, as the Spirit you are!

Cosmos Tree has many Tools/Resources that help you to live free! Feeling stuck, stressed, or alone? Visit our Monthly Talks page for a complete list of MP3s for Guidance on every situation in your life! Also visit the Tools For Living Free page to read free publications that explain how to live Spirit-centered!

Cosmos Tree Services are nondenominational, non-sectarian and open to all. Nearly all Offerings ask for only a small Suggested Donation. We urgently require your help to fulfill Our Mission of bringing our life-altering Meditations to all those who are suffering and in need. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY!