Understanding The Spirit You Are

A two-part Video and TV Series of Spiritual Learning created and given by Roger Bruce Lane, Ph.D., Cosmos Tree Founder/Director, The Video Series is offered as part of a monthly Video Showing/Discussion at the Cosmos Tree Home Center in New York City and via teleconference from around the country and outside of it. The Series is also available for viewing on cable TV weekly in New York City and online any
where in the world. Understanding The Spirit You Are is available for purchase as individual DVDs for each Show – please see list below- and as highly recommended complete Sets of Parts I and Parts II. Again, please see list below.

Topics range from “Forgiveness” to “Abundance Consciousness” to “The Power Of Choice” and “The Twin Towers Of Acceptance And Gratitude” to the all-important “What Is Self-Worth?” THIS IS A MUST-ORDER OR MUST WATCH/ATTEND FOR ALL!


Video Showing and Discussion

Location: The Cosmos Tree Home Center at 177 East 87th Street – Suite #204 (between Lexington and Third Aves)

The last Sunday of every month 1 pm to 2 pm – A Discussion based on viewing a Video from the Series Understanding The Spirit You Are by Cosmos Tree Founder/Director Dr. Lane.

  • Free of charge with a Suggested Donation of $5
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before as doors close promptly five minutes before start time
  • Please do not wear any perfumes, scented oils, colognes, hair spray, fresh nail polish or remover, aftershave or other chemicals

Also available by teleconference – please email info@cosmostree.org by 5 pm the day before to find out how to attend. Please be available to watch the Video from 1 pm to 1:30 pm from a computer or tablet before teleconferencing in.

To Watch on Cable TV in New York City and/or Online anywhere

In New York City

Every Thurs. 6:30pm.
Time Warner – Channel 1997
RCN – Channel 84
Verizon (FiOS) – Channel 35

In Brooklyn

Every Sat. — 4:30pm
Cablevision – Channel 68
Time Warner – Channel 35
RCN – Channel 83
Verizon- Channel 43


Watch the 22-part VIDEO Series “Understanding The Spirit You Are” by Dr. Roger B. Lane online!
Thursdays at 6:30 pm on www.mnn.org
Select “Watch Now” and choose “Spirit Channel”

Video Series:
“Understanding the Spirit You Are – Part I”

V1 The Foundation For Understanding That You Are The Spirit
V2 Forgiveness
V3 Abundance Consciousness
V4 The Twin Towers Of Acceptance And Gratitude
V5 The Power Of Choice
V6 Commitment: The Gift Of Giving Your Self To YourSelf
V7 Living The Truth
V8 “The False Self vs. True Self” Game
V9 How To Sacrifice “The Sacrifice”
V10 The Ego’s Revenge: False Pride
V11 The Only Real Question
V12 Giraffe Consciousness
Video Series:
“Understanding The Spirit You Are – Part II”

V13 What Is Self-Worth?
V14 What Is The Path Of Soul Transcendence?
V15 What Is Meditation On The Path Of Soul Transcendence?
V16 What Is The Theology Of The Path Of Soul Transcendence?
V17 What Are The Teachings Of The Path Of Soul Transcendence And How Do We Use The Teachings?
V18 Surrender And The Path Of Soul Transcendence
V19 The Final Surrender And The Path Of Soul Transcendence
V20 Living Free And The Path Of Soul Transcendence
V21 What Do We Do On The Path Of Soul Transcendence?
V22 What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life?: An Invitation