Master’s Degree Programs

The Seminary of the Center for Religion and Advanced Spiritual Studies offers Its Master’s Programs to help individuals Learn to live Spiritually in the world. These Programs are an educational breakthrough as they are both experiential and scholarly at the same time as being integrative into daily life.

The Programs offer:

Students take, among others, Courses and Workshops in:

  • Communicating clearly, properly, effectively and efficiently;
  • Understanding the relationship between net worth and self-worth;
  • Freeing themSelves from attachments to status, fame, money or anything that is allowed to hold them back;
  • Living in Joy no matter what’s happening in the outside world.

The focus is to help Students learn to live the Teachings of the Path of Soul Transcendence by learning to integrate the Teachings into their lives. Students learn:

  • to come to know themSelves as the Spirit they are;
  • to Live in Grace;
  • to harness their inner power and inner strength as Soul;
  • to live in their own Integrity;
  • to experience Spirit and be a scholar of It.

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