Roger B. Lane, Ph.D. is the Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, Inc., a nonprofit educational foundation that provides a life-altering education for people pursuing personal growth and development from a Spiritual Perspective. Dr. Lane has assisted thousands of people the world over to live their lives from a Spiritual Perspective; to learn to both live and give themselves the lives they want; to focus each and every moment into the Divine within; and to have the daily discipline to do that – really to learn to Love themselves enough to give themselves the Best, which is the Spirit they are!

The life-altering education created by Dr. Lane consists of Meditations; Classes and Workshops; Monthly Talks; publications including a popular bimonthly Newsletter and a highly effective two-sided educational publication Tools For Living Free that has been ”worked” by thousands of people as well as The Money Workbook. Written by Dr. Lane, The Money Workbook helps you know that the Power to create the life you want is in you/the Spirit you are! Like everything Dr. Lane does, It is a life-changer! The more you work It, the more It works!

Many of Dr. Lane’s Offerings via Cosmos Tree are free of charge with a Suggested Donation of $5. Dr. Lane is well known for the many scholarships Dr. Lane makes available to those in need; and among the many who seek Dr. Lane’s assistance, for Dr. Lane’s generosity and Love and Caring.

All Programs created by Dr. Lane are Open to all regardless of income; religious background; or other “practices.” Take part in a Cosmos Tree Program and it enhances what you are already doing. The real “democracy” is that we are One as the Spirit we are and these Open Programs reflect That.

Dr. Lane is also known for the weekly Open Hours offered during Which Dr. Lane personally assists people who need help in their lives; and for the Personal Counseling Sessions which are widely considered a Golden Opportunity to learn to focus into the Spirit you are and to grow in Love for yourself; to realize your potential and truly live in the fullness of your being; to give yourself the life you want; to learn to focus into the Real Solution(s); and to “jumpstart” your Spiritual Progression.

Dr. Lane is a graduate of the famed Wharton school and holds a Master of Divinity Degree. Dr. Lane’s Doctorate is in the combined field of Theology and Psychology known as Human Services.

To find out more about the Spiritual Path that Dr. Lane brings forward and your Purpose here, Which is coming to know yourself as Spirit, please visit