The Money Workbook

TheMoneyWorkbookPageThe Money Workbook by Roger B. Lane, Ph.D., Cosmos Tree’s Founder/Director, takes you on a thirty-day exploration of your life and how you work it. Through text and exercises, the reader becomes aware of patterns and beliefs running through his/her life. By working the Workbook each and every day for thirty days, the reader comes face-to-face with the Truth and is then given many opportunities to decide how the reader would like his/her life to be and new approaches to take. The author educates us – simply by text and/or exercises and without a lecture – on how to create this life. This is a very powerful, no-nonsense guide that is very empowering yet is fun: an extremely unique combination. This is a must-do and a must-order!

This powerful book makes a great Gift! Very popular for college graduates, anyone job-hunting and anyone who wants help in living the life they want – and in knowing what that life is.

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