Help Us Serve Others!


Cosmos Tree encourages you to give generously so that we may serve others!

Cosmos Tree has grown rapidly in the last few years and the demand for Its Services has reached critical mass. Your support is key to bringing these much-in-demand and needed Services to others so that they may learn to live in Peace each-and-every moment. As many who have generously donated to Cosmos Tree know, it is this Inner Peace that brings forth World Peace.

Cosmos Tree is a nonprofit educational foundation that gives people Tools to use to live in Peace regardless of the outer situation. These Tools include Talks; Classes; Workshops; Trainings; Meditations; Meditation For Health And Well-being; Audio and Video/DVD Libraries in New York City and at Centers around the country and in Mexico; and Regional Centers that Serve those who live in those areas as well as the many who travel and seek the Services that we offer.

Cosmos Tree’s Services are nondenominational, nonsectarian and open to all; nearly all are free of charge with a small Suggested Donation. We have a Scholarship Fund that is made available to those who are not able to afford these already low-cost Services.

Roger B. Lane, Ph.D., the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree, creates, facilitates and supervises all Programs at Cosmos Tree and Its Centers as well as the life-altering and life-changing Inner Learning that takes place for each and every participant in every Offering. Dr. Lane has done this since Cosmos Tree’s inception 30-plus years ago and has done so with hardly a salary for all of it.

We have added many new Programs and continued many others. We have added Meditations in Spanish in order to bring our Offerings to the Spanish-speaking community, which has shown an enormous interest in the Tools we make available.

The Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High and the Meditation For Health And Well-being have been very successfully brought  to senior centers, old-age homes and to retired individuals across the country (Seattle, Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles); we now need funding to bring it to 60 more facilities in New York City and from there to bring this Offering to locations where we also have Centers as well as to people with cancer; to rehab facilities; to hospice centers; to hospitals; and to corporations where the Services we offer are crucial to those who work there. To observe children, adults, those in hospice and teen-agers go from appearing “miserable” and “suffering” to see them literally living in Peace is something for which there is no price and something that Dr. Lane brings forward by Always Serving All. We also have a Project dedicated entirely to teaching children to live in Peace.

The annual Meditation of Gratitude – every Thanksgiving at noon – is available via teleconference and is also “jammed.”   The numbers teleconferencing in from around the world for Cosmos Tree Programs have grown by at least 500% over the last three years.

These Offerings are part of our focus on bringing these Tools to the world via social media and Speaking Tours and we need your support to do so. This includes webinars and Web sites and additional e-commerce as well as trainings for those in our Programs to make these Tools available effectively and always from a Loving Heart.

Please give generously to Cosmos Tree so that we may help others learn to always come from a Loving Heart and to live in Peace!

Please support our Classes, Workshops, Trainings; special Programs for children and teen-agers; the elderly; cancer patients; veterans who are suffering from “trauma” and many more.

If you would like to donate the funds to begin or support a special program – one such individual generously donated to begin a program in conflict resolution for teen-agers – please contact us at 212 828-0464.

Your gift is fully tax-deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.