FAQ_01 What Kind of Meditation does Cosmos Tree offer?
Cosmos Tree offers Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High, Which is just That: the Spiritual Frequency of the “Most High” of the Lord, God Himself.

How long does your Meditation last?
Cosmos Tree Meditations Of The Light Of The Most High are one hour; there is a special two-hour Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High the last Sunday of every month at the New York City Home Center. The Meditation For Health And Well-Being is a 20-minute Guided Meditation.

Doors open 30 minutes prior to all Meditations for those who want to come and get quiet and go to that Place of Receptivity within.

Do I have to bring anything or sit in any particular way?
No. We sit in regular chairs; there is no need for special clothing other than its being respectful of the Sanctity of Meditation.

Please also avoid wearing perfume, cologne, and/or anything with fragrance in it, etc., as some who attend are chemically sensitive.

Is what you do “religious”?
Cosmos Tree’s offerings are open to all regardless of religious preferences; many who consider themselves “religious” or who practice a religion do attend the Meditations. If you do practice a religion, coming to Meditation enhances that practice.

It is only “religious” in that It links us back to the Source of us.

I’ve never been to Meditation before … I’m a little nervous about it … 
There is no need to worry as there is instruction provided for all who attend. Just show up and give this real Gift to yourself!

Do I have to RSVP for the Meditations?
No. Just show up to the Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High and/or the Meditation For Health And Well-Being. Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes before as the doors close five minutes before each stated start time.

Can I bring my children to the Meditations?
Teenagers age 16 and older – as long as they can get quiet and concentrate – are welcome to attend the Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High and to the Meditation For Health And Well-Being
– as well as the monthly Talks given by Dr. Lane.

How can I attend one of your teleconferenced Talks/Satsangs?
Email the Cosmos Tree Administrator, Amy Blank, at info@cosmostree.org. Amy is happy to send you information on how to attend. Please email us by 5 pm on the day before the Event. You can also call the Home Center at 212 828-0464 by the same time. These Talks are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:50 pm Eastern.

Are the Meditations free? When do I pay?
Yes. They are free of charge with a Suggested Donation of $5. The Donation is given before the Meditations begin.

Can I bring someone to the Meditation?
Yes. By all means feel free to invite friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, etc. to our Offerings at our Main New York Home Center and at our Regional Centers around the country and in Mexico. This is a Gift to them!

If I’m in from out of town, can I attend Meditation or a Talk?
Cosmos Tree has many, many Participants in Its offerings from every borough of the City of New York, from the Bronx to Brooklyn and Queens and those from the community surrounding the Home Center as well as those who drive in weekly from the New England states and from New Jersey. Cosmos Tree also has many Participants from foreign countries.

It’s worth the trip!

How can I get information on your Classes?
Our Classes and Workshops are listed on this Website. If you would like further information including how to attend, please email the Administrator at info@cosmostree.org; or feel free to call the Home Center at 212 828-0464.

I saw a picture of Dr. Lane and Dr. Lane looks so familiar … I feel like I know Dr. Lane.
Dr. Lane founded Cosmos Tree in 1978. Thousands the world over have been assisted in their lives via private sessions with Dr. Lane; reading Dr. Lane’s life-altering Book(s) including The Money Workbook; attending Meditations, Classes and Workshops given and created by Dr. Lane as well as Dr. Lane’s many national and international Speaking Tours during which Dr. Lane has given numerous life-altering Talks and Workshops open to all. This important Work is in addition to the monthly Talks (Satsangs) that Dr. Lane gives in-person in New York City and that are available via teleconference around the country and outside of it. Many weekly and monthly Offerings are teleconferenced as well and are attended by thousands who have experienced the personal growth that is available to those who choose to attend, especially when Dr. Lane is present.

Dr. Lane is indeed well-known for helping individuals live their lives from a Spiritual Perspective so you may very well have seen a photo of Dr. Lane or seen Dr. Lane on TV or heard Dr. Lane on the radio or read a quotation in a newspaper or on social media, where Dr. Lane is frequently quoted.

We are all Spirit and Dr. Lane’s “looking familiar” is your Knowing this Truth of our existence.
Dr. Lane is a Spiritual Teacher Who brings forth a Spiritual Path focused on coming to know yourself as the Spirit you are, which is our Purpose here. If you are interested in learning more about this Path, please visit spiritcentral.org.FAQ_03

I’d love to attend Meditation but I’m too busy …
As Dr. Lane teaches, the mind loves to be busy. That way it can create “problems” that it then can go and solve! Wow! What a circle of circles that is! Give yourself Meditation and you’ll find that It is the Fuel that makes everything go much more smoothly. It is the Key to living more Joyously, more Peacefully and more Freely. Just ask the many “busy” folks who choose to attend anyway and who have found It life-altering. This writer is certainly one!

It is 100% worth a Save the Date on your calendar.

Do you have a Guided Meditation?
Cosmos Tree’s Meditation For Health And Well-Being, offered in New York City the third and last Tuesday of every month at 8:15 pm is a Guided Meditation.

Save these Dates on your calendar!!!