About Cosmos Tree

Cosmos Tree is a nonprofit Educational Foundation that has assisted and continues to assist thousands of people the world over in giving themselves the lives they want; in living Joyously and Peacefully; and, most important, in learning to focus into the Spirit they are.

Cosmos Tree was Founded in 1978 by Roger B. Lane, Ph.D., Spiritual Teacher, author and counselor. Dr. Lane has a Doctorate in the combined field of Psychology and Theology called Human Services. Dr. Lane has developed a life-altering education that consists of Programs that help individuals to live their lives from a Spiritual Perspective. These Powerful Educational Tools include Classes and Workshops; Monthly Talks; national and International Speaking Tours; free monthly Podcasts; SpiritCentral, a bimonthly Newsletter, also free of charge; publications that help you learn that the Power is within you as the Spirit you are and how to live from that Spot including Tools For Living Free, which Dr. Lane has also generously made available free of charge; and The Money Workbook, a must-read Guide to knowing you are Inherently Worthy; that there is nothing to earn; and that the Power to create the life you want is in you (!); as well as a popular two-part Video/TV Series created and given by Dr. Lane called Understanding The Spirit You Are.

A Cosmos Tree Education, as developed by Dr. Lane, means using your everyday life to Strengthen yourself Spiritually by learning to focus into the Spirit you are and to surrender anything that stands in the way.

Cosmos Tree offers an unusually generous, unique and revolutionary roster of “Tools” you can use moment-to-moment to live regardless of the outer situation. In addition to those mentioned above, this roster includes a full schedule of Meditations in New York City and outside of it that Cosmos Tree offers year-round including holidays and that are open to all and free of charge with a small Suggested Donation of $5; a very popular Meditation For Health And Well-Being that is offered at the Cosmos Tree Center in New York and at some Centers outside of it as well as via CD and MP3 download; Visiting Meditations that are regularly brought to those in need at nursing homes, hospitals, companies and more (they are packed!); twice-a-week Open Hours during which you can call in and speak directly with Dr. Lane and receive Spiritual counseling/the help you need in your life for a Suggested Donation of $15. Indeed, many Cosmos Tree Programs are free of charge with a small Suggested Donation of $5 gratefully accepted.

All of the above are made available through the Love and Caring and Generosity of Dr. Lane and Dr. Lane’s Genius in developing a rare and Powerful Education that helps us all to live.

Get on the road to your freedom now by taking advantage of these many Programs/Tools! If you are new to Cosmos Tree, click here for some suggestions on the best way to begin!

To find out more about the Spiritual Path that Dr. Lane brings forward and your Purpose here, Which is coming to know yourself as Spirit, please visit spiritcentral.org.