Experience of Meditating

I was sure I couldn’t do it. I didn’t even want to do it. To be frank, Meditation scared me. I would have much preferred eating namaste brownies for $6 a pop from Urth Café or getting a massage dubbed ‘the zen experience’ than to actually focus and apply myself to attain Inner Peace. That’s because I didn’t know that Inner Peace actually existed.

I remember vividly my first time going to Cosmos Tree Meditation Center on the Upper East Side. I was new to the city and my seasoned urbanite girlfriend would invite me to join her for nights out that began with meeting at the Meditation Center for a one-hour silent Meditation then heading out to a nightclub. Not only was it a wardrobe crisis to fit in those two activates into a one outfit wonder but, I found, there was a profound sweetness and quietude that steeped inside of me from Meditation that made the other things fall away, even and especially, the loud thumping baselines from subterranean downtown night life. After a few short tandem nights out comprised of this formula I surrendered the second chapter and just attended the main event. I was hooked. Meditation at Cosmos Tree was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I have always been a go-getter and a fast-moving, high-heel wearing, multi-tasking, modern girl. I thought my worth was determined by what I could produce, whom I could make happy and how hard I worked. I woke up in the morning and launched into a blitz of activity and remained eclipsed by that tornado until bedtime when I crashed from exhaustion. To sit still during waking hours, and focus inwardly, felt like certain death. I was terrified of not being the overachiever. I was terrified of just being. That high blood pressure, inner fire-breathing dragon was mine to slay. Yet, when I sat in my first Meditation the experience I had was utterly opposite of that. If I focused on the Soul within everything else fell away. It was remarkably easy and I discovered, through direct experience, that there was much more to me than who I was in the world.

In the Meditation I was filled with a pulsing warmth and the more I followed the instructions – repeating the Sanskrit name of God, “HU,” and focus at the Upper Part of the Third Eye – the higher I was Lifted. I could feel mySelf being pulled upwards. At times it felt like I was even floating above mySelf. I was met by a me, a Self, that I had known all along but didn’t live as day-to-day. It was a very ancient place inside of me and this euphoria was very familiar. It was an Essence that I recognized but I had clouded so much other stuff on top of it along the way. It was Pureness alive within. I was light and flowing. It felt like the crown at the top of my head had opened like a hatch and in poured radiant energy.

The Meditation came to a close with an elegantly guided Process by which I was led to send Healings and Blessings to others, ask for Guidance and Clarity and Surrender anything that had been released during the Meditation. I did so and I felt much better. I slowly returned back into the room. My breath was long and steady, my eyes adjusting to the candle-light and a soft smile turned the corners of my lips upwards. I knew I had found something profound: My own private island getaway in the middle of the cage-rattling, shake your moneymaker New York City. I had found my own inner destination wedding; where the spark of Light within me was in Union with God. It is the closest to Home I’ve ever felt.

And the most me I’ve ever been.

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The Light Of The Most High.

The Light Of The Most High.


What is It and why is It important?


It is the Frequency of the Lord, God Himself traveling along the negative polarity present in the dual worlds, of which earth is the most negatively charged.


Calling in the Light of the Most High is what’s required to bring one’s Focus inwardly in every situation.


When fear surfaces.

When change is unfolding.

When uncertainty looms.


Before a promising job interview.

Before a conversation you’ve been avoiding.

Before a race or competition.


To bring oneself Present.

To ask for a Clearing.

To put ourSelves on notice that we’re moving forward.


There are infinite situations and Opportunities where bringing oneSelf Present and aligning with the Light of the Most High serves not only the one asking but all those involved with a situation.


It’s our Responsibility to attune to The Light of the Most High as often as necessary – on a moment-to-moment basis, even.


Calling in the Light of the Most High is important to do before any inner work we do such as: Self-Forgiveness; Introjection; Positive Co-Creation; Positive Self-Talk; the Two-Part Release Process; before beginning Meditation; as well as before any outer actions we take. (Stay tuned for future blog posts on these Topics!)


It’s something that may need to be done hundreds, if not thousands of times; anytime we require ourSelves to be put on notice that the Light of the Most High is at work.


The simple phrase we can use to call in the Light of the Most High that goes like this: “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, send me your Light.”


Depending on the course of action, whether inner or outer, one would then follow calling It in with a Two-Part Release process (see below); a prayer; etc.


Calling in the Light Of The Most High also works well when fear, doubt, worry, lack or limitation surfaces around situations where others are involved. Asking the Light Of The Most High to Bless a situation and all involved with it is one of the most Powerful things we can do! This can be done inwardly within oneSelf or together out loud as a group.


Let’s end with simple yet profoundly powerful Two-Part Release Process: “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, send me your Light. Thank you. Please take from me anything I’ve allowed to separate me from living powerfully as the Spirit I AM.” The second simple step is to then say to yourSelf: “(your name), it’s ok to let it go.”


Allow the Light of the Most High to work on your behalf and Receive the Gift Its (and your) Presence brings!


As Cosmos Tree, Inc. Founder/Director Dr. Roger B. Lane says: “it’s as simple as that!”


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What is the Meditation For Health And Well-Being?

One question that Cosmos Tree representatives often receive is, “Do you have a Guided Meditation?” This expresses the wish to participate in a Meditation “where all I have to do is show up and follow the instructions as the Meditation goes along.” In other words, “Is it easy?”

Yes, the Meditation For Health And Well-Being, Lovingly created by Dr. Roger B. Lane, Cosmos Tree Founder and Director, is indeed easy to follow – whether in-person at Cosmos Tree’s Home Center in New York City, at Its Regional Centers around the country and in Mexico and/or via a CD or MP3 available for purchase on the cosmostree.org Web site.

But This Meditation is a lot more than that. And the more you “work” It the more It “works.” It is life-altering. For this frequent participant and Meditation Host, it is like a great big vacuum cleaner going “in there” throughout my body – the process is a Spiritual “Inner” One – and vacuuming out negativity. That negativity is the thoughts and feelings that I have chosen to take and retain “inside” rather than to leave them “outside.”

Which brings us to the subject of “stress.” Many who attend this very popular Meditation do so to let go of stress. Stress, according to Dr. Lane, is negativity that is outside of us that we have chosen to take “inside” of us. The result of this choice is disease or dis-ease. One New York City doctor, who runs a large, well-known practice, was given the opportunity to make the Meditation available to his patients, responded, “If I did that I would go out of business!” This doesn’t mean you don’t see a doctor, of course. It does mean that that this Meditation is a powerful and key Tool for maintaining Health And Well-Being.

It’s no wonder then that the Meditation For Health And Well-Being is Cosmos Tree’s most popular offering for seniors as part of the organization’s Program of Visiting Meditations.

The general benefits of meditation have been widely studied for over 40 years at dozens of institutions from Harvard Medical School to New York University. A neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School found that long-term meditating was associated with shrinking of the portion of the brain associated with anxiety, fear and stress. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that stress-reducing meditation significantly reduced the severity of congestive heart failure in addition to improvement in quality of life and depression. A 2016 Carnegie Mellon study showed significant reduction in markers in the blood for inflammation, with changes in the brain a key contributor.

If you would like to avail yourself of this Meditation, the schedule at the Home Center in New York City is the third Tuesday of every month at 8:15 pm. The doors open at 7:45 pm for those who want to come and get quiet (another important benefit).

Yes, all you have to do is show up! It is open to all. It is free of charge with a Suggested Donation of $5. It is also offered once a month, on the fourth Tuesday of each month, also at 8:15 pm on the West Side of New York City.

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What is the Meditation Of Gratitude?

For many people, Gratitude has to do with saying “thank you.” And then saying it again. And most of the time, if truth be told, those to whom “thank you” is directed feel something “hollow.” Where is the person or really the love behind it? In essence, it is just a routine to follow; just another buzzword.

Until now, that is, when Cosmos Tree is letting the world know in a much bigger way about its popular and powerful Meditation Of Gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the most important Spiritual Realities. And, when practiced properly, It is a doorway to Joy, to Peace and to being in the Present moment. In other words, Gratitude as It’s meant to be practiced is extremely important. Listening to the CD or MP3 of the Meditation Of Gratitude on a regular basis can do more to change your life than anything else you are doing right now.

So how do you live in Gratitude, in Real Gratitude? One of the best ways, as this frequent participant and Meditation Of Gratitude Host has discovered, is to listen to this important Guided Meditation – and then listen again and again – as often as you need to “to be in Gratitude,” as the Meditation’s Creator, Roger B. Lane, Cosmos Tree’s Founder and Director, clearly states in the Meditation Itself.

So what does “to be in Gratitude” mean? First, via this Powerful Meditation, Gratitude is “experiential”; in other words, you need to “experience” It and you may experience It in a different way from the way this participant does. But in a nutshell, this Meditation takes you, the listener, to a place “inside” yourself where you can have the Direct Experience of Gratitude.

The first time this Host did the Meditation, she had the experience of being Grateful to everyone for everything, a powerful realization of just how many people and how many the actions they’ve taken – literally boundless numbers of them virtually impossible to fully recollect – there indeed are to be in Gratitude for. The newsstand owner who hands me the paper each day; the individuals who make the paper; the many who run the presses; those who drive the trucks; so many that Gratitude was spilling out “inside” for hours upon hours upon hours.

The experience was one of being Grateful for everything – i.e., for the dollars I do have; for the health I do have; for the Love I do have. In the mere 20 minutes it took to listen to the CD, I was “moved” – the experience is really a Flow – into Love.

That very experience was also one of Acceptance. After listening for a while, I found myself wondering, am I accepting all that is here for me? The job and the job hunt? The business situation that, up until now, felt “difficult”? The “workload” that, up until now, felt “overwhelming”? The love I do have in my life? The food I do have on the table! The home I live in!

And then to be “moved” into Gratitude for the life I am living now, really for the Gift of this Life. As Dr. Lane says at the end of this Meditation: “be grateful for the place that you’re in now!”

If you listen often enough, this Meditation can be your best friend when it comes to “living in the Present moment” – not as buzzword, not as lip service – but as a Spiritual Reality. As Dr. Lane has written in The Money Workbook, another Powerful Tool to use to learn to live in Gratitude: “To be in gratitude is to live in true Abundance Consciousness.” And, as Dr. Lane has also explained to His many Students, Abundance Consciousness is placing your consciousness at God, which is One and the Same as being Present with the Spirit you are. And even experiencing knowing that Source of Supply, which is the Spirit you are. You can call it what you will – the schwartz or the force – but listen and listen again and you will understand, as in “standing under” yourself, according to Dr. Lane – that you are Loved. And that that Gratitude is inside of you for you. And that we are all One.

It’s that simple. And that incredible. And all in 20 minutes or so each time.

But here’s the “rub”: it is up to you to access It. Up to you to choose to listen to the Meditation Of Gratitude – and to do so as often as you need to to be in Gratitude, as Dr. Lane states.

The Meditation Of Gratitude is available by going to cosmostree.org.

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