“The environment at Cosmos Tree is one of love and acceptance. There is a professionalism with which I am greeted that is gentle and reassuring for what I need to do in a new activity, in an unknown place. I am encouraged to “leave my cares and concerns” while removing my shoes and to “enter into a state of quiet and receptivity”. I know I am in a Sacred Space.

Other participants are friendly yet respectful of my space. I remove my shoes for the Meditation, I feel welcomed and free. I’m offered blankets and pillows. I get nice and comfortable. The Spiritual Teacher’s Presence is a magnificent experience. He greets me briefly but warmly. The lights are dimmed and a Meditation host gives me instructions; they are simple and clear. I’m asked if I have any questions. I know I have been given everything I need to fully participate.

We begin and I have the opportunity to apply the instructions given. I get distracted by my own thoughts but then I focus again and follow the instructions. I get distracted again but regain my focus. After the Meditation, The Teacher tells me it is okay if I got distracted but to just keep returning to the instructions and to Meditations as “this is the Spiritual Gym”. Now I know I am here to practice. I’m okay with myself and how I did in the Meditation. I have become a student and I am Blessed to now have a teacher.

I put on my shoes, say good-bye and go home feeling anew. The Meditation helped me remember who I really am, deep within, where there are no bills to pay, no arguments, nothing to prove. I am perfect. I have spent time with What has been within me all along: The Spirit I am. I don’t know what That means with my brain but the Presence of the Love Within needs no explanation. I know It Somewhere in me and I just want to continue visiting that part or place inside myself. I go back for more.”

by Valentina Isleib

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