“GIVE YOURSELF THE LIFE YOU WANT!!!” is printed in big boldface type on the cover of the latest Cosmos Tree brochure. The new Cosmos Tree website, on its Home page, says “LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT!”

As the brochure states, Cosmos Tree “offers Tools you can use – “CDs; MP3s; DVDs; Talks; Open Hours; Classes; Workshops; and Publications … to assist you in transforming your innate potential into concrete reality.

So where to begin?

Start by Knowing that every Cosmos Tree Tool helps you learn to Focus into Spirit/Be Present. This is the Essence of The Teachings brought forward by Cosmos Tree Founder and Director Roger B. Lane, Ph.D.

Dr. Lane also Teaches that the focus away from Spirit is separation/negativity/karma; and is what “drives” us blindly out into the world like chickens with our heads cut off. “The sound and the fury signifying nothing,” as Dr. Lane has said.

So Tool number-one is to attend weekly Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High at the Cosmos Tree Home Center and/or at a Regional Center. Meditation is the best way to learn/practice Focusing.

Come to one group Meditation and you are given instructions on how to practice at home. If you do not live near a Cosmos Tree Center, the Los Angeles Center has a call-in Meditation. Click here for more details.

The Money Workbook, brilliantly written by Dr. Lane, is about Giving Yourself The Life You Want. As the introduction states, “… by using the book you discover what you want in your life; whether or not you are giving it to yourself; if you are not, why not?; what you need to do to give yourself the life you want.” This powerful introduction continues: “In addition the book teaches you how to give yourself what you want in your life …”

What else is there?

The more you work this Book, the more It works. You learn that you are a Powerful Creator; that Spirit is the Source of Supply; and that the only Giving is Inner Giving. As the second of two Chapters on Visualization and Programming states:

“… Many people … have changed their view of the world, and either have been willing to let go or, at least, to experiment with letting go of lack and limitation and to reassert themselves in the world with the knowledge that the Spirit supplies. They found that when they bought a high-priced item that they had not previously allowed themselves to have the item was suddenly discounted, often as high as 70 to 80 percent. …”

Dr. Lane further writes in this profound chapter:

“When you expand your consciousness and let go of lack and limitation you find that the world has expanded with you. Actually it was just waiting for you to discover that it is as big as you would ever want it to be.”

These two life-altering Chapters 16 and 17 on Visualization and Programming are the second recommended Tool. Read 16 then Work 17, writing down, as Dr. Lane instructs, what it is you want in your life. It takes courage to work this Chapter; and to work it as instructed, each day Visualizing and Programming and Programming and Visualizing; reading and rereading as instructed and revising as need be. As Dr. Lane demonstrates in the Book, this is a process; and if followed as instructed, “… people also experience what they call a ‘lot of energy’ behind what they are creating.” I know it well.

Chapter 16 is also available as a Tools For Living Free. Just carry it with you and Work it.

The third and last Tool in this mini-guide is any Tool that helps you be Present. As Dr. Lane has explained, when you are truly Present with Spirit, there is no “wanting”; there is only Being. Moreover, when I am with Spirit, I am with That Which I “want.” Whenever I choose away and “chew” on the “wants” in my life “mentally”, I am miserable. Use the Tools to help you be Present; have fun Allowing the unfoldment!

Being in the Presence of Dr. Lane has been more important in this Process than anything else. As a Student of Dr. Lane’s, I have been Blessed with many Opportunities to learn what I really want and to “discard” numerous “false” wants along the way; or via Meditation, they just “fall off.”

This writer is now living the life she wants as a result of being a Student of Dr. Lane’s. I have discovered that the only life I really want is one of Spirit, of living as the Spirit I am, placing my Focus “There”. Everything else comes forward as a byproduct.

I Know that This is the Life we all want, really, a life of Spirit, of Freedom, of Peace and of Joy.

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