An Approach To Excellence in Anything

Twelve days ago, I was being of Loving Service by cleaning the Cosmos Tree Home Center. And boy! would it have been easy to rush through it by running my own agenda: “let me get this over with so I can go on to the next thing! After all, who wants to clean?”

Certainly not a basic self – the part of me that brings forward my karmic patterns – unless I get their cooperation, which I did by Calling in the Light Of The Most High inside mySelf, “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Then: “Basics, come present! I’m cleaning the Home Center now and I need your cooperation and energy to support me in this. Thank you and let’s keep up the good work with this.”

And, instead of my own stuff – “I’ll do XYZ and this will happen” – I stayed in Integrity, Which is the Focus at God/Spirit. Not my stuff; God’s Agenda.

In Tools For Living Free #2 Titled “The Power of Letting Go” Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies, explains the “XYZ approach” using a business-based example but, as I’ve Learned from Dr. Lane, My Spiritual Teacher, any situation will do: “Let’s just say … you would like to accomplish the goal called X. … And in the back of your mind you go, ‘I’m going to do it by having contact with this person, which is going to cause X to happen, which, in turn, will cause Y to happen, which will turn into Z and we’ll have X, Y, Z and that’s how it will be done’. … But you can’t have it both ways. In other words, you can’t Allow God to work in your life and work your life – because what’ s inside of you other than God, – and … manipulate, control, cause things to happen.”

I stayed with the Project and its “goal” – for the Center to be clean and, in particular, dust-free.

I got my next steps inwardly – exciting “inner surprises” – in perfect timing. “OK! Doorknobs! Next step! Back of chair! Next step! Vacuum under the rug near the door! OK! Bottom of the lamp!”

I was led to dust I never knew existed.

And, yes, when I heard those “inner voices”, there was a part of me that wanted to override them, as Dr. Lane explains in Tools For Living Free # 44, “Excuses, Excuses – Let’s Be Done With Them!”: “I’ve been working with people for a long time and the common denominator of all these people who come to me – and when they get in trouble it is for one reason and one reason only – they didn’t listen to themSelves. They didn’t listen to the Spirit inside of them. And they overran It with their ego. They overran It with their ego.”

There was definitely a part of me that wanted to run right past those “inner voices”; especially, as I had already put the vacuum cleaner away when I heard some of them. A part of me didn’t want to get it out again! And there’s The Protocol for cleaning the Center that requires that once I finish cleaning, I wait 20 minutes with the windows open to air things out. Who wants to start the clock all over again?


By simply Surrendering my agenda.

I thanked my basics a number of times throughout this adventure by saying, “For the Highest Good, Lord, God send me Your Light!” Then: “Basics, come present! Thank you so much for your cooperation and energy in supporting me in vacuuming under the rug now, etc. Let’s keep up the good work with this!” I could feel the “press” of them inside mySelf and I chose to handle it right away.

The biggest part of this for me, though, was simply choosing to Listen to mySelf. Up until now, I’ve given my power away, often to people I’ve set up as experts or, at least, a lot better at things than I am; in this case, cleaning. As the inner story goes, “I’m OK with work stuff but domestic things? A bomb.”

Time to drop my story, which I clearly did.

As Spirit, I’m the Most Powerful Thing There is, as Dr. Lane Teaches.

I realized that this Approach is applicable to anything I do. I can make The Effort through Focus, Surrender and Self-Talk at whatever it is even if a part of me doesn’t feel like it and I can do an excellent job to boot even if I don’t know anything at all and I intend to do that.

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Looking for Direction

Recently, I was invited to interview for a job for which I had applied. Before making the decision to go to the interview I was immediately plagued by worry about all the things that could go wrong if I were offered the position. I turned Inward to the Spirit I am to seek direction and didn’t hear what I thought was a definitive answer.

I mentioned to a friend of mine and fellow Initiate Of The Sound Current the situation and told this person that I was confused over whether or not this job was “the job” for me. My friend advised me to stay Present and not worry about a future dilemma of taking or not taking a job.  Instead, my friend suggested I simply ask Spirit for guidance on accepting the interview.

Our Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, often instructs Students on the importance of “Being Present”, Which, according to Dr. Lane in the powerful book, The Money Workbook that is authored by Dr. Lane, being Present means, “To live in the moment … to be present with all that is happening, self-contained in the fullness of your being.” While I have studied That Teaching for many years, I don’t think I fully understood what It meant until the conversation with my friend. Somehow, I had equated “Being Present” as meaning “Loving the Lord, God” (which I do!) but had, up until the conversation, completely left off the part of Its meaning where I STAY PRESENT – in the moment. As Dr. Lane says, “There is no place for worry, or concern, for regrets and second-guessing [in the Present].”

I chose then to GET PRESENT by letting go of all the worry surrounding having this particular job. I did this with the Two-Part Release Technique That Dr. Lane Teaches by first calling in the Light Of The Most High by saying “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, send me Your Light!” I then asked the Lord, God to, “please take from me all worry, concern, and fear I may have around the job!” Finally, I told mySelf to let it go by saying, “(my name), let it ALL go!”

After Focusing mySelf into the Present, I sat silently with the question, “Lord, God, is it for the Highest Good for me to go on the interview?” The answer I quickly received was, “Yes!”

With that direction, I went on the interview and I had a wonderful time! It was fun meeting other industry professionals and, through the experience of talking about the work I do, I was reminded about the many talents and abilities I have. Cool!

By releasing the worry that I had chosen to take on around the job, it freed me to not only be fully myself during the interview but also has allowed me to be free of the concern for the outcome. Whether I receive an offer or not is no longer important. What is important is staying Focused in this moment for I know that Spirit directs me if and when direction is needed. Staying Focused ‘in this moment’, also gives me the Opportunity to approach every person and situation in my life with Neutrality, Compassion, and Love.

This way of Being – being Present with the Spirit I am – is What Dr. Lane calls, “Giraffe Consciousness.” As a giraffe keeps its head high and eats from the top of a leafy tree, I too keep my Focus “high” on Spirit (at the Upper Part of the Third Eye). When we go through life with “Giraffe Consciousness” the only thing to be done is to direct our Focus into Spirit Where we Know that all that happens to oneSelf is Spiritually Correct, resulting in an attitude of Neutrality towards all.

After the interview I finally spoke to My Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, about the seemingly “silence” I had received from Spirit. Dr. Lane instructed me that the Lord, God always directlyhears Initiates Of The Sound Current and my questions and prayers are answered. The “silence” was my answer – to just keep doing what I was doing (and not make a change). And so, I am!

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Advice Ain’t Nice

We stream YouTube channels for advice.  At our digital fingertips are Emily Post guidance for every situation.  Have a question?  Not to worry; answers are awaiting you from the moment you wake-up and switch on!  We have our daily predicting astrology columns.  Our op ed contributors.  Our inspiring preachers.  Our ever-beloved teachers.  Our follow-the-leaders.  Our financial analysts.  Even our weathermen.  All predicting and giving us the lay of the land, helping us to make decisions, telling us what to do and giving our minds even more problems about which to worry.  The addiction to continue to search for advice, keep scrolling for the next best thing and looking outside ourSelves is insatiable.

So what are we really looking for when we look for advice?

Validation, sure.  Information, absolutely.  These both have their place and are important.  On an emotional level, understanding from others what we feel is within the realm of “normal” is assuring.  On the mental level, obtaining information that helps us to make decisions seems practical, prudent and often necessary.  However, there is another Resource to use to navigate life and that Resource lies within us and is evergreen, free and always in Support of the Highest Good.   

You see, there is something inside of us that is more than just our feelings or our minds: the Spirit.  This is our Soul.  And the Soul is our Divine Self, the spark inside of us that is the same material, the same frequency as the Lord, God.  It is made of Love and is Love.  

If you knew the actual Reality, how things really are you’d never worry a day in your life.  Everything in the world, including us, is composed of This Great Love.  All the atoms.  All the things we see, touch and feel.  And, indeed, us.  All of it is this Divine Oscillation of Great Love.  And this Love is what your Soul is made of.  That’s What exists inside of you.  

This means that our questions are made of Love.  Our situations are made of Love.  We are made of Love.  Therefore, there is no better place for advice than the very Love that lives within us as us.  

What does this look and sound like?  You start with receiving Initiation Into The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence, Which My Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane Gifts, to Souls.  In Receiving this Gift the Soul in you is Sparked awake.  The Love within you is unlocked, as it were.  And, as you Walk The Path Of Soul Transcendence, by studying with the Meditation Master, you become aware – through Direct Experience – of your Soul within. You can receive Guidance from your Soul in the form of your Inner Knowing.   

For me, this is an actual, Inner Voice and Inner Knowing that tells me what I need to know about situations.  It may sound like, “Everything is okay; let’s trust that more money will come when we need it and continue paying the mortgage on this house now.  We don’t yet need to sell just yet.  The market value will hold for next year.”  This Inner Wisdom proves to be true and my investment is protected.  How much stress and running around I am saved from by listening to mySelf!  Or the Inner Voice may say, “You need to call a new printer right now.  The company you have your Thesis printed at is not able to complete the job.” Shortly after my partner in the project received a call from the printer saying that their head staff member had quit.  My Inner Knowing can also say things like, “This vitamin isn’t good for you.”  Maybe there is something in the way it is processed or the actual nutrient that isn’t sitting well with my system.  I stop taking that vitamin and energy I didn’t know was missing comes back into my body.  Another perfect example is listening to my Inner Knowing that I can Focus stronger in (what the world calls) Meditation.  So I make the point to further Focus and I feel more Free throughout my day and life. 

When you receive Initiation into The Sound Current on The Path Of Soul Transcendence then your Soul is Sparked Awake and you live with access to the Love and inner Knowing within. So you can use this Wisdom, Knowing, Divine Flow of Love to vet and make decisions in your life.  Sure, you also integrate all the intel of the world.  Read articles, research, deal with “practical” things; however, your Consciousness is at this Flow of Love and Wisdom, and that’s What Sources the decisions.

And That’s what Sources you. You start to realize and experience this Love and Know that You are this Love.  And when basking in this Love there is a Security and Trust so the questions of the world don’t seem very alarming because you Know you always have the Answer within.  And you realize that you are Divinely Guided, if you allow It.  If you Listen to It.  And that Listening takes the form of Attuning to That Which you already are.  The True Self, for lack of a better way of describing It, would never lead you astray. It gives the perfect Advice.  

This Soul’s Knowing is available to us as a Source of Wisdom about all things in the world.  From the mundane to the magnificent.  An example of the magnificent is that a Fellow Student and friend of mine house-hunted for over nine months after selling her home and renting multiple different mid-term homes while actively watching the market.  She “Knew” that her perfect house was coming to her.  She turned down logical option after logical option because it wasn’t correct.  Just this week the perfect house for her, on a pond, flanking a state forest, with ample light and vaulted ceilings came available.  It happened to be twice as much money as the other houses she was looking at but she realized, upon revisiting her financial responsibilities, that she could easily afford it.  She is in escrow now and facetimed me from the wooded haven this morning.  Believe it or not, there is part of us that always Knows!

That same part of us can also inform and guide our Spiritual Progression.  If we Listen to ourSelves we can receive the Inner Guidance we need for our next steps directly from the Spirit that we are.  It’s like an Inner Knowing and a closed-loop system by which we are refined and even greater refined by this beautiful Attunement from God, which is what we are, and therefore, is within!  This may offer a self-directed tweak in the way we are being in the world or our inner environment.  It may also tell us how to shift our Focus within ourSelves or adjust Spiritually.  

When we’re at this focus inside of ourSelves it becomes a “place” from which to approach things of the world.  We may get intel about a situation or problem and then we assimilate it inside ourSelves.  We listen to our Inner Knowing about this information or follow the next step It brings forward for us.  We just stay in the Love, renew the Love, listen to the Love and are moved through the world effortlessly.  This is the True Solution to anxiety, to powerlessness, to spinning our wheels, to “me vs. them” and to fear.  Just go within and be Source from the Love you are.  Get advice from the best Love Column going.  Yours!

If you are interested in Living and Listening to this Love and being this Love then request Initiation Into The Sound Current by contacting My Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, through the website or

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Be In Integrity

I recently had to share some news with a family member that I knew would not be received well and I felt some trepidation about sharing. I chose to approach the situation in Integrity – from the Inner Knowing that I amSpirit. What exactly does That mean?

Being in Integrity means approaching the situation in Neutrality. As Dr. Lane, Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, says in a recent Talk “Is Your ‘Everydayness’ Humdrum? Humming? Flat? – A Participatory Satsang”, “So all these things that come up for us – they’re for our good. They’re for helping us strengthen ourSelves, helping us become detached, etc., etc. And they’re Gifts from the Spirit …” The news I had to share; the emotions I felt about sharing; the reaction from my family member and how I interpreted that – were all for my good. It is all an Opportunity to practice detachment from the situation, which doesn’t mean not caring about the situation but, instead, means approaching the situation Neutrally and not being attached to the results.

How does one practice detachment? Well, Dr. Lane brings forward many Tools that I use to practice detachment. One of the most powerful Tools I’ve been taught is the Two-Part Release Technique. It is a way to release the emotions that build up inside of me that attempt to prevent me from Lifting and Growing. For example, before I shared the news with my family member I felt nauseous, nervous, and fearful. I used the Two-Part Release Technique to let go of those feelings like this, “Lord, God, send me Your Light! For the Highest Good, please take from me the fear and nervousness I have! (My name), it’s OK to let it all go!”

I knew the fear I had was about my thinking I would no longer be loved by this family member once they had heard the news I had to share. So to reassure mySelf and to stay Neutral I did Self-Talk. This is another Tool that Dr. Lane Teaches and is essential for living in Loving Surrender to the Spirit I am. I did Self-Talk like this, “Lord, God, send me Your Light! My basic selves, please come forward! We are OK! We are loved – NO MATTER WHAT! I need you to relax and speak the news now! Thank you for your loving cooperation!”

After I had shared the news, my family member was upset. There was some yelling and judgements made by him and had I not done the work before hand I likely would have taken that upset into mySelf and believed it. But, since I had used the Tools I have to approach the situation in Neutrality I saw the upset for what it truly was. My family member was fearful of the change to his life that this news could bring and was projecting that onto me. No problem for me! I stayed Focused on the Spirit I am and felt compassion for the experience they were having. I chose Integrity.


It takes great courage

It takes great Light

To be in Integrity

And Surrender the fight.

For fear can sit upon us

Masked in many ways

Depressing our True Nature

It can go on for days.

What pray is the remedy

To uncover the loot?

To be in Alignment with Spirit

And live in the Truth?

Speak plainly;

Honesty too.

Approach with Love

Is what you do.

Follow the Teachings

Stay on track!

They give you the strength

So you don’t fall back.

And with the Blessing of the Christ

Alive in your Eye

Integrity lives

Just give It a try!

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Feeling “Overwhelmed”? Do Self-Talk!

I was recently feeling “overwhelmed”. And were it not for the Solution – the Cure – that was given to me by Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and My Spiritual Teacher, I might still be allowing this negativity, which affects me and others as well.

I share this Loving Solution with you now!

Here it is as Taught to me by Dr. Lane: Do Self-Talk!

As Dr. Lane Teaches in the Everyday Evolution Class, Which I recommend highly, there is a part of our consciousness called the basic selves that brings forward our karmic patterns. If I let this part do its thing – which I was doing when I was “overwhelmed” – I “run around like a chicken with my head cut off”. All of us do.

As a Conscious Being, as Dr. Lane Teaches, it is my job to direct my basics into the action I am to do! Instead of running a long list of what I have to do or allowing worry about getting it all done, I instead direct mySelf into each action.

For example, I needed to call brokers about a new apartment; sort through bags of stuff; box up items for storage; schedule a storage pickup; write a Newsletter article; make business-related calls, etc. I simply sat down and gave my basics direction, action-by-action by telling mySelf, “Basics come present! I need your cooperation and energy to call brokers now! Thank you and keep up the good work with this!”

Once I had done this specifically with each task or action, I was no longer “overwhelmed”. I Learned instantly, as Dr. Lane Teaches, that those “feelings” are not “real”!

I Learned from Dr. Lane, too, that if you’re “overwhelmed”, you need to give your basics reassurance. For instance, let’s say I’m working on an article and it takes longer than “anticipated” and I start to feel “upset” about “getting it all done”. Instead, the minute I “flinch”, as Dr. Lane has Taught me, I stop and “get in there“ with my basics like this: “Basics come present! We’re fine and safe and OK now! Everything is going beautifully thanks to your Loving support and cooperation!”

As Dr. Lane also Instructed me, all of us need to “get in there” if we’ve allowed this feeling and thank our basics, too! “Thank you so much for calling the brokers now! I am in deep Gratitude for your support and cooperation with this!”

Being Present is Key, which is the Focus into Spirit and Which is a Key Teaching brought forward by Dr. Lane. You always need to do Self-Talk to direct your basics to be Present – to focus inside yourSelf – any time you lose focus inside yourSelf. “I need your cooperation and energy to be Present now! Thank you and let’s keep up the good work with this!”

In addition to being Present, I also asked my basics to have fun, too, which worked! And I remembered and applied what Dr. Lane also Taught me: “one thing at a time!” For example, I focus on writing this blog when I’m writing this blog and on brushing my teeth when I’m brushing my teeth instead of running a whole bunch of thoughts/feelings, to-do lists, that have nothing to do with what I’m doing right then and there. Dr. Lane once told me and I applied it, too: “only think about things when you’re doing them!”

Whenever negativity comes up, do the Two-Part Release Technique to direct your basics to let it go by calling in the Light of the Most High: “For the Highest Good Lord, God, send me Your Light! Lord, God, please take any negativity from me now!” Tell yourSelf, “(your name) It’s OK to let it go!”

Avoid figuring out what the negativity is or making yourSelf “wrong”, as I’ve been well Taught; you will only crystallize it; just do Self-Talk! And be Present – to focus inside yourSelfagain using Self-Talk to direct yourSelf. Know that you are indeed Inherently OK as the Spirit you are, Which is What you are; be in “agreement” with this Truth when you do the Self-Talk. This is all part of Loving yourSelf.

Cosmos Tree, under the Direction of Dr. Lane, has many Tools to help you Focus into Spirit and to do Self-Talk. In addition to the Everyday Evolution Class, Which will be posted online at when It is being offered, there is Tools For Living Free #17 titled “The Power Of Positive Self-Talk” as well as TFLF on being Present #16 and #87;  Dr. Lane’s New Book, A Baker’s Dozen: Tools For Daily Living, and Dr. Lane’s EmPowering Talk entitled; “Overhwhelmed: Who’s At The Helm? – A Participatory Satsang”, Which you can receive in a matter of seconds by going to at “shop/download”. It is Talk #A238.

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Taking A Pass On A Class? READ THIS FIRST!

As a Loving Service at the Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies, each semester I follow up with my Fellow Initiates Of The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence to enCourage Them to take the Class that is being Lovingly offered and Taught each semester by Our BeLoved Teacher. These Classes are Sacred Opportunities for us to Lift and to Grow. This Outreach is also a Sacred Opportunity for Growth Lovingly offered to me by My Teacher.

While doing this Sacred Outreach this weekend, I spoke to a Fellow Initiate who told me that he was not taking the Class. When I asked why, he told me that he was going on vacation. I then asked the usual questions – when are you leaving? When are you returning?, etc. – to see if the Class was at all possible. But, of course, as I’ve Learned from doing this Sacred and Beautiful Service for a long time, everything is possible in Spirit. Give mySelf a Class or other Offering and everything is handled.

And when we are Present with Spirit – Loving God – there is no “time and space.” “Time and space” is, of course, a dead giveaway that One is being run amok by one’s basic selves.  

I love this Initiate dearly so I stopped in my Spiritual Tracks when this BeLoved Initiate told me his “excuses” for creating separation with the Spirit we are and I stayed on the phone in order to make some Loving suggestions.

I know from my own experience how easy it is for “resistance” to come up and for me to identify with it when an Offering is made available! Boy! Do I! And how easy it is to go with it as if it’s real, which, of course, it’s not! All that negativity is coming up to be cleared – a Gift of Grace – and my job is to be Present. Also, if I choose to go with it and to persist in it, I create karma. In addition, I know from My Teacher that Offerings are for the Highest Good of All  so doing the Inner Work is key for me whenever an Offering is made available by My Teacher. This Inner Work is a key part of my Spiritual Practice; and doing It as Taught is my Choice to Participate in the Opportunity Given by My Teacher/The Lord, God for even greater Growth and Upliftment!

So here’s what I did recently when an Offering was made available (in addition to a Class, this may be a Service Project; RETREAT; Event; Program at the Center, etc.) and resistance came up:

1. I did the Two-Part Release Technique a few times and I let go; 2. I reassured my basics that we are okay; everything is fine now; 3. I directed my basics into the action (the Offering) and made sure to use the Four Rules of Self-Talk (enCouragement is crucial!); 4. I became Present by Chanting my Tones. I Allowed the next step(s) and followed up as needed;

This BeLoved Fellow Initiate was “caught” where I often am, up until now – in the right/wrong, the this way/that way/categorization of “duality” that my basics just love! Of course, we all need to “get in there” right away when these once-in-a-lifetime Opportunities arise and update our basics; tell them we are fine and OK now; and ask them to to support us in taking/signing up for this Class or other Offering now; and we need to then thank our basics and tell them to keep up the good work supporting us in This.

The immediate result of a few minutes of Inner Work (#1 through #4 above) was Inner Excitement and being Moved/Led. All with a minute or so of Inner Work! Without any outer “reason” wecan always Co-Create with Spirit by asking the Lord, God for what you prefer; for instance, to take the Class and have doing so made easy and effortless, including any phone connections, etc.

As I am about to put this blog to bed – or rather, send It to My BeLoved Teacher as a Sacred Opportunity Given to me by My Teacher to “mega Lift” – I recall a conversation I just had the other day with a Fellow Initiate that I dearly Love. This FI told me – with some anger/resentment – that this Fellow Initiate was not attending a Sacred Event Offered by Our Teacher as an Opportunity to mega-Lift.

She needed to get in there right away and talk to her basics and follow the other above-recommended steps.

And, like all of us, to take advantage of each and every Sacred Opportunity given to us by Our Teacher – while we can.

This is my wish for you.

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I am not a patient person.  I want what I want and, once I can see it in my laser-sharp sight, then I am frothing at the bit for it to happen.  And, in the meantime, I am, oftentimes, intolerant of all else.  I will go to great distances to assuage the pain of not having what I want.  Given this, you must be able to imagine the grand celebration I have when I finally secure my target.  Or can you?  What happens is I get so trapped in the wanting itself that when I receive the apple of my eye most often I’m so “sold” on the idea that it is already mine that I’m already on to the next one, as Jay-Z says.  A capitalist spirit?  You could say so, on a good day. A mover and a shaker?  That would be an outsized compliment.  A bottomless beast that constantly needs to be fed? Well, you said it; not I.

So if this pattern is not about the acquisition, not about the win, not about the gold dug in the gold digger’s path then what is it about?  The answer might surprise you. It is about not Knowing that I’m Loved and okay just as I am.  It’s about not being Present. It is about avoidance, in that moment, of God’s deep, beautiful Love. When I am impatient I place the things of the world as my priority and push the sweet Nectar of the Love away with my outstretched, begging and insisting hand.  When what I really, deeply yearn for more than anything is the beauty of being Present.  Allowing mySelf to Surrender into Joy, into Peace and into Knowing everything is groovy just as it is!  With the new house. Without the new house.  With the raise.  Without the raise.  With. Without. The solution is inside – within.

My Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, describes in the “Tools For Living Free” entitled “Practicing Patience”: The Solution. “Patience is being Present giving yourSelf what you need and what you need is the Spirit that you are; in every case that’s how it is. And the impatience comes from what? Forgetting. It comes from forgetting a simple fact: that God lives in you as you. Try being impatient while you Remember consciously that you are Spirit. … Patience is a Gift, an Opportunity to be Present with God, with yourSelf, to nurture yourSelf, to Love yourSelf and It sure feels a lot better than being impatient. …”

Knowing this, what do I do when I’m obsessed with getting something, striving to be better, stronger, faster, smarter and stressing? How do I get off this cycle and get back to mySelf, to God, to the Present moment and to acceptance? 

I simply do a Process to let go of all that stands in the way and allow Spirit to take it and to have it transmuted.  Here is what My Teacher has Taught me:  Call In The Light Of The Most High by saying, “Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Say, “Lord, God, please take these attachments from me!”  Tell yourSelf to let them go!  Now accept your Power to move beyond your circumstances and time and space by being Present with God! This is the Practice of Patience, Neutrality and Acceptance and being Centered in the Spirit you are.

I suggest you also make this yours.  Fill your heart with the Love and watch how life unfolds for you by attending a Mediation Of The Light Of The Most High at the Home Center in New York City or at our Regional Centers!

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How To Lift Above Blame

Cosmos Tree, through its Programs, Events, and Web site, offers a wealth of Resources to assist one to Lift above life’s “challenges”, which according to the Teachings brought forth by Dr. Roger B. Lane, Cosmos Tree Founder/Director and Spiritual Teacher, “challenges” are really Opportunities to Lift and Grow as the Spirit we are!  I recently had one such “challenge” and used the Cosmos Tree Resources to see it for what it really was and to let go of any worry, frustration and anger I felt around it.

My parents’ are selling their house. A potential buyer requested a viewing and my dad asked my mom to stay home during the viewing. I thought this was not the best strategy for selling the house and convinced my mom to leave so that the buyers could view the house alone, which she did. After she left the house, she rear-ended someone on the road. No one was hurt but she caused roughly $2,000 in damage to the car she was driving (which happened to be my dad’s!)

I shared this story with my brother and how my dad had been angry with me and he joked, “yeah, it’s your fault mom is a bad driver.” Which made me laugh but also got me thinking, was I really at fault? If it hadn’t been for me my mom would have stayed home, right? I then felt terrible for offering my “two-cents” and for the damage and expense that occurred.

This false sense of responsibility and blame had me down, so I turned to Cosmos Tree for help. I knew Dr. Roger B. Lane had spoken about blame in a past Monthly Talk and that topic was then featured in a Tools For Living Free, so I pulled up the Tool from the Cosmos Tree site #29 “Living A Blame-less Existence”. I read and re-read it and while I gleaned some very important Teachings about blame from it, namely “There’s no one to blame, there’s nothing to blame, there’s only the Joy of being responsible and being with God”, I felt like something else was still with me that needed to be “worked” out.

It was time for an Open Hour! Open Hour is a Blessed Opportunity for personal Growth via an approximately 15-minute private session with Dr. Lane. I called and spoke with Dr. Lane about the accident, my feelings of blame, and fear for my parents’ current situation. I was given gentle Guidance about what the situation was really about on a Spiritual Level and how I was not to blame (remember! “There’s no one to blame”!) but that I was Responsible for living my life as the Spirit I am, which includes co-Creating with the Lord, God for what I want like the quick, easy, and profitable sale of my parents’ house and for letting go of any negativity I may be holding. In the session, Dr. Lane also pointed out some anger I was feeling around my parents, which I had been aware of, but up until then had not chosen to let go. I did so then using the Two-part Release Technique taught by Dr. Lane like this; “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Please take from me all the anger and hurt I have towards _________! (My name) it’s OK to let it go!”

At the end of Open Hour, I thanked Dr. Lane and hung up, knowing it was my Responsibility to be free and clear, regardless of what my parents say or do. I wasn’t at fault for what happened to my mom, but I also can’t blame them for any feelings or upsets I may have towards them. My parents are here to give me Opportunities to Lift and Grow and I can choose to use what happens with them to make sure I am living my life from the place of Spirit. In this situation, I had! Instead of sitting in a blame-funk, I used the Resources available to me to lift and grow. And you can too!

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Holiday Blue? Here’s What To Do!

My family lost a cherished relative this year. As the holidays approach, I can’t help feeling a little sad for the loss of this person in my life and for the way in which it has changed the family dynamic. This loss also has me thinking about my own aging and that of my other family members, some of whom are not in good health. If I stay with this thinking I can easily get into worry about the future and what that may bring. So, what to do about my holiday blues? Here are the steps I followed to release the blues and stay Focused on the Present!:

How to Stay Neutral In Stressful Situations

I think most would agree my life right now seems “stressful”. I’m eight months pregnant with my fourth child; just sold and packed up my house; and moved my family into my parents’ home while we wait to close on the new home we purchased. Did I mention that my brother and his family of four are also living with my parents while he waits to close on his new home? That’s 6 adults, 5 toddlers, a dog and baby on the way… It’s been hectic to say the least!

I’d like to share a few tips on how I use the Tools available through Cosmos Tree to remain Neutral through this situation. Tools that you too can use to find Neutrality in your life: