My family lost a cherished relative this year. As the holidays approach, I can’t help feeling a little sad for the loss of this person in my life and for the way in which it has changed the family dynamic. This loss also has me thinking about my own aging and that of my other family members, some of whom are not in good health. If I stay with this thinking I can easily get into worry about the future and what that may bring. So, what to do about my holiday blues? Here are the steps I followed to release the blues and stay Focused on the Present!:


Release the sadness!

My Spiritual Teacher and Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, Dr. Roger B. Lane, teaches that the Truth is we are more than our thoughts and more than our emotions – in fact, we are Spirit!. While it may be “normal” to experience sadness it is not our natural state and, therefore, we can choose to release it. Here’s how:

  1. Call in the Light Of The Most High by saying, “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, send me Your Light!”
  2. Say inside yourSelf, “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, take all sadness that I may be holding!”
  3. Tell yourSelf, “(your name), it’s okay to let it go!”



Self-Talk is a technique taught by Dr. Lane in the Everyday Evolution Class and is often spoken about during Dr. Lane’s Monthly Talks (Spiritual Instruction). It centers on directing ones basics – the part of you that brings forward karmic patterns – into a desired action. When I was experiencing my “holiday blues” I didn’t quite understand the complex layers of emotion that I was feeling – but I knew that I needed to Focus into the Present. So, I simply said to mySelf, “Basics, come Present! We are OK! I need you to stay Present! Thank you for your Loving Cooperation!” That quick self-talk re-directed my “doom and gloom” thought pattern into the Present moment and I experienced a deep Love and Appreciation for the life I have been given. Which brings us to…


Practice Gratitude

Dr. Lane writes about Gratitude in The Money Workbook: A 30-Day Program To Greater Abundance, Prosperity And Self-Worth. Dr. Lane says, “When you live in gratitude you are coming from a place of completeness. There can be no anxiety, frustration or depression about the ‘future.’” Practicing Gratitude, for me, is an immediate, sure-fire way to change my thoughts from sadness and lack to Abundance and Love. The Chapter on Gratitude in The Money Workbook includes an exercise where one is asked to write down 10 things that one is in Gratitude for. This exercise is very simple, yet so Powerful! Dr. Lane asks for only 10 things, but every time I work this exercise I feel as if I could write 20, 30, 100 or more things on my list. I have very much to be thankful for!


Use a Tool!

My go-to spot to assist in the steps above and to continue practicing staying Present and living as the Spirit I am is the Cosmos Tree web site, which offers tons of free Resources and Tools! If I’m feeling down or need some guidance in my life, I go on the site and let mySelf be led. I click here, I click there; I see what attracts my attention. 100% of the time I am led to a Tools For Living Free or Podcast or SpiritCentral Newsletter Article or more that speaks directly to what I am experiencing. I then “work” the Tool – by reading/listening and following the Processes/Exercises included.


REPEAT! As often as necessary!

Thoughts and emotions can be pesky little critters. In my experience, even after I’ve followed the steps above, the same thoughts or feelings I had released can come sailing back. What to do? Follow the steps again! Repeat, repeat, repeat – as often as necessary! There is no shame in having to repeat. Following the steps above only strengthens the “Spiritual Muscle”, as Dr. Lane says, and the more the muscle is “worked” the stronger it is!

Give yourSelf the Gift of Loving attention, Focus, and repetition this holiday season and every season!

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