I think most would agree my life right now seems “stressful”. I’m eight months pregnant with my fourth child; just sold and packed up my house; and moved my family into my parents’ home while we wait to close on the new home we purchased. Did I mention that my brother and his family of four are also living with my parents while he waits to close on his new home? That’s 6 adults, 5 toddlers, a dog and baby on the way… It’s been hectic to say the least!

I’d like to share a few tips on how I use the Tools available through Cosmos Tree to remain Neutral through this situation. Tools that you too can use to find Neutrality in your life:

1. Meditation! I do Meditation daily. It is the way I practice rising above my thoughts and feelings and staying Focused on the Spirit I am. For those who wish to Meditate or are interested in learning more about Meditation, the Home Center of Cosmos Tree offers an hour-long Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High three times weekly with weekly Meditations given at the Regional Centers. It is open to all and instructions are given.

2. Open Hour. Open Hour is a Blessed Opportunity for personal Growth via an approximately 15-minute private session with Cosmos Tree Founder/Director and Spiritual Teacher Roger B. Lane, Ph.D. When life seems especially “heavy” to me, Open Hour is a way for me to get perspective (Spiritual Perspective!) and see a situation for what it truly is – an Opportunity for me to practice Neutrality, stay Present, and Know that I am Worthy!

3. Tools For Living Free.  I read Tools For Living Free often to stay Focused and receive Guidance and Clarity. For example, when speaking of my current living situation with Dr. Lane and how I had some anxiety about living at my parents’ house, Dr. Lane said to me, “the Freedom (from my parents) is within.” I wanted to Learn more about that, so I turned to Tools For Living Free. I went through the Title List and found #68 “Freedom Is Just Another Word For God.” Reading the Tool and following the Step-by-Step and Try This exercises gave me a deeper understanding of what it meant to be Free inside mySelf and to remain Neutral. In the Tool, Dr. Lane says, “each and every moment when you’re feeling … sad or you’re feeling pain, or you’re feeling doubt, or you’re feeling anger; each and every moment what you can do is just surrender it and give it up, go to the Spirit inside of you and choose to live in the place of just Neutrality, of being free of all that negativity.”

4. Monthly Talks. Dr. Lane gives a Monthly Talk (Satsang or Spiritual Instruction) at the Cosmos Tree Home Center in New York City every first Wednesday of the month. Not only do I make it a point to always attend these Talks – but there is a collection of over 200 Talks available through the Cosmos Tree Store – that you can download for a small Donation. I listen to these Talks at home when I am feeling “stressed” or need to find some Peace in my day. Though the topics of the Talks vary, the answer to my questions (or “dilemma” in my life) is always the same: Live as the Spirit you are! Know you are Worthy! Use everything that comes up in your life to Lift, Grow, Learn!

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