Until I started working with Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree, I had no idea what projection was or that I was “projecting” my “stuff” – negativity all – onto others. All the time. As Dr. Lane explains, “Whatever the consciousness is unconscious of it projects outside.”

This affects all of us regardless of age. This blog is a call-out to parents in particular to take care to be more conscious if for no other reason than your children.

In the Satsang (a Talk of Spiritual Instruction) “What Is Loving?” Dr. Lane gives a powerful example of a child who gets a 97 on a test; and the parent says “Why didn’t you get 100?” As Dr. Lane explains, it was the parent who didn’t feel good enough about him- or herself unless they got 100. It had nothing to do with the child.

I occasionally help college-age children and those a year or two out of college to find jobs and/or internships. Sometimes a parent tells me that his or her son or daughter “is upset” about something. What I inevitably find out is that the child is just fine, thank you! It’s the parent who “is upset about something.”

One college sophomore told me that his father was “putting pressure” on him to know what he wanted to do career-wise immediately, when, in reality, it was the parent who was putting pressure on himself to “know what to do career-wise.” Even though he was a doctor, he admitted that he hadn’t yet found work he truly enjoyed and had a judgment on himself about it.

So what can we do to take the projections back – or to at least be conscious or more conscious of our actions? First, as Dr. Lane Teaches, be Present or more nearly Present by focusing into Spirit. Cosmos Tree has many Tools to help you do that at its Centers and on the cosmostree.org website. Go There!Please read Tools For Living Free #16 and #87.

You can also “get it wired up in there.” Dr. Lane gives us a “Teaching Example” in the Satsang “Where Is God?” of a kid who is always saying how wonderful another kid is. As Dr. Lane explains, that kid “doesn’t yet have it wired up inside himself that’s he’s a pretty terrific kid himself” so he projects it onto others. So take it back and get it “wired up inside yourself” by telling yourSelf what you need to know, including the “good stuff.”

Do the above by updating the basic selves, the part of our consciousness that brings forward our karmic patterns. Begin by calling in the Light Of The Most High inside yourSelf: “Lord, God send me Your Light!” Then say: “Lord, God for the Highest Good, please send the Light Of The Most High to my basics to please come forward to ensure their cooperation!” And finally, using the above example, “I need your cooperation and energy to know that I’m a terrific kid! Thank you and keep up the good work knowing I’m a terrific kid!”

You can take the power back to yourSelf with many projections. So, if you’re “looking for love” outside yourSelf, take it back to yourSelf by updating your basics: “I am Loved and cared for and Supplied by Spirit/the Lord, God!”

You can also practice Acceptance. What we don’t Accept in ourSelves we project onto others. So if I have a judgment on someone for being overweight, I need to take that back to mySelf and accept that, in fact, I do want to lose weight, and then use it as information to decide if I want to take steps to do that.

If I have judged someone, I do the Two-part Release Technique like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Then: “Lord, God, for the Highest God, please take these judgements from me!” I then tell mySelf, “(my name), it’s OK to let it go!” And I let it go!

Most important is to be fully conscious and the only way to do that is to come to Know yourSelf as Spirit. So many of us think God is “out there” (a projection) when in fact He is in us. To find out more, visit spiritcentral.org.

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