I had a much deeper awareness of the Lasting Power Of Acts Of Kindness when I received a phone call – seemingly “out of the blue” – from someone who had done some work for me in my home.

Years had gone by, and suddenly, there this person was, on the line. This person began to thank me – profusely, really, all these many years later – for something that was still first and foremost in her memory: that she had been cleaning my apartment, had used the wrong product and that instead of getting angry, I was Kind. I simply suggested that she use another product.

Knowing mySelf as I do, I’ll hazard a well-educated guess that I was an Initiate Of The Sound Current at the time (and still am) and that I was working The Teachings as Taught to me by Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies, Who is My Spiritual Teacher, by letting go of what most likely was anger; of Focusing into Spirit. Of being Neutral.

Yes, years and years later, here was an Act Of Kindness was, very much alive in Its Love, in her choice to Receive That.

I mentioned this call to Dr. Lane and My Teacher further Taught me – using Himself as an example – that My Teacher still recalls Acts Of Kindness from years ago.

At that moment, The Staying Power of Acts Of Kindness was My Important Learning.

I better understand now why an Act Of Kindness by a friend of mine decades ago still “floats by” inside of me on a regular basis. That Act Of Kindness took place years ago between my junior and senior years in college when I was doing a summer internship for a magazine. For one reason or another, the cover story for the issue that we were all working on hadn’t worked out; and the editor asked me if I’d like to give it a shot.

A “budding writer”, I saw it as an opportunity, said “yes” and dove in, immersing mySelf in the subject matter, then writing and rewriting for four days and three nights straight in order to meet the last-minute deadline.

Not a month goes by, to this day, that I don’t recall my best friend at the time staying up with me to make sure I was fed, hydrated, just plain well taken care of.

There is so much Glory in That Act, I Know now, on Receiving That Glory. In That Choice by a seeming “other” that was made.

So, too, floating through me is another Act Of Kindness that only upon This Learning do I recognize as Such. Years ago, I Hosted The Meditation For Health And Well-Being Brought Forward by My Teacher at my home on the opposite side of town from the Cosmos Tree Home Center. One day, a friend called to say that his mother wanted to make me dinner and he would bring that dinner to the Meditation – clearly for me to enjoy afterwards. Did I want chicken or beef? Something else?

To this day. This Act nearly moves me to tears as I receive this Gift of Love.

So, These Gifts Of Love matter; and They last.

Instead of walking by a blind person who may need help with direction-ing because I’m “too busy”, it’s time to focus properly into Spirit; to Model Kindness, a Quality of God, as My Teacher often Teaches.

It’s through God’s Kindness and Mercy that we are given the Gift of Initiation Into The Sound Current and the Opportunity to Love Him and, as a byproduct, go Home to Him. This very planet is here for That Purpose. Through a Divine and Glorious Act Of Kindness We, as Souls, are able to Be with Him while we’re in the body.

It doesn’t get More Important than That.

My Teacher also Teaches that “Kind” in Kindness refers to the Truth that we are all One Kind, Which is Spirit. Acts of Kindness, seemingly for “another”, are really for MySelf.

Thank YOU, My Teacher, for helping me better Understand the Power of These Loving Acts and of My Power To Create/Co-Create Them.

I haven’t asked My Teacher This, but Spiritually, I have a sense that They are recognized in the Highest of Heavens, that they are Truly Glorified. Moreover, as I was Taught by My Teacher, Kindness “echoes” through all of Spirit.

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