As a child, I remember the holidays being magical. There was the turkey; pumpkin pie; fancy dresses; loads of relatives; eating, eating and eating! As an adult, my experience of the holidays has been not that magical. There’s the turkey (to cook!); the pumpkin pie (calories!); dressing my own squirming children in fancy clothes (so many tiny buttons!); loads of relatives (making a mess at my house!) and all that eating, eating and more eating!

Last year my husband and I hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve…for a plethora of family members ranging from a 1-year-old to a 90-year-old. The amount of food I prepared, served, and cleaned up, was staggering. While I hosted, I also cared for my three young children who were hyped up on excitement, sugar, late bedtimes, and way too many presents.

Did I feel stress? Of course I did! But through my work with Dr. Lane and Cosmos Tree I know what stress really is. Dr. Lane teaches that stress is when we go outside of ourselves and lose our Focus on the Spirit that we are. Because stress is a state that we place ourselves in, we have control over it and can Focus into Spirit if we choose. In other words, we have the power to be stress-free.

Cosmos Tree offers many Tools that assist in keeping a Focus on the Spirit that you are and on re-gaining your power to be free – stress-free, worry-free, anger-free, etc. I choose to use these Tools at the holidays and throughout the year to help me be the best I can be – even under circumstances that look extremely hectic to the outside world.

One such Tool that I use every Thanksgiving, is the Meditation Of Gratitude. It is available in-person at the Home Center in NYC and via teleconference for those that live 50 miles or more from the Center. It is, by far, my favorite part of Thanksgiving and I treasure the experience each year. Amidst the chaos of Thanksgiving morning – the baking and chopping, cleaning and organizing – it is approximately 20 minutes of time I give to mySelf to sit quietly while Dr. Lane’s voice guides me on a journey of deep appreciation of all that is in my life.

As Dr. Lane says in the life-altering book, The Money Workbook, “Being in gratitude means one is deeply appreciative of what one already has.” On Thanksgiving, I love to experience Gratitude fully, as a way to remind myself what the holidays are really about and to be Present with the Spirit I am.

To learn more about the Meditation Of Gratitude, and Its amazing benefits, I Lovingly encourage you to read the Cosmos Tree blog post “Meditation Of Gratitude” and to join us this Thanksgiving for the Meditation Of Gratitude hosted at the NYC Home Center. For those wishing to call-in via teleconference, please email for complete details.

I’ll be calling in from the hotel room near my brother’s out-of-state home. We’ll be spending Thanksgiving with him and his family this year.

I hear he makes a delicious turkey dinner…

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