An Approach To Excellence in Anything

Twelve days ago, I was being of Loving Service by cleaning the Cosmos Tree Home Center. And boy! would it have been easy to rush through it by running my own agenda: “let me get this over with so I can go on to the next thing! After all, who wants to clean?”

Certainly not a basic self – the part of me that brings forward my karmic patterns – unless I get their cooperation, which I did by Calling in the Light Of The Most High inside mySelf, “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Then: “Basics, come present! I’m cleaning the Home Center now and I need your cooperation and energy to support me in this. Thank you and let’s keep up the good work with this.”

And, instead of my own stuff – “I’ll do XYZ and this will happen” – I stayed in Integrity, Which is the Focus at God/Spirit. Not my stuff; God’s Agenda.

In Tools For Living Free #2 Titled “The Power of Letting Go” Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies, explains the “XYZ approach” using a business-based example but, as I’ve Learned from Dr. Lane, My Spiritual Teacher, any situation will do: “Let’s just say … you would like to accomplish the goal called X. … And in the back of your mind you go, ‘I’m going to do it by having contact with this person, which is going to cause X to happen, which, in turn, will cause Y to happen, which will turn into Z and we’ll have X, Y, Z and that’s how it will be done’. … But you can’t have it both ways. In other words, you can’t Allow God to work in your life and work your life – because what’ s inside of you other than God, – and … manipulate, control, cause things to happen.”

I stayed with the Project and its “goal” – for the Center to be clean and, in particular, dust-free.

I got my next steps inwardly – exciting “inner surprises” – in perfect timing. “OK! Doorknobs! Next step! Back of chair! Next step! Vacuum under the rug near the door! OK! Bottom of the lamp!”

I was led to dust I never knew existed.

And, yes, when I heard those “inner voices”, there was a part of me that wanted to override them, as Dr. Lane explains in Tools For Living Free # 44, “Excuses, Excuses – Let’s Be Done With Them!”: “I’ve been working with people for a long time and the common denominator of all these people who come to me – and when they get in trouble it is for one reason and one reason only – they didn’t listen to themSelves. They didn’t listen to the Spirit inside of them. And they overran It with their ego. They overran It with their ego.”

There was definitely a part of me that wanted to run right past those “inner voices”; especially, as I had already put the vacuum cleaner away when I heard some of them. A part of me didn’t want to get it out again! And there’s The Protocol for cleaning the Center that requires that once I finish cleaning, I wait 20 minutes with the windows open to air things out. Who wants to start the clock all over again?


By simply Surrendering my agenda.

I thanked my basics a number of times throughout this adventure by saying, “For the Highest Good, Lord, God send me Your Light!” Then: “Basics, come present! Thank you so much for your cooperation and energy in supporting me in vacuuming under the rug now, etc. Let’s keep up the good work with this!” I could feel the “press” of them inside mySelf and I chose to handle it right away.

The biggest part of this for me, though, was simply choosing to Listen to mySelf. Up until now, I’ve given my power away, often to people I’ve set up as experts or, at least, a lot better at things than I am; in this case, cleaning. As the inner story goes, “I’m OK with work stuff but domestic things? A bomb.”

Time to drop my story, which I clearly did.

As Spirit, I’m the Most Powerful Thing There is, as Dr. Lane Teaches.

I realized that this Approach is applicable to anything I do. I can make The Effort through Focus, Surrender and Self-Talk at whatever it is even if a part of me doesn’t feel like it and I can do an excellent job to boot even if I don’t know anything at all and I intend to do that.

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Are You Making A Decision For Someone Else? It’s Time To Stop.

In the November 2022 Satsang Given by My Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, Who is also the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies (CRASS) and the Dean of Its Magnificent Seminary, My Teacher shared the following, which is excerpted from the January/February/March 2023 Issue of SpiritCentral, theCosmos Tree/CRASS Newsletter:

“Our Teacher then shared another example, that of ‘making a decision for someone else … this person wanted to do “x, y and z” but was afraid to bring it up to her husband and so she didn’t do “x, y and z” … She had given over her power. She was disrespectful to herSelf. She was disrespectful to her husband and when she shared it with her husband … the response was ‘I don’t even know I would have said “no”. …’”

The other day, I was contacting some clients to share something business-wise:  my company enters companies and/or their executives for awards. I was suggesting to some clients who had signed up for a particular award that I now believe another award is more beneficial for a number of reasons, one of which is that I believe they have a better or slightly better chance of winning. This suggested “shift” sometimes happens after I’ve spent time researching a company and can then make a more “educated” decision re: the best awards “fit” for them. In this case, the shift also made things easier for me deadline-wise. It was, as they say, “a win-win”.

Yet, I was somehow choosing away from sharing this information with one particular client so he could decide: the old award or this newly suggested one?

Instead, I started to concoct a story inside mySelf re: what would happen if I did call; for instance, that making the shift would be a “real song and dance” in terms of getting final approval on it.

Then, I stopped and asked mySelf, “what do The Teachings say about this?” And I immediately “got” that “making a decision for someone else” goes against The Teachings.

My job as an Initiate Of The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence is to simply put it out. And to do so Neutrally.

So I did. My contact at the company chose the shift for the reasons I offered; and, also, because it satisfied concerns of his about categories for the old award, which he now took the opportunity to share; as for that “approval”, nothing of the sort needed.  

As for that concocted story, underneath it was fear. Of the responses of others; of speaking up; of getting yelled at; of making a mistake (having to be perfect). A whole bunch of patterns from childhood and, as I’ve Learned from My Teacher, before that.

Moreover, as an Initiate, I Know that negativity that I persist in is karma for which I’m responsible.

And, choosing away from that sharing, as I Learned from the November Talk, would have been incredibly disrespectful to the executive and everyone else I’m working with at the company. And, to mySelf/the Spirit I am/The Teacher because I’m outside of Integrity/The Teachings. Because we’re all One Spirit, the karma/negativity I choose to create affects All Souls.

In the November Talk, My Teacher calls it a “Withhold”.

But so what of negativity? The Teachings Teach me to Focus into Spirit and to Live as That. That’s the Focus.

And, if I do end up with some negativity because I’ve persisted in it, I stop and use the Two-Part Release Technique like this, “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Lord, God, for the Highest Good please take [any fear of speaking up] from me now!” I tell mySelf, it’s OK to let it go! And I let it go.

And, if I have a preference regarding this sharing; for instance, that this particular person shift to the more beneficial award then I Co-Create that with the Lord, God by Calling in the Light Of The Most High, as explained above, and I ask for what I prefer; for instance, the switch, as noted. I let go and I Trust. That’s it!

And I’m Neutral so I’m fine if it happens and fine if it doesn’t.

My job is to Live The Teachings.

Since making the choice to share – instead of making a decision for someone else – I’ve noticed that I need to share in this way quite often. Just this afternoon, I was dropping some things off at a friend’s apartment house and, after that, I realized that I had some information regarding this “drop off” and I caught mySelf starting to keep it to mySelf, the good old pattern.

Instead, I texted the information. Otherwise, I would have made a decision for this friend that was hers to make based on this information.

All I can say is, what a difference sharing makes! I am free from the karma I would have created – and am Responsible for – by having made a decision for someone else. As I’ve Learned from My Teacher, what I do inside mySelf affects all of Creation because, in Reality, we’re all One. When I Live in Integrity It helps “others” to do so. Because I’m Lifting and because we’re all One, it makes it easier for “others” to Lift as well. Lifting is an attachment-free zone. It’s quite a Gift!

And per the Perfect Simplicity of The Teachings, all I do is put it out.


That’s it.

*For further Growth and Upliftment order the November 2022 Satsang by going to, clicking on shop/download in the upper righthand corner and putting A303 in the search box when you arrive on the next page. The Talk’s Title is “Are You Paying A Withholding Tax?: A Participatory Satsang.” You can also go to and click on Newsletter in the upper righthand corner for the current Issue and for past Ones as well.

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How To “Do Artwork”

Many years ago, Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies and the Dean of Its Seminary, Who is also My Spiritual Teacher, Suggested to me to “do artwork”.

And, boy! do I remember my response! I focused on how I was going to do it. Was I going to take art classes and, if so, where? And how am I going to fit them into my schedule? What kind of art do I do? Do I paint? Sculpt? When I was in college I did welded sculpture. OK, maybe that’s it. Do I want to sell this artwork? Do I want to be a “real artist”? What’s the goal here?

As an Initiate Of The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence, it’s easy enough now to see all the worry and doubt – “worry is the handmaiden of doubt”, as My Teacher Teaches.

What I remember most of all, though, was sharing my cogitations – the separation of mySelf from the Spirit I am – with My Teacher, fully “expecting” My Teacher to Advise me on every one of these attachments/the separation.

The Sacred Response I received: “just do it!”

Just do it! No plans. No goalsetting. No numbers game. Everybody paints; OK, I’ll paint. Everybody sculpts. OK, I’ll do that. Everybody does collage. OK, that’s my thing now. No, talking to a friend who was an artist and blindly following this person’s advice: “you have to study first.”

“No thing”! Simply be There for mySelf by Focusing into Spirit. Allow mySelf to be Moved by Spirit/God, Which is Who and What I am. I’m the Engine! I’m the Power! I’m the Source!

I remember, too, asking My Teacher, when do I do artwork? After all, don’t I need a regular schedule to be a “real artist”? My Teacher Simply answered, “when you’re Moved.”

I’m here to share, dear reader, that The Instruction to “do artwork!” that My Teacher gave to me so many years ago is profound.

It’s profound in the Inner Experience that I’ve had recently, in the Application of Allowing “whatever comes, comes.” If I’m Moved by Spirit, by mySelf, really, to do artwork, I do it.

It’s Flow. My Teacher Knew that I needed to have the Inner Experience of Flow and to Learn to live accordingly.

This Experience is new for me and I’m here to tell you all about it! The other day I picked up a couple of canvases at an office supply store. I was walking by the art supplies section and I was simply moved to do it. No plans or “thoughts” about “artwork”. No schedule of creative work to come.

Next steps just came as they came: the canvases go on the wall, OK, so why not use “wall paint” so it’s all of a piece? I simply ordered interior paint that I knew to be 100% non-toxic. I’m doing “healthful artwork”. I Knew that.

I was in Joy, Which, according to The Teachings That My Teacher Brings Forth, is the Nature of Spirit. Joy is Natural.

Next step: paint with the colors from the wall paint company. But something felt “off” about painting, at least in that moment and I was immediately moved to print out some photos of white flowers that I had taken years ago for what would now be a collage instead. I was then moved to put the white flower photos on the wall as if it were the blank canvas I was working with and I Knew there was “something there.” Something I loved to look at.

The beauty of the white flowers, of the many shades of white.

Just white, white, white all around.

Many years ago, I had given My Teacher a gift: a tiny notebook that was maybe two inches around and I had covered it with a collage that consisted of cut-outs from the white-flower photos.

I remember it well because My Teacher’s comment on receiving the gift was, “it’s gorgeous!”

Creativity I now see far more deeply – Experientially, really – comes from Allowing the Spiritual Flow, from letting go, letting God. It’s not about “ideas” or “insights” or “plans for the future”.

And, yes, My Teacher Lovingly Advised me years ago How to “do artwork”.

Just do it. Allow yourSelf to be Moved. Allow the Flow of Spirit. Receive.

All those years ago, I also remember asking My Teacher when do I do artwork? How do I schedule it? After all, I was falsely identified with the things of the world – accomplishment, a “role” in the world, perhaps, as an “artist”, instead of Proper ID as the Spirit I am. “Do it when you’re Moved,” My Teacher told me.

“Do it when you’re Moved”.

That’s the Grace. That’s the Beauty.

As My Teacher has Instructed me many times and I Know to do as an Initiate, before I recently began to “do artwork” as Instructed, I put it into the Light Of The Most High for the Highest Good and Co-Created my preference with Spirit. I did It like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Please place the situation with my ‘doing artwork’ starting now into Your Light for the Highest Good”. I also asked the Lord, God to lead me, to do this artwork for me.

It’s a fun, glorious process. It’s surprise after surprise after surprise. It comes when it comes. Surprise! I may be on the way back from the printer in my office and I’ll stop and “do artwork”.

There’s no “time or space” in Spirit, as My Teacher Teaches. It’s God’s Timing and it’s perfect. I never know if it’s ten minutes or more or less. I just do it and it’s perfect. It’s Flow.

And it feels like play. Like the kind of play I used to do when I was a child. As if this is my sandbox and boy! am I having a blast with this castle.

Thank YOU, Dear Teacher, for the Loving “push”.

I Appreciate it.

A final note: As an Initiate, I have direct access to Spirit through the Sacred Process of Initiation Into The Sound Current. To request Initiation or to learn more, please email

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The “Lawnmower Story” – A Learning For All Of Us

There is a story that My Teacher. Dr. Lane, Who is also the Founding Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies, has told in Satsang, Which is an Open Talk.

It’s the “Lawnmower Story” and boy! is it relevant to the life the Lord, God has given me and, I believe, to all of our lives.

Here It is in a nutshell: a guy needs a lawnmower because his is in repair so he asks his neighbor. As he’s leaving his house he says, “that guy – he’s not going to lend it to me!” He’s halfway there and says, “he’s not going to lend it; that son-of-a- bitch!” He gets to the front door and, when the neighbor opens the door, he socks him.

Sometimes I create stories inside mySelf – as so many of us do. As a result, most of us end up “raging” against something. The stories can seem so real, which they are not, that I go with them and feed them.

Unless I choose otherwise. That means that I monitor my responses by going inside and the moment that anger – using this Story as an example – comes up I use the Two-Part Release Technique by Calling in the Light Of The Most High inside mySelf, “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Then: “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, please take this anger from me!” I tell mySelf, “(my name) it’s OK to let it go!”

I use the Two-Part Release daily – if not many times a day, every time negativity comes up.

My Teacher’s Story is a brilliant example of what nearly all of us do, which is to identify with our thoughts and feelings and take them as real. As My Teacher has Taught me, once I have a thought there is a feeling associated with it and vice versa.

I also know what it’s like to build a case inside mySelf and, that as the Story very clearly demonstrates, has dangerous consequences. Any thought/feeling (including stories/cases) is karma, is negativity, is separation from the Spirit I am, from the Spirit we all are.

The second I find mySelf creating away from Spirit – or if negativity just comes up – I need to do the Two-Part Release again.

Negativity is a signal to be Present, Which, as an Initiate Of The Sound Current On The Path of Soul Transcendence, I do by going into the Soul Body and being with God. This Ability to go into the Soul Body was Awakened by My Receiving Initiation Into The Sound Current On This Path and Following exactly, by Returning and Returning to the Upper Part Of The Third Eye, the Sacred Meditation Technique Taught at the Time Of Initiation

I use the negativity to Lift and Grow and be Present. Through the Precious Gift of Initiation, I have direct access to Spirit. By Being Present, I rise above the negativity. I identify Properly as Spirit.

As an Initiate Practicing Proper ID – I know my thoughts and feelings (including stories/cases) aren’t real. The only Reality is Spirit. I know I’m responsible for my creations and for where I place my focus.

If you are not an Initiate, you can take the learning from this blog that thoughts and feelings are not real; you can go inside; get quiet and do the Two-Part Release as often as need be. You can, thusly, use the negativity to Lift and to choose away from karma.

I also talk to my basic selves – the part of me that brings forward my karmic pattern, which often means doubt, as you can see in the Lawnmower Story (in addition to fear, anger, worry). The best I can do is educate my basics by doing Self-Talk like this: “Basics, come present! I need your cooperation and energy to support me in being Present now so we’re always in Peace and in Joy! Thank you and let’s keep up the good work with this!”

As a non-Initiate, you can still go inside; get quiet and be with yourself – and use the Two-Part Release to ask the Lord, God for the Highest Good to take any doubt (separation) and tell yourSelf it’s OK to let it go!

In a nutshell, the only way to live in Peace and Joy is to take Initiation and to do the Spiritual Practice exactly as Taught – which means using the negativity to Lift into Spirit; to keep Returning to the Godpoint within. Peace and Joy are the Nature of Spirit, Which is Who and What I am. By being Present/Practicing That, I Come to Know mySelf as That and to Live as That.

To use this life to Fulfill its Purpose, as My Teacher Teaches, Which is to come to Know you as Spirit, as Soul.

And That’s It in a nutshell.

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Learning Patience – A Tribute To The Teachings Study Group

On the second Sunday of each month Cosmos Tree offers a Program called The Teachings Study Group in which a Satsang Summary that is featured in the most recent issue of SpiritCentral, the Cosmos Tree Newsletter, is used as a vehicle to study The Teachings.

Boy! What a life-changer this Program is!

Take today’s Program, Which I left a little more than six hours ago! The article was titled, “Patience: Stand Pat? Get A Patent? Start A Pattern? – A Participatory Satsang”, a summary of the monthly Satsang Given by Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree, on September 5, 2018. A key Learning for me was that where there is impatience there is a judgment.

First of all, I never ever knew that! And, second, I certainly never knew it experientially, inwardly, in a way where I can consciously take the Learning and change! Right now, for instance, I received an email from someone with whom I am working on an event; this person had agreed to pick up some supplies for the event and had just emailed me emailed me to say that the number of paper dinner plates I had suggested this person purchase was “a lot.”

I was about to dive into impatience, to feed it via some real case-building, when I immediately got the Learning from this Program only a few hours earlier! I immediately stopped because I knew that the potential “dive” was the judgement that comes from impatience. I knew that judging this person was also judging all Souls as we are all One.

I also Knew originally that simply being Present with Spirit, Which I am able to do as an Initiate Of The Light Of The Most High and staying “There”, means being clear. From This Place of Clarity, what also came was to see if this person had something else to offer, something that I may not have considered before; there was room for more than me in this “equation”.

I also realize now on reworking this article that perhaps this person has much to share but where I “got caught”, for a bit anyway, was more on this person’s “style” of sharing, which to me was more like a “blurt” than Sharing. And maybe this person needs to know that it is OK to Share to begin with and how to do that and that this person does have something to offer.

About 12 hours before this Program, I had been impatient with someone who for the same event had suggested to me that everyone attending be asked to stay afterwards to help clean up. I immediately jumped on this with how we don’t need that many people to clean up, etc. That was before The Teachings Study Group.

After the Group, I called the person and just listened to what the person was saying and agreed to simply put it out to those with whom I was speaking regarding the event. Let them decide to help or not to help. I also got at the same time that, in addition, this person was going out of this person’s way to drop something off for this event and that I could easily handle this another way so that this person was freed up and could attend to some other things. That was the Kindness that came from Practicing Patience.

The initial impatience in this instance was going with the habitual, emotional response instead of being Present, instead of Being, as described in the Satsang and conveyed in the article, and Allowing whatever it is I need to Learn to come forward Naturally.

The Kindness just came in the moment. I freed her up because I had chosen to free mySelf up by practicing Patience.

The more I chose to be Patient and listen the more aware I became of how often others become defensive, as I initially had; it doesn’t much matter what it is. It is amazing to me how often now I find mySelf on the other side of someone’s defensiveness and that, because I am Practicing Patience, I Know that all I need to do is “walk on eggshells”. No need to “fight back” or do much of anything, really. The outer relationships are smooth because of it.

More often now, I am Consciously Choosing to Practice Patience thanks to a Program that didn’t even last an hour and that is free-of-charge with a Suggested Donation of five dollars; and Which Dr. Lane attended when this “Patience” article was the vehicle – Surprise! The Master Himself There in the physical! As I’ve been Taught and has been my experience as well, many Blessings are bestowed on those who choose to place themSelves in the Presence of the Master! All I did was show up, at a Sacred Program that is open to all!

Be there for yourSelf by being at this Program! The second Sunday of every month at 3 pm, call-in time five minutes before that if you live more than 50 miles from the Cosmos Tree Home Center or in-person at the Home Center if you live within a 50-mile radius. Call 212 828-0464 or email

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The Lasting Power Of Acts Of Kindness

I had a much deeper awareness of the Lasting Power Of Acts Of Kindness when I received a phone call – seemingly “out of the blue” – from someone who had done some work for me in my home.

Years had gone by, and suddenly, there this person was, on the line. This person began to thank me – profusely, really, all these many years later – for something that was still first and foremost in her memory: that she had been cleaning my apartment, had used the wrong product and that instead of getting angry, I was Kind. I simply suggested that she use another product.

Knowing mySelf as I do, I’ll hazard a well-educated guess that I was an Initiate Of The Sound Current at the time (and still am) and that I was working The Teachings as Taught to me by Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies, Who is My Spiritual Teacher, by letting go of what most likely was anger; of Focusing into Spirit. Of being Neutral.

Yes, years and years later, here was an Act Of Kindness was, very much alive in Its Love, in her choice to Receive That.

I mentioned this call to Dr. Lane and My Teacher further Taught me – using Himself as an example – that My Teacher still recalls Acts Of Kindness from years ago.

At that moment, The Staying Power of Acts Of Kindness was My Important Learning.

I better understand now why an Act Of Kindness by a friend of mine decades ago still “floats by” inside of me on a regular basis. That Act Of Kindness took place years ago between my junior and senior years in college when I was doing a summer internship for a magazine. For one reason or another, the cover story for the issue that we were all working on hadn’t worked out; and the editor asked me if I’d like to give it a shot.

A “budding writer”, I saw it as an opportunity, said “yes” and dove in, immersing mySelf in the subject matter, then writing and rewriting for four days and three nights straight in order to meet the last-minute deadline.

Not a month goes by, to this day, that I don’t recall my best friend at the time staying up with me to make sure I was fed, hydrated, just plain well taken care of.

There is so much Glory in That Act, I Know now, on Receiving That Glory. In That Choice by a seeming “other” that was made.

So, too, floating through me is another Act Of Kindness that only upon This Learning do I recognize as Such. Years ago, I Hosted The Meditation For Health And Well-Being Brought Forward by My Teacher at my home on the opposite side of town from the Cosmos Tree Home Center. One day, a friend called to say that his mother wanted to make me dinner and he would bring that dinner to the Meditation – clearly for me to enjoy afterwards. Did I want chicken or beef? Something else?

To this day. This Act nearly moves me to tears as I receive this Gift of Love.

So, These Gifts Of Love matter; and They last.

Instead of walking by a blind person who may need help with direction-ing because I’m “too busy”, it’s time to focus properly into Spirit; to Model Kindness, a Quality of God, as My Teacher often Teaches.

It’s through God’s Kindness and Mercy that we are given the Gift of Initiation Into The Sound Current and the Opportunity to Love Him and, as a byproduct, go Home to Him. This very planet is here for That Purpose. Through a Divine and Glorious Act Of Kindness We, as Souls, are able to Be with Him while we’re in the body.

It doesn’t get More Important than That.

My Teacher also Teaches that “Kind” in Kindness refers to the Truth that we are all One Kind, Which is Spirit. Acts of Kindness, seemingly for “another”, are really for MySelf.

Thank YOU, My Teacher, for helping me better Understand the Power of These Loving Acts and of My Power To Create/Co-Create Them.

I haven’t asked My Teacher This, but Spiritually, I have a sense that They are recognized in the Highest of Heavens, that they are Truly Glorified. Moreover, as I was Taught by My Teacher, Kindness “echoes” through all of Spirit.

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The Money Workbook In Action

I have worked The Money Workbook – subtitled “A 30-Day Program to Greater Abundance, Prosperity, and Self-Worth” – many times over the years. The Author is Dr. Roger B. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies (CRASS). Dr. Lane is also the Dean of the Powerful CRASS Seminary.

Like all of Dr. Lane’s Books, The Money Workbook never stops giving. In order to receive the Gift of this Tool of Growth and Upliftment, I need to be open to What It Teaches and I need to do my part, which I’ve been doing recently, notably regarding What Dr. Lane Instructs in “Day 18”.

In that “Day” Dr. Lane, Who is also My Spiritual Teacher, asks the reader to “Make a list of three things in your life that until now you have denied yourself for whatever reason.”  Then It Instructs: “Now pick one of the three that would strain you monetarily and psychologically, and go out and give it to yourself.”

While I wasn’t formally working this time The Money Workbook as a 30-Day Program, I applied the Learning that I’ve gotten from This Tool that when I give to mySelf I’m met by Spirit – often many times over.

Let me give you an example! I live in New York City where, for a while now, I’ve walked by a store on Madison Avenue that sells exactly what I’d been wanting to buy for mySelf – a wonderful-looking, oversized shirt to wear with leggings. Yet, instead of doing that, I walked past it. After all, this is Madison Avenue and we all know how pricey things are on this street.

Then, one day, I chose to walk in “just to look”. The moment that the eager salesperson came over with “May I help you?” I made it OK inside mySelf to spend whatever it cost to give mySelf the shirt. I even remember very quietly whispering to mySelf, “who cares about the money!” And kind of smiling. In that moment I just let go of the worry and the fear behind it of “not enough”, in this case money. I was just having a good time.

That inner choice resulted in excitement, enthusiasm, Joy really. I enJoyed being there; the try-ons; the advice from a couple of salespeople. I was having a blast. It wasn’t really the “outer” thing; it was the Power of the Inner Choice.  

Then, as soon as I handed the salesperson a card to pay for the shirt I’d chosen, he exclaimed, “Oh! This is on sale!” He seemed shocked.

Yes, indeed. That’s what My Teacher Teaches: when I give to mySelf what, up until then, I’ve been denying mySelf It often costs far less; sometimes it’s even free, as I’ve discovered over the years. I’ve Learned from Dr. Lane and many of the Tools brought forward by My Teacher that “underneath it all is the Worthiness Factor”, Knowing I’m Inherently Worthy. Worthy of the Spirit I am; of Living as That, as Who I am. I’ve Learned that I am Powerful/a Powerful Creator.   

While I Know the Truth of This, I’ve been experiencing It recently as never before.

As My Teacher writes in “Day 17”: “Many people who have partaken of the Money Workbook have changed their view of the world, and either have been willing to let go or, at least, to experiment with letting go of lack and limitation and to reassert themselves in the world with the knowledge that Spirit Supplies. They found that when they bought a high-priced item that they had not previously allowed themselves to have the item was suddenly discounted, often as high as 70 to 80 percent. …”

When you expand your consciousness and let go of lack and limitation you find that the world has expanded with you. …”  

Here’s another example! I took mySelf out to dinner last night. Beforehand, though, I chose to cogitate about how much restaurant meals cost these days. After all, with inflation, what used to be a $30 meal is now a $60 one! Then, I simply chose to let go inside mySelf and gave it to mySelf.

Same “result”: excitement, fun, Joy. A blast.

Then, mid-appetizer, my cell phone rang. It was a friend inviting me to dinner in the next couple of weeks “and pick a place that’s really, really nice.”

Yep. The money was replaced – pretty much right away.

As the Spirit I am I’m Supplied. That Joy is the Joy of Spirit, Which, as an Initiate Of The Sound Current, I Live In when I choose to be Present. Abundance is My Essence. It’s The Sound Current. It’s God living in me as me. As My Teacher Teaches, Abundance Consciousness is Placing my Conscious at God; It’s being Present. Prosperity follows Abundance, as My Teacher also Teaches.

Another example: I was denying mySelf the Gift of Donating an SD card to the Cosmos Tree Center for its video camera. “Too expensive”, I told mySelf – until I didn’t and chose instead to give it to mySelf. The instant I handed my debit card to the cashier she said, “Oh! You have a $10 certificate here! Do you want to use it?” The tab barely came to $8.

Over the years, I’ve Learned that, In Reality, I’m the Source as the Spirit I am.

So it’s up to me to Co-Create Positively by being Present, by surrendering anything that separates me from the Spirit I am and to express from this place of Giving to mySelf inwardly – being Generous, as My Teacher Teaches – with outer byproducts, an expression of that Inner Generosity.

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Living in Grace

     Being a Student of My Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, there are things I have Learned through experiences that have been customized perfectly for me by Spirit to further the Growth and Upliftment of the Soul within me.  And for my Mastery. I often think about how Blessed I am to have this life of Learning and experiences with my Spiritual Path and the Love of My Meditation Teacher.  I wish I could give others even just a toe dip into the magic of The Path Of Soul Transcendence.  So for this Blog, I jotted down some Inner Knowing and experiences I’ve had and grown in my realization of mySelf as Soul, as Spirit. 

     Everything in this life is Lovingly and generously orchestrated for me.  I have Learned this from My Beloved Teacher and Know it through my experiences.  All the characters and situations are created for me to Lift and Grow and Receive Love.  Everything is God.  As an Initiate each experience is a Gift, an adventure and an Opportunity to Receive more Love and Know mySelf as Spirit.  For example, I have an situation where I know I am okay and supplied with money, because my Inner Knowing says it is so. However, the paper’s headlines, the common conversation, the financial sectors’ reality is that we are approaching a undefined recession and things could get “bad.”  Well at first I just felt my knowing washing over me, saying, “All is okay. Just sit tight and be grateful for what you have an your next step will be supplied.”  Then I had a little wavering with some worries with information about my income being cut thirty percent.  However, rather than going down a rabbit hole of worry, I got Centered and knew I could make more income as needed.  It is my incorporation of my Inner Knowing and making that forefront is my Spiritual Strengthening.  I am not a waif or subject to the turning tides of common thought or even the stock market.  Which I was smart enough to pull my money out of a few months ago, by the way!  Another guidance given to me by my Inner Knowing.  Look at how the Learning goes.  The Process is natural, gentle and custom created for me.  That’s how profoundly Loved I am.  Everything is God – as am I. 

     All experiences, people, situations are God. Spirit goes ahead of me and takes care of me each and every moment.  Receiving this care is Living In Grace. My life is exquisitely taken care of by God.  This is Grace.  I simply Trust, Allow and Receive.  All this has been Taught to me and made a reality for me by my Beloved Meditation Teacher.  This is one of the many Gifts of studying with The Master.  To Receive I follow The Teachings exactly as laid out.  And just Receive.  I do nothing.  Just be with God. Doing nothing is letting God do it and doing Nintendo. (My Teacher explains, this word as meaning, “work your buns off but leave the results to God.”)  When I want to run to something or someone I run to God. I empty myself before God and stand alone with God.

     I Receive the Grace and Joy when I am entirely Present with God.  By doing this I stay clear within mySelf and then my actions are clear.  Karma happens anytime I’m not Present.  And being that’s it’s all God all I need to do is turn over any situation in my life to God, Attune and work with The Light Of The Most High.  God has everything handled.  He is everything.  There is nowhere He is not, nothing He can’t do. 

     I am One and the Same as God.  Therefore, I’m Perfect Spiritually.  Everything on this planet and beyond this planet is God.  All I need to do to Receive God’s Care and Love and Choose Proper Identification.  I know I’m Spirit and that everyone is Spirit. I work the life God has given me as a powerful Co-Creator. 

     I’m deeply Loved.  I’m Loved by God unconditionally.  I am at the apex of Spirit.  I am at the apex of creation because everything is God.  Everything is Love.  It is all One.  Forgetting that I am very Loved or blocking mySelf from Receiving that Love is a denial of the Truth and it is the illusion of separation.  My Choice is the fulcrum.  I have the Power to Choose if I Receive God’s Love moment-by-moment.  I make this Choice by where I place my consciousness.  It follows that my reality is Created by where I place my consciousness.  If I place my consciousness with God then I am in the Oneness and Spirit can Give to me.  I am that Powerful. I am at Choice.  I am that Loved. 

     Receiving this Love and my Royal Place in God’s Creation means Accepting.  It means Accepting mySelf.  Accepting that I am Worthy.  And accepting that everything is Love and is God.  And I am Worthy of this.  This is why Acceptance is the first law of Spirit. I have to Choose to Accept how Loved I am. 

     I am Spirit and everything is God.  This means there is nothing to earn. I’m already immensely Loved.  All I need to do is simply Be.

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Being Loving

Being Loving is far more simple than we think.  It’s far more – and far less than – grand gestures or declarations.  To be Loving is really just being your True Self.  It’s not doing for others in the form of gifts; intimacy; touch; words of affirmation; kindnesses;  though it can realize as many of those acts.  Being Loving is the seed of the flower, not the petals.  It’s not the acts.  It’s the quality and Reality behind them.  Or, another way to say this is that being Loving is being in Love. It is the quality and Reality of Love regardless of action.  For one needs to do nothing to be Loving.  Just be in a Loving space as one’s Self.

What does it mean to be in a Loving space?  As defined by my Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, it is being compassionate.  It is being 100% yourSelf in the presence of others.  My experience of That is allowing the Flow of God’s Love inside of me.  Then I allow That to be my action.  To be my guide.  To be my barometer. 

What this feels like is similar to the way I experienced life as a child.  Remember when you were young and had glimpses of knowing the world was magical?  Even if it was fleeting, there were moments where the veil between tangible and imaginary was lifted, all felt possible.  There were times where you saw the illusion of separation between form and God as it truly is: completely not there.  And you knew, directly, the Oneness of all things.  When you had moments, glimpses, maybe even sustained chapters where you felt your place in the world of things.  When you knew your specialness and you felt the depth of Love that this planet exists in. 

As a little girl I remember being in my room, listening to music and knowing I was not alone, there was an omnipresent Love that was with me and living.  Same with whenever I was with animals or in nature, one of my passions in life.  I could feel the magic I had and the gifts with which I was I was bestowed.  I knew I was special.  I could feel how Loved I was.  That’s the beginning of a metaphor for what being Loving in the True, Spiritual sense is. It is knowing you are especially Blessed and Loved.  And yet it’s not egoic, not about you, per se.  It’s simple, it’s pure, global; it’s the you beyond you.  Beyond the ego.  The Love wells up from within, Allowing that Eternal Being is being Loving. 

“Except ye be as little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven,” My Meditation Teacher quoted from the bible.  This doesn’t mean be perfect or a unexperienced life.  Nor does it mean only young or unscathed lives are worthy.  It means, be with and as that inherent Love that you know You are.  The One that I’m describing above; the one you knew directly, through experience, as a little child.  That you were perfect, deeply Loved, special and cherished. 

Have you noticed how a child’s love is generous and simple?  It’s What being Loving is truly like.  We can be that way as adults, too.  I have experienced this through my Meditation Teacher’s Gift to me – Initiation into the Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence.  This was a choice I made into formally becoming My Teacher’s Student.  From that decision and Attunement I have come to live in that Love that wells up from within me.  I have become It.  The karmic veils wrapped around my Soul have fallen and I live like a child in this world.  Perfect vulnerability. 

I Love with Freedom.  I Love for the sake of Loving.  I Love for nothing other than the Love itself.  I Love because It’s my True Nature.  And I see that Nature in others.  So I Love That in them, too.  I may not like others, as my Teacher explains, but I am charged with Loving them.  That’s how macro and meaningful this is. 

I notice, though, that there is a special Grace and tenderness and effusive Joy that this Love bestows upon my inner circle of friends and family.  It’s an extra dose of Love That knows no bounds.  They feel It.  There is nothing they can do to stop this upwelling of Love I have for them personally but it’s far more than just personal.  It’s Eternal.  It’s bigger than me. It is presents and hugs and tender moments – even boundaries and honest conversations – but it’s all couched in total Acceptance and ever-renewing Love.  I can’t emphasize that enough.  The Love just keeps coming and coming and coming.  There is nothing I can do to stop It.  Nor would I.  It’s Pure and pliable and enshrouds all those around me.  So I may surprise my kids with bunnies for Easter or buy tickets to a concert for friends as a gift.  Those are things in the world that are loving.  However, the real Gift is the immense Love that stands like support from my innermost Heart and infuses my actions in the world. 

It’s like a foundation.  Mine is Love for Love’s sake.  I’ve already completed everything because my Love is with me, goes ahead of me and guides me through this world.  I am just living for Love.  And that’s the pleasure.  That’s the Joy.  That’s the thing we’re all trying to get to, even if we don’t know it, and we look to the outer things to give us fulfillment.  Yet there is no place to reach; It is within.  It’s the Inner Love.  It’s the Soul’s Love.  Which is like saying, “The Love of that which is comprised of Love.”  That Love is what makes the planet a place of beauty.  Not the things or places or, even, people.  Just the Love. 

Thus, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.  Love is in the heart of the Lover.  Beloved, Lover and the Love are One, My Teacher Says, and as we Attune to that Love through Initiation Into The Sound Current we live in the Ocean of Love and Mercy. 

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Oneness Amid Occupation

As I’m writing this Russia is launching an assault on Ukraine.  Families are fleeing, separated from one another, people are being killed as neighborhoods and buildings are shelled. It’s not just the Ukrainian warriors who are under attack, but people living in cities and towns.  Normal, beautiful people.  My mind can’t wrap itself around this reality – in 2022 an actual invasion is happening with the attempt to dominate a neighboring country on European soil.  This feels old and from the pages of history.  I would think, as a community, as people, as the human race, we have grown beyond wanting to destroy or damage others in such a huge, cyclical event the reverberates the world over.  That we could have learned. 

However, as my Meditation Teacher has Taught me, there can be no learning and integration of that learning without our True Learning, Which is the Soul’s Learning.  This is something needed individually and has results collectively.  So, it’s not just learning from books’ pages or assimilation of the stories we hear that is needed to sustain qualities and, frankly, Living Realities, like Joy, Love, Peace and Kindness.  It is the Spiritual Actions that must take place for the Soul within each of us to be Free from that cycle of action and reaction.  For instance, making the simple, everyday, even mundane choices of life with a Loving Heart.  Or employing the powerful tool of Forgiveness.   Or choosing to attend a sacred Spiritual Event or Class at Cosmos Tree, my Teacher’s Meditation Studio in NYC.  These choices into Love break the cycle.  Break the wheel. 

Action and reaction.  War and return to war.  Strike and counterstrike.  Negativity and negativity.  Fear and fear.

How do we escape this cycle of action and reaction?  This cycle of negativity?  We don’t continue along in the next pull of the wheel into the next situations of the world.  We go “in” and “up” inside ourSelves, to the Soul within, and Identify there.  This experience is available as a Living Reality for Students on the Path Of Soul Transcendence, those Students formally studying with My Mediation Teacher.  When we are we are in the world but not of it, as my Meditation Teacher would say.  That is where I am and why I see things as I do.  Know things as I Know them.  It’s not me, it’s in all of us.  I’m just Attuned. 

In this world, my role is that of a mother.  Nurturing life and furthering growth is what I am devoted with each morning’s rise and each night’s fall.  However, my knowledge of how precious life is isn’t the reason I feel the pain of Ukraine’s invasion and occupation.  As a Student on the Path Of Soul Transcendence I Know, directly and through my experiences Meditating, that There is no “over there” or “them” or separation as it may appear with our physical senses.  I Know that what I do affects someone else, another Soul.  If I run negativity, anger, jealously, hurt, etc. then it affects others, even if I’m not intending that to be the case.  For we are all One.  Through my daily Meditation Practice, I have experienced repeatedly and become honed to the Knowing that are all made of the same Living “Material,” Which is Soul.  I feel it energetically, not emotionally and certainly not mentally.  It’s more of a simply Knowing.  Like a relaxation into the Soul, I let go of all and I Know I will be caught.  In that Surrender I have Learned the Reality that we are all made of the same Material, which is Love.  We are all Souls in bodies and the Soul’s Constitution is Oneness.

Therefore, I experience in that place of Oneness, this mass event that furthers suffering for the Souls involved in mySelf.  Any Choice away from Love is a Choice away from Soul.  And if we all are One, my brother’s Choice affects me.  No matter the perceived distance of continents, languages and cultures.

As my Beloved Meditation Teacher Teaches, if you really Knew, experientially, that we are One then how could you go against another?  How could mass attacks happen when you know that brother is your brother, in fact, he is you?  That child is your child?  In fact, that child is all our child.  I may not know you and I may not like you but I Love you and that is far more powerful than any illusion of differences.  “Nation shall not lift up sword against other nation.” Isaiah 2:4  This isn’t just to live by a biblical code.  It’s because we are all One.  And it is a Living Reality ripe for your experience should you choose It.

As we’re all One, therefore, there is no occupation or take over.  There is no dominance.  The only Win is that of the Soul’s total Knowledge and Choice into Spirit rather than into karma.

There is no separation in Soul. There’s only the One.  One Love.  And that One is One with God.  Not a God of religions, but God that is Love and is within you, living as you.  I’m not asking you to think your way into understanding that we each impact one another, like an ecosystem.  It’s far more intrinsic than that, far more holy, and far more comforting, like a balm.

That same God Alive inside of me – my Soul – is at One with That God inside of you.  For where did God hide Himself?  Where is the Great Power?  Within.  Meaning in you.  In me.

It takes the privilege and beauty of commencing and Allowing the great unknowing to Know this.  This Knowing is the Living, Vibrating Love that has been uncovered inside of me throught my Walking The Path of Soul Transcendence with My Beloved Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane.  The great Learning is Unlearning!  The Freedom from war and negativity is the Peace within.  This is not metaphor.  This is Reality and can be accessed by the Initiatory Process on The Path Of Soul Transcendence.

As my Beloved Teacher explained in His recent Satsang – which is Sanskrit for Spiritual Teaching – “How do we Celebrate our Oneness with God? … Separation only happens when we’ve created karma.  When we’ve created away from God, away from Spirit, we’ve created separate from That and, because we’re Powerful Creators, we get That separate back to us.  So it looks like we’re separate from God.  …”

“How would it be if everyone knew… yes, you are that Powerful? …How many can actually conquer ‘death?’  Because it’s done the other way, it’s done inside out.  It’s not done by conquering the world or dominating or anything else.”

“It’s done through the Process of Surrender, through the Initiatory Process.  Just the opposite of the world works. … This is opposite: Surrender, Surrender, Surrender to the Spirit you are. …Through the Initiatory Process, then you get to enter into Eternal Life.  You get to bypass the fiction of ‘death,’ that whole illusion. … Now is the time we really need to Honor That and that whole field of action has been cleared so that is can manifest.  So how do we Celebrate being with Spirit?  How do we Celebrate our Oneness?  We simply live it.”

And that’s what you’re invited to do.  Live the true Oneness.  Celebrate It.  Allow It.  Live It.  If you are interested in Knowing yourSelf and Attuning to the Soul within, then request Initiation into The Sound Current by contacting My Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, through the website or  Be in the Oneness inside yourSelf!  Know the Love and Peace and Joy of This radical step of Living in your own Inner Most Heart.

The Heart That is in all of us, as us.

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