There is a story that My Teacher. Dr. Lane, Who is also the Founding Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies, has told in Satsang, Which is an Open Talk.

It’s the “Lawnmower Story” and boy! is it relevant to the life the Lord, God has given me and, I believe, to all of our lives.

Here It is in a nutshell: a guy needs a lawnmower because his is in repair so he asks his neighbor. As he’s leaving his house he says, “that guy – he’s not going to lend it to me!” He’s halfway there and says, “he’s not going to lend it; that son-of-a- bitch!” He gets to the front door and, when the neighbor opens the door, he socks him.

Sometimes I create stories inside mySelf – as so many of us do. As a result, most of us end up “raging” against something. The stories can seem so real, which they are not, that I go with them and feed them.

Unless I choose otherwise. That means that I monitor my responses by going inside and the moment that anger – using this Story as an example – comes up I use the Two-Part Release Technique by Calling in the Light Of The Most High inside mySelf, “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Then: “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, please take this anger from me!” I tell mySelf, “(my name) it’s OK to let it go!”

I use the Two-Part Release daily – if not many times a day, every time negativity comes up.

My Teacher’s Story is a brilliant example of what nearly all of us do, which is to identify with our thoughts and feelings and take them as real. As My Teacher has Taught me, once I have a thought there is a feeling associated with it and vice versa.

I also know what it’s like to build a case inside mySelf and, that as the Story very clearly demonstrates, has dangerous consequences. Any thought/feeling (including stories/cases) is karma, is negativity, is separation from the Spirit I am, from the Spirit we all are.

The second I find mySelf creating away from Spirit – or if negativity just comes up – I need to do the Two-Part Release again.

Negativity is a signal to be Present, Which, as an Initiate Of The Sound Current On The Path of Soul Transcendence, I do by going into the Soul Body and being with God. This Ability to go into the Soul Body was Awakened by My Receiving Initiation Into The Sound Current On This Path and Following exactly, by Returning and Returning to the Upper Part Of The Third Eye, the Sacred Meditation Technique Taught at the Time Of Initiation

I use the negativity to Lift and Grow and be Present. Through the Precious Gift of Initiation, I have direct access to Spirit. By Being Present, I rise above the negativity. I identify Properly as Spirit.

As an Initiate Practicing Proper ID – I know my thoughts and feelings (including stories/cases) aren’t real. The only Reality is Spirit. I know I’m responsible for my creations and for where I place my focus.

If you are not an Initiate, you can take the learning from this blog that thoughts and feelings are not real; you can go inside; get quiet and do the Two-Part Release as often as need be. You can, thusly, use the negativity to Lift and to choose away from karma.

I also talk to my basic selves – the part of me that brings forward my karmic pattern, which often means doubt, as you can see in the Lawnmower Story (in addition to fear, anger, worry). The best I can do is educate my basics by doing Self-Talk like this: “Basics, come present! I need your cooperation and energy to support me in being Present now so we’re always in Peace and in Joy! Thank you and let’s keep up the good work with this!”

As a non-Initiate, you can still go inside; get quiet and be with yourself – and use the Two-Part Release to ask the Lord, God for the Highest Good to take any doubt (separation) and tell yourSelf it’s OK to let it go!

In a nutshell, the only way to live in Peace and Joy is to take Initiation and to do the Spiritual Practice exactly as Taught – which means using the negativity to Lift into Spirit; to keep Returning to the Godpoint within. Peace and Joy are the Nature of Spirit, Which is Who and What I am. By being Present/Practicing That, I Come to Know mySelf as That and to Live as That.

To use this life to Fulfill its Purpose, as My Teacher Teaches, Which is to come to Know you as Spirit, as Soul.

And That’s It in a nutshell.

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