On the second Sunday of each month Cosmos Tree offers a Program called The Teachings Study Group in which a Satsang Summary that is featured in the most recent issue of SpiritCentral, the Cosmos Tree Newsletter, is used as a vehicle to study The Teachings.

Boy! What a life-changer this Program is!

Take today’s Program, Which I left a little more than six hours ago! The article was titled, “Patience: Stand Pat? Get A Patent? Start A Pattern? – A Participatory Satsang”, a summary of the monthly Satsang Given by Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree, on September 5, 2018. A key Learning for me was that where there is impatience there is a judgment.

First of all, I never ever knew that! And, second, I certainly never knew it experientially, inwardly, in a way where I can consciously take the Learning and change! Right now, for instance, I received an email from someone with whom I am working on an event; this person had agreed to pick up some supplies for the event and had just emailed me emailed me to say that the number of paper dinner plates I had suggested this person purchase was “a lot.”

I was about to dive into impatience, to feed it via some real case-building, when I immediately got the Learning from this Program only a few hours earlier! I immediately stopped because I knew that the potential “dive” was the judgement that comes from impatience. I knew that judging this person was also judging all Souls as we are all One.

I also Knew originally that simply being Present with Spirit, Which I am able to do as an Initiate Of The Light Of The Most High and staying “There”, means being clear. From This Place of Clarity, what also came was to see if this person had something else to offer, something that I may not have considered before; there was room for more than me in this “equation”.

I also realize now on reworking this article that perhaps this person has much to share but where I “got caught”, for a bit anyway, was more on this person’s “style” of sharing, which to me was more like a “blurt” than Sharing. And maybe this person needs to know that it is OK to Share to begin with and how to do that and that this person does have something to offer.

About 12 hours before this Program, I had been impatient with someone who for the same event had suggested to me that everyone attending be asked to stay afterwards to help clean up. I immediately jumped on this with how we don’t need that many people to clean up, etc. That was before The Teachings Study Group.

After the Group, I called the person and just listened to what the person was saying and agreed to simply put it out to those with whom I was speaking regarding the event. Let them decide to help or not to help. I also got at the same time that, in addition, this person was going out of this person’s way to drop something off for this event and that I could easily handle this another way so that this person was freed up and could attend to some other things. That was the Kindness that came from Practicing Patience.

The initial impatience in this instance was going with the habitual, emotional response instead of being Present, instead of Being, as described in the Satsang and conveyed in the article, and Allowing whatever it is I need to Learn to come forward Naturally.

The Kindness just came in the moment. I freed her up because I had chosen to free mySelf up by practicing Patience.

The more I chose to be Patient and listen the more aware I became of how often others become defensive, as I initially had; it doesn’t much matter what it is. It is amazing to me how often now I find mySelf on the other side of someone’s defensiveness and that, because I am Practicing Patience, I Know that all I need to do is “walk on eggshells”. No need to “fight back” or do much of anything, really. The outer relationships are smooth because of it.

More often now, I am Consciously Choosing to Practice Patience thanks to a Program that didn’t even last an hour and that is free-of-charge with a Suggested Donation of five dollars; and Which Dr. Lane attended when this “Patience” article was the vehicle – Surprise! The Master Himself There in the physical! As I’ve been Taught and has been my experience as well, many Blessings are bestowed on those who choose to place themSelves in the Presence of the Master! All I did was show up, at a Sacred Program that is open to all!

Be there for yourSelf by being at this Program! The second Sunday of every month at 3 pm, call-in time five minutes before that if you live more than 50 miles from the Cosmos Tree Home Center or in-person at the Home Center if you live within a 50-mile radius. Call 212 828-0464 or email info@cosmostree.org.

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