As Covid-19 spread around the world, I was given Opportunities to Learn Responsibility.

These Opportunities involved situations that were similar in that I found out through casual conversation that people I know and see in-person had either been exposed to the virus (and still were being exposed); were putting themselves in high-exposure situations; and/or they believed when we met that they had had the virus and that, to some degree, it was still active.

In each case, when I heard the “Covid-exposure news” I was “shocked”. “How could they do this to me?” I thought.

How? Easily.

When the first of these situations arose, I brought it up in Open Hour, the time each week when Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and My Spiritual Teacher, Generously makes Himself available for Spiritual Counseling. “How could this person do this to me?” I said. “Is this how a friend treats a friend?”
My Teacher’s response stays with me and I cite it here as I recall it: “Where were you? You’re Responsible. Why didn’t you check it out?”

No. I did not ask my friend in advance of our meeting if this person had been exposed to the virus; had it currently or had had it? Nope. None of it.

Since then, another friend shared with me that this friend has a colleague with whom this friend works closely and who is currently out of work for what he believes is Covid.

This time, I shared my discomfort about being six feet apart from this person at an upcoming Event and, instead, this friend attended via video conference.

Here’s another situation that just came up: someone I sometimes speak to in-person – we work in the same building – happened to mention that he regularly takes public transportation. We both live in New York City where the subway is an extremely high-exposure situation.

Before this, I had been sloppy about the six-feet-apart so perhaps it was five and sometimes from that distance that his mask was not on. Now, I back up really far; and I know that this person has received the vaccine (one dose, as far as I know) as have I. I will find out more as well as when optimum safety is considered to be met per any government guidelines.

Even though I haven’t had a haircut in over a year because of my avoidance of high-risk situations, everyone I know – from what I can see – has had a haircut. When I see them – often on Zoom – I know that I will be comfortable in their physical presence once they have been vaccinated. And when I am fully vaccinated. And when I know for sure how long each of us has to wait for the “final OK.” Not before. No matter how close we are as friends.

What I’ve Learned about Responsibility is this: as My Teacher Teaches, It’s blame-less. There’s no “how could they?”; case-building; storifying in Spirit. There’s Love and Loving mySelf enough to take care of mySelf. It’s being in Integrity.

No matter what anyone else is saying or doing

The basic selves – the part of me that brings forward my karmic patterns – love to belong. If everyone I work with on Zoom or otherwise has a haircut, well, I want to look good, too. I have to belong to keep my job after all. Basics go for this stuff.

So Self-talk to update them is important. I call in the Light Of The Most High like this: “Lord, God send me Your Light!” I say “basics, come present! I need your cooperation and energy to support me in [taking excellent care of mySelf during Covid by keeping my hair long, etc.; whatever it is can be added] Thank you and keep up the good work with this.”

So Responsibility, as My Teacher Taught me, means doing due diligence: ask; check it out; do my part.

And have the courage to stand out – to separate out – from the “karmic mass”, as My Teacher Teaches.

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