If looks could kill I’d slay all day. I’d knock ‘em dead like an advertisement featuring a gaggle of leggy 90’s mega, super models donning Versace with long-burn cigarettes dripping from their perfect pouts. If looks could kill hearts would cease beating, final exhales would rush out on busy street corners and multiple 911 calls would cite a vixen as the criminal. My culprit signature would be high heel footprint everywhere I struck and, though the FBI would trace my tousled mane-sightings, I would always be just out of reach and beyond prosecution. That would be if looks could kill.

Truth be told, we all know that outside of modern city folklore, looks don’t kill. In fact, we hardly even notice them. I mean, we pay attention and it is the way we identify one another, but we don’t give much clout to them. We universally know that we’re more than our bodies. Right? Yeah, um, right! That is pretty much the anthesis of how we operate.

Instead, we view things through the obtuse and thoroughly misinformed prism of karma. Karma is what separates us from knowing that we are Soul, that we are Spirit and leads us to think that, because we can see and touch and feel something, that it is real. We think that our bodies are the entirety of who we are.

This is exactly the opposite of how things are Spiritually. My Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, Teaches that the way things appear in this world is exactly inside out and backwards of how they are in Spiritual Reality. What is valued as the most important in the world – money, power, image, fame, etc. is, in Spiritual Reality – is the least important. What is the most important in Spiritual Reality – Being a Lover of God, knowing yourSelf as Soul, as Spirit, making Choices to have a clean inner environment, being kind, forgiving, being grateful, etc. – is minimized if even recognized in our day-to-day lives.

This paradox, this misidentification and misunderstanding about our looks and who we really are can actually kill. Not in the sense of bang bang, you’re dead. In the sense of it misleads us from the Truth of why we are here on this planet. We’re here to know that we are Soul. Our bodies are the housing for the Soul, not the sum total of who we are. Until we know this, until we know that we are Soul, then we will keep reincarnating in another body, another body and another body endlessly until we finally do choose to wake up from the dream of “life,” which, Spiritually, is death. So not knowing that we’re Soul means we live asleep in this world and we are, indeed, dead, Spiritually speaking, until such time we elect to have our Soul sparked Awake by a Sound Current Master and enter into Eternal Life and come to Know ourSelves as Soul, as Spirit.

True life is Knowing that you are Soul. Through Initiation into the Sound Current on the Path of Soul Transcendence you have the direct experience of this while you are in the body. You proceed, just as you are now, in the world but inside yourSelf your Consciousness is at God. This happened by becoming an Initiate of the Sound Current of the Light Of The Most High on The Path Of Soul Transcendence. By doing so you are in the world, but not of it. Just like me. This Proper Identification grants us the pleasure of enjoying all the things of the world without attachment to them, and paradoxically, we can have them even more because we don’t need them to define ourselves. While doing our Spiritual Progression we still enjoy money, travel, food, love, fashion, our children and every single little and big thing the world has to offer much without the attachment to them. This means we simply enjoy them rather than use them to define ourselves or fill ourselves. We live in the knowing that we are Spirit. We are whole, each and every moment.

Trust me, I know. I happily drop cash to laser my face, balayage my hair, be spray painted by an organic tan, sit still for over an hour to have my nails pristinely painted and lather my skin in jojoba oil and shea butter before I sleep at night so that I’m marinating as I dream. I do have a weakness for a good beauty treatment. Oxygen facials, cryogenic freezing, such aggressive pilates that feels like it is on amphetamines, days of exclusively pressed juice, copious amounts of sunscreen followed by vitamin D supplements, back-to-back duets of Soul Cycle classes and salads, salads, salads.

Do I sound obsessed? Admission of guilt isn’t necessarily conclusive because the truth is in how I approach any of those kooky adventures, inwardly, inside myself. Where is my Consciousness at? If I feel inherently less than – even a low grade of unworthiness – and I take the compulsive steps to make my physical appearance closer to ideal then all I’m doing is putting lipstick on a pig or polishing a turd, as a good friend of mine would say.

It can be the exact same outward action, embarking on a detox yoga retreat, for example; however, what is pivotal is the approach inside myself. Am I doing it because I enjoy the benefits, the practice, the exploration into a new country and feeling svelte, nimble and vibrant from the detoxifying effects of a week’s yoga immersion? Or am I doing it because I feel like a chunky monkey, a low-grade tone of unlovable or bad about myself and am I thinking that if I keep my body tight and right that I’ll be cherished by my husband or, more likely, to fit in with the cool kids? Essentially looking for outer validation.

It’s not the outward action; it’s where I’m at inside mySelf. Where is my Focus? Do I know I’m Soul? Do I know I’m inherently Worthy? Am I Walking The Path of Soul Transcendence exactly as My Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, prescribed? Am I Choosing Eternal Life inside myself while I’m in the body? Or am I choosing to see myself as finite and subject to world’s view of death?

I choose Loving mySelf as my motivation, meaning I honor the Soul that I am. My true Self. When I do this God is my motor, and with that as my power and reason I, like the lilies in the valley, toil not. I do the things I enjoy and simply because I enjoy them. I prefer taking care of my physical appearance. I love being athletic. I have fun with the many forms of beauty. That is all while having Proper Identification, while knowing what the body is: the housing for the Soul. The more I come from knowing I am Soul, the more I enjoy the world and the gifts I’m given even though I’m not attached to them. This is the great paradox of life. I have and enJoy more of the things of the world because my focus is at the Soul Level, not the eye level of the physical. Proper Identification opens the door to receiving more of the things of the world even though my focus is on Soul.

Through Initiation into the Sound Current on The Path of Soul Transcendence and the practice of Meditating exactly as Taught on this Path I’ve gained the actual experience of Knowing that I’m Soul and that this body is simply the housing for what I really am. What I really am is more than what I can see in the mirror. From this place of Proper Identification if I want to check the hallway mirror on my way out the door to make sure my hair is just right and Friday night dress fitting tight then that’s just a bow on the amazing gift God has given me, which is being with Him while living the body. It is the most Precious Gift one can ever receive and Souls are literally dying for it, as Dr. Roger B. Lane Teaches, as they reincarnate over and over and over until they finally Choose to wake up from the dream of life and Know themselves for what they truly are: Soul.

The invitation to the party is yours and you’re already wearing the perfect dress – a body!

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