Twelve days ago, I was being of Loving Service by cleaning the Cosmos Tree Home Center. And boy! would it have been easy to rush through it by running my own agenda: “let me get this over with so I can go on to the next thing! After all, who wants to clean?”

Certainly not a basic self – the part of me that brings forward my karmic patterns – unless I get their cooperation, which I did by Calling in the Light Of The Most High inside mySelf, “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Then: “Basics, come present! I’m cleaning the Home Center now and I need your cooperation and energy to support me in this. Thank you and let’s keep up the good work with this.”

And, instead of my own stuff – “I’ll do XYZ and this will happen” – I stayed in Integrity, Which is the Focus at God/Spirit. Not my stuff; God’s Agenda.

In Tools For Living Free #2 Titled “The Power of Letting Go” Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies, explains the “XYZ approach” using a business-based example but, as I’ve Learned from Dr. Lane, My Spiritual Teacher, any situation will do: “Let’s just say … you would like to accomplish the goal called X. … And in the back of your mind you go, ‘I’m going to do it by having contact with this person, which is going to cause X to happen, which, in turn, will cause Y to happen, which will turn into Z and we’ll have X, Y, Z and that’s how it will be done’. … But you can’t have it both ways. In other words, you can’t Allow God to work in your life and work your life – because what’ s inside of you other than God, – and … manipulate, control, cause things to happen.”

I stayed with the Project and its “goal” – for the Center to be clean and, in particular, dust-free.

I got my next steps inwardly – exciting “inner surprises” – in perfect timing. “OK! Doorknobs! Next step! Back of chair! Next step! Vacuum under the rug near the door! OK! Bottom of the lamp!”

I was led to dust I never knew existed.

And, yes, when I heard those “inner voices”, there was a part of me that wanted to override them, as Dr. Lane explains in Tools For Living Free # 44, “Excuses, Excuses – Let’s Be Done With Them!”: “I’ve been working with people for a long time and the common denominator of all these people who come to me – and when they get in trouble it is for one reason and one reason only – they didn’t listen to themSelves. They didn’t listen to the Spirit inside of them. And they overran It with their ego. They overran It with their ego.”

There was definitely a part of me that wanted to run right past those “inner voices”; especially, as I had already put the vacuum cleaner away when I heard some of them. A part of me didn’t want to get it out again! And there’s The Protocol for cleaning the Center that requires that once I finish cleaning, I wait 20 minutes with the windows open to air things out. Who wants to start the clock all over again?


By simply Surrendering my agenda.

I thanked my basics a number of times throughout this adventure by saying, “For the Highest Good, Lord, God send me Your Light!” Then: “Basics, come present! Thank you so much for your cooperation and energy in supporting me in vacuuming under the rug now, etc. Let’s keep up the good work with this!” I could feel the “press” of them inside mySelf and I chose to handle it right away.

The biggest part of this for me, though, was simply choosing to Listen to mySelf. Up until now, I’ve given my power away, often to people I’ve set up as experts or, at least, a lot better at things than I am; in this case, cleaning. As the inner story goes, “I’m OK with work stuff but domestic things? A bomb.”

Time to drop my story, which I clearly did.

As Spirit, I’m the Most Powerful Thing There is, as Dr. Lane Teaches.

I realized that this Approach is applicable to anything I do. I can make The Effort through Focus, Surrender and Self-Talk at whatever it is even if a part of me doesn’t feel like it and I can do an excellent job to boot even if I don’t know anything at all and I intend to do that.

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