In the November 2022 Satsang Given by My Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, Who is also the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies (CRASS) and the Dean of Its Magnificent Seminary, My Teacher shared the following, which is excerpted from the January/February/March 2023 Issue of SpiritCentral, theCosmos Tree/CRASS Newsletter:

“Our Teacher then shared another example, that of ‘making a decision for someone else … this person wanted to do “x, y and z” but was afraid to bring it up to her husband and so she didn’t do “x, y and z” … She had given over her power. She was disrespectful to herSelf. She was disrespectful to her husband and when she shared it with her husband … the response was ‘I don’t even know I would have said “no”. …’”

The other day, I was contacting some clients to share something business-wise:  my company enters companies and/or their executives for awards. I was suggesting to some clients who had signed up for a particular award that I now believe another award is more beneficial for a number of reasons, one of which is that I believe they have a better or slightly better chance of winning. This suggested “shift” sometimes happens after I’ve spent time researching a company and can then make a more “educated” decision re: the best awards “fit” for them. In this case, the shift also made things easier for me deadline-wise. It was, as they say, “a win-win”.

Yet, I was somehow choosing away from sharing this information with one particular client so he could decide: the old award or this newly suggested one?

Instead, I started to concoct a story inside mySelf re: what would happen if I did call; for instance, that making the shift would be a “real song and dance” in terms of getting final approval on it.

Then, I stopped and asked mySelf, “what do The Teachings say about this?” And I immediately “got” that “making a decision for someone else” goes against The Teachings.

My job as an Initiate Of The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence is to simply put it out. And to do so Neutrally.

So I did. My contact at the company chose the shift for the reasons I offered; and, also, because it satisfied concerns of his about categories for the old award, which he now took the opportunity to share; as for that “approval”, nothing of the sort needed.  

As for that concocted story, underneath it was fear. Of the responses of others; of speaking up; of getting yelled at; of making a mistake (having to be perfect). A whole bunch of patterns from childhood and, as I’ve Learned from My Teacher, before that.

Moreover, as an Initiate, I Know that negativity that I persist in is karma for which I’m responsible.

And, choosing away from that sharing, as I Learned from the November Talk, would have been incredibly disrespectful to the executive and everyone else I’m working with at the company. And, to mySelf/the Spirit I am/The Teacher because I’m outside of Integrity/The Teachings. Because we’re all One Spirit, the karma/negativity I choose to create affects All Souls.

In the November Talk, My Teacher calls it a “Withhold”.

But so what of negativity? The Teachings Teach me to Focus into Spirit and to Live as That. That’s the Focus.

And, if I do end up with some negativity because I’ve persisted in it, I stop and use the Two-Part Release Technique like this, “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Lord, God, for the Highest Good please take [any fear of speaking up] from me now!” I tell mySelf, it’s OK to let it go! And I let it go.

And, if I have a preference regarding this sharing; for instance, that this particular person shift to the more beneficial award then I Co-Create that with the Lord, God by Calling in the Light Of The Most High, as explained above, and I ask for what I prefer; for instance, the switch, as noted. I let go and I Trust. That’s it!

And I’m Neutral so I’m fine if it happens and fine if it doesn’t.

My job is to Live The Teachings.

Since making the choice to share – instead of making a decision for someone else – I’ve noticed that I need to share in this way quite often. Just this afternoon, I was dropping some things off at a friend’s apartment house and, after that, I realized that I had some information regarding this “drop off” and I caught mySelf starting to keep it to mySelf, the good old pattern.

Instead, I texted the information. Otherwise, I would have made a decision for this friend that was hers to make based on this information.

All I can say is, what a difference sharing makes! I am free from the karma I would have created – and am Responsible for – by having made a decision for someone else. As I’ve Learned from My Teacher, what I do inside mySelf affects all of Creation because, in Reality, we’re all One. When I Live in Integrity It helps “others” to do so. Because I’m Lifting and because we’re all One, it makes it easier for “others” to Lift as well. Lifting is an attachment-free zone. It’s quite a Gift!

And per the Perfect Simplicity of The Teachings, all I do is put it out.


That’s it.

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