Recently I had a Learning about procrastination and how harmful it is. I’d like to share the consequences I experienced from the choices I made; the Learning that followed; and some tips on how to let go of the cycle of procrastination.

We have an infant and toddler in the house. The night nursings combined with toddler wake-ups (bathroom time, monsters in room, thirsty for water…) means that I sometimes only get a few hours of sleep. This has made mornings feel “rough” for me and, as a result I, many times, made the choice to procrastinate getting out of bed. I thought, “what’s the harm? So, I miss taking a shower or sitting and drinking a cup of coffee. Big deal!”

But, in fact, it was a big deal – but not in a fun way. My choice to procrastinate made the morning “rough” for everyone in my family. My husband didn’t get breakfast or a packed lunch for the day; kids were rushed through their meager breakfast and hurried to dress and get out the door for school; I didn’t shower – or even really get dressed – as I zoomed out the door to drive to appointments; the house was left a mess with toys, discarded pajamas, and breakfast dishes cluttered everywhere (which put me in a sour mood later in the day as I returned home and then had to take care of the mess while trying to get lunch or dinner ready.) My procrastination had a ripple effect on the entire household and the day’s schedule.

Then daylight savings happened. Instead of waking at 7am in the morning the kids woke at 6am. That morning I reluctantly got out of bed at 6am and decided to start the day earlier than normal. No procrastination. What a difference it made! There was more than enough time to eat, dress, play, and get everyone off to work/school in a smooth and easy way.

In the most recent Tools For Living Free #148 “We Are One And We Are All In It Together”  on the Cosmos Tree web site Dr. Roger B. Lane talks about how we are all One. It says, “And when we come to Know ourSelves as Spirit we come to see that … we are One. And because we are One, that which we hold in our Consciousness – in other words, where we are choosing to focus our thoughts, our feelings, our pain, our separation, our doubt – affects everything else and everyone else.”

What I took from my experience and from the Teachings from Dr. Lane about being One is that procrastination is a violence, not only perpetrated on myself, but on everyone around me. So what is the solution? Focus on the Spirit you are. As Dr. Lane then says in the TFLF #148, “We are all involved, you see. And we are all affected by our choices, by each individual’s choice. And, similarly, when we Focus Spiritually then That Frequency that we are helping to be a part of [ed.’s note: Dr. Lane is referring to the Frequency of Spirit that That Soul is Awake on] makes it easier for other Souls to participate in That as well.” When I Focus on the Spirit that I am, I stay Present; I come from a place of Loving and Neutrality; I stay in my Integrity and I honor my Commitments.

One way to nurture the Spirit that you are and to practice staying Present on the level you are on is to attend a Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High offered by Cosmos Tree. This Meditation offers a wonderful Opportunity to be with the Spirit within; to allow Inner Quiet; and to let go of stress.

Another way to nurture the Spirit that you are is to use the Resources available on the Cosmos Tree website like Tools For Living Free  and the monthly Podcasts, to gain valuable understanding of what it means to live as the Spirit you are.

Finally, for those truly interested in letting go of the cycle of procrastination and Learning how to work with oneSelf to honor Commitments, I highly recommend taking Dr. Lane’s Class “Everyday Evolution I” offered through Cosmos Tree’s sister organization, The Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies. This Class helps Students change habitual patterns that no longer serve him/her and to recognize and eliminate beliefs, patterns and attitudes that have been allowed to limit the Student and his/her life. Check out the Classes page here to learn more!

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