Can’t get over the hump, cross that first bridge you are staring down, let go of the end of the rope you’ve tethered yourself to for staying in the shallows? Many of us wonder when our dull lives become the lives we envisioned ourselves leading. We make resolutions – empty promises – gripe about the blockades in our way and feel somehow disempowered and disenfranchised from the life, the excitement, the fulfillment and the peace that we really want. How do we move from stuck to living a vibrant life that beats true to the drum of our innermost heart?

Advertising companies will have us think that their specific brand of paper towels will add shimmer and shine to not just the countertops but to our hearts; the latest electric car will make us eternally happy or that perfect hotel nestled in the tropics will satiate our heart’s desire for a lifetime. We know that these outer items won’t. Yet they are still attractive and the dream of fulfilling ourselves with such a simple act such as purchasing the right perfume lingers. We taste test and try on the many avenues of the pursuit of pleasure and yet we return to square one inside ourselves, still thirsty and looking for more. So we know that isn’t it. And that it isn’t lasting either. Yet, what else is there?

Well, I know for certain that the map to the life that we truly want is inside of us. As is the journey to what we truly want. And the very basis of the life that we truly want lies inside of us as well. Meaning, it is all within me? Is this some abstract fairy tale that requires me to go to multiple yoga classes; lighting Nag Champa incense in my living room; and getting a hunger high off of kale quinoa salads? Nope! Well, then it must be code for adjusting the “life that I really want” from one filled with adventures like sky diving and seeing the brave, beautiful world to being happy for a grey winter stroll in the local city park, reading grocery store paperback books and learning to appreciate the smell of my own farts. Nope again!

I’m going to give it to your straight. There is a Way – a real Way – to have exactly the life that you want for the Highest Good. And this way doesn’t require just blind, hopeless, hot pursuit after the things on your bucket list and facing the myriad of walls you discover along the way and then learning kung fu to knock them down. It is far superior to that! This Way involves going within yourSelf and knowing directly the Soul that is you.

Begin by attending Meditations at Cosmos Tree in New York City or at the Regional Centers around the country and Mexico! Attend in person or via teleconference a Satsang – Spiritual Teaching – given by Dr. Lane. There are a number of Teachings With which to be involved that Dr. Lane brings forth and they all are Gifts we give to ourSelves.

Dr. Lane also Teaches us how to Co-Create with the Lord, God, Which is essentially inviting God to give you exactly what you want in your life for the Highest Good and I can tell you, from direct experiences, it really works! Because the Truth is, yes these physical things of the world are lovely, they are ours to have in spades and enjoy fully. The irony of the extraordinary ride that Dr. Lane leads His Students on is that the more we commit and devote ourSelves to the things of the Spirit and utilize the Tools that Dr. Lane offers us the more we can have the things in the world that we prefer to have in our lives. From the mundane to the extraordinary, everything on the planet is here for us to have and enjoy.

We place our Focus with the Soul within by employing the Tools Dr. Lane offers and, as we grow in Joy and Love through these choices we also receive more and more of the things of the world. We do not do it for that reason because the process of Focusing on the Soul is one of detachment, letting go and neutrality; yet, the Joy of This Path is that in that Freedom we can enjoy the things of the world even more. As Christ, Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added unto you!”

All these successive choices are ours to make and, surprisingly, Co-Creating what we want has less to do with a massive, effort-laden, stir-up of all aspects of our day-to-day life and everything to do with simply dropping down inside ourSelves and letting the rhythm of Who we truly are – the Soul – take sovereignty and crack the mirror of illusion. In this elegant Focusing on the Soul we are we Allow the Spiritual Master to ever-so-gently take the reins of our speeding chariot and lead us on the direct Path of the Spiritual Heart.

The Route is inherent in us and by Initiation into the Sound Current we open our inherent Gifts. Dr. Lane Teaches that Walking The Path of Soul Transcendence is gentle and effortless. After beginning to Meditate at Comos Tree you may wish to take this important next step. Floating downstream in the course of our life filled with Grace, the tangible experience of God’s Love is our natural state and everything we could ever dream of is placed at our feet.

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