In a previous post, I wrote about a nighttime Prayer you can teach your children – One that Focuses them on Gratitude and the many Blessings of their life! This is a great way to set the tone for bedtime and to assist your child in Focusing on the Spirit that they are!

In this post, I suggest a way to assist your child in falling asleep. Ah, the magic of bedtime! As a parent of three young ones, I treasure the time my children are sleeping. While I enjoy their wakeful state, after 12 hours straight of baby/toddler/kid time – I am usually ready for a break.

My children typically go to sleep and stay asleep easily, though there have been nights when they were restless before sleep. I asked my Spiritual Teacher and Director of Cosmos Tree, Inc., Dr. Roger B. Lane, if there was anything I could do to assist in my children falling asleep. Dr. Lane Lovingly Encouraged me to put their sleep into the Light Of The Most High and to speak to their basics (the habitual parts of ourselves that bring forward our karmic patterns).

I started this practice of saying a Prayer FOR my children before they drift off to sleep.

Here’s how to do It:
1. Call in the Light Of The Most High by saying, “Lord, God, send us Your Light!”
2. Put your child’s sleep into the Light, for the Highest Good, by saying, “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, please lift, clear and transmute any negativity or karma that (child’s name) may be holding! Fill, Surround and Protect him/her with the Light Of The Most High! Have (child’s name) sleep now; a deep, peaceful, restorative sleep that lasts all through the night until 7am (or whatever time seems best. For young children, sleep experts recommend approximately 12 hours of sleep.)
3. Tell yourself (your name) it’s OK to let it go! Then let your child’s sleep go -into the Loving Arms of the Lord, God.

The second part of this nightly Prayer is to speak to my child’s basics. This is to assist their basic selves’ cooperation with Spirit.

Here’s how to do It:
1. Get the attention of your child’s basics by saying, “(your child’s name)’s basics, under Perfect Protection of the Lord, God, please come Present!”
2. Then direct your child’s basics by telling them exactly what you need them to do. For example, “(your child’s name)’s basics, I need you to fall asleep now and stay asleep until morning.”
3. Thank your child’s basics by saying, “Thank you for your Loving cooperation!”

Know that each night with your child is an Opportunity for YOU to Learn and Grow as a Soul. If your child is having a particularly tough time settling down for sleep or even if they are easily ready for sleep – use the Prayer above to center yourSelf and your child in Spirit. If, even after the Prayer, your child fights sleep and isn’t giving you the peace and quiet you think you deserve – use that “struggle” as an Opportunity to release any anger/frustration that you may have by doing the Two-Part Release Technique taught by Dr. Lane. This Technique allows you to get quiet and to Focus Inwardly on the Spirit you are!

Here’s how to do It:
1. Call in the Light Of The Most High by saying, “Lord, God, send me Your Light!”
2. Ask the Lord, God to please take any frustration or anger you may have around your child’s sleep/lack of sleep.
3. Now, tell yourSelf “(your name)” it’s okay to let it go!

Finally, if you need help in experiencing that Inward quiet and Focus, I encourage you to check out the many Resources here on our site. Once your little one(s) drifts off to sleep, read one of our many SpiritCentral Newsletters, try the exercises in the Tools For Living Free  or listen to the featured monthly Podcast. As you parent your child and Lovingly assist them with the Resource detailed in this post, parent yourself by using the many Resources Cosmos Tree and Director Dr. Roger B. Lane have Lovingly set out for YOU to be with the Divine within!

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