A life-long perfectionist, up until now, I learned What Perfection Truly is through the Cosmos Tree SpiritCentral Newsletter and Its featured Enlightening Articles based on the Spiritual Instruction known as Satsangs given each month by Cosmos Tree Founder/Director Dr. Roger B. Lane.

In the July/August SpiritCentral Newsletter, one of the featured Articles is entitled “The Escalator Phenomenon: Moving Along In Loving Cooperation – A Participatory Satsang.” While the Article contains lots of valuable Learning about living in Loving Cooperation, the part that spoke directly to me was Dr. Lane’s Teaching on Perfection. It says:

“We don’t have to be perfect emotionally, mentally or anything else like that. You’re already Perfect Spiritually so all you have to do is to Allow yourSelf to come into that Perfection. … if we’re Created in God’s Image, Which means we’re Created out of the Sound Current or the Holy Spirit, then Allowing yourSelf to come into the Perfection is Allowing yourSelf to live as God does, to live as the Sound Current. To live in That Knowing. Knowing yourSelf as Soul, as Spirit. … if you go for perfection on the lower levels, what happens? You’re probably going to be afraid to make a mistake. You’ll be real hard on yourSelf. …”

I had a nice demonstration of what Dr. Lane is talking about recently. I purchased a gift for my husband’s birthday. In the past I had not had success with gifts for my husband. It was never the right size, right color, etc., and he usually returned the gift or never used it. However, this gift was different as it was something he specifically asked for. I was sure I had chosen a winner! He opened the gift and it turned out not to be the style of clothing he wanted. I was devastated. I was so hard on myself. “WHY did I choose this style?” “Why can’t I EVER choose the RIGHT gift?” I had put so much pressure on myself to buy the perfect gift and then judged myself for the “imperfection”.

After this moment of harsh judgment on myself, I decided to approach the situation Neutrally and do the best I could, as Dr. Lane Teaches in the Article. So, even though it was a weekend and the store I purchased the clothing from was not open on the weekend, I emailed customer service asking for the information regarding an exchange. Within five minutes, a customer service representative emailed me back saying they would be happy to send me a new order (valued at $60) for free – no exchange necessary.

I immediately felt how Loved I was by the Lord, God and how Perfect life can Truly be when I “Allow That Which I am” and stay Focused on the Spirit I am. I also saw the situation as, first, an Opportunity to let go of any judgments I had on myself. I did this by saying, “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, please take from me any judgments I have on mySelf!” I then told mySelf, “(my name), let it go!” And, second, I saw the situation as an Opportunity to Learn from my mistake. I ordered the incorrect style of clothing for my husband. Well, OK! Big-Whoop! So, next time I know to stay Present and get more information from my husband before placing an order.

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