Many years ago, Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies and the Dean of Its Seminary, Who is also My Spiritual Teacher, Suggested to me to “do artwork”.

And, boy! do I remember my response! I focused on how I was going to do it. Was I going to take art classes and, if so, where? And how am I going to fit them into my schedule? What kind of art do I do? Do I paint? Sculpt? When I was in college I did welded sculpture. OK, maybe that’s it. Do I want to sell this artwork? Do I want to be a “real artist”? What’s the goal here?

As an Initiate Of The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence, it’s easy enough now to see all the worry and doubt – “worry is the handmaiden of doubt”, as My Teacher Teaches.

What I remember most of all, though, was sharing my cogitations – the separation of mySelf from the Spirit I am – with My Teacher, fully “expecting” My Teacher to Advise me on every one of these attachments/the separation.

The Sacred Response I received: “just do it!”

Just do it! No plans. No goalsetting. No numbers game. Everybody paints; OK, I’ll paint. Everybody sculpts. OK, I’ll do that. Everybody does collage. OK, that’s my thing now. No, talking to a friend who was an artist and blindly following this person’s advice: “you have to study first.”

“No thing”! Simply be There for mySelf by Focusing into Spirit. Allow mySelf to be Moved by Spirit/God, Which is Who and What I am. I’m the Engine! I’m the Power! I’m the Source!

I remember, too, asking My Teacher, when do I do artwork? After all, don’t I need a regular schedule to be a “real artist”? My Teacher Simply answered, “when you’re Moved.”

I’m here to share, dear reader, that The Instruction to “do artwork!” that My Teacher gave to me so many years ago is profound.

It’s profound in the Inner Experience that I’ve had recently, in the Application of Allowing “whatever comes, comes.” If I’m Moved by Spirit, by mySelf, really, to do artwork, I do it.

It’s Flow. My Teacher Knew that I needed to have the Inner Experience of Flow and to Learn to live accordingly.

This Experience is new for me and I’m here to tell you all about it! The other day I picked up a couple of canvases at an office supply store. I was walking by the art supplies section and I was simply moved to do it. No plans or “thoughts” about “artwork”. No schedule of creative work to come.

Next steps just came as they came: the canvases go on the wall, OK, so why not use “wall paint” so it’s all of a piece? I simply ordered interior paint that I knew to be 100% non-toxic. I’m doing “healthful artwork”. I Knew that.

I was in Joy, Which, according to The Teachings That My Teacher Brings Forth, is the Nature of Spirit. Joy is Natural.

Next step: paint with the colors from the wall paint company. But something felt “off” about painting, at least in that moment and I was immediately moved to print out some photos of white flowers that I had taken years ago for what would now be a collage instead. I was then moved to put the white flower photos on the wall as if it were the blank canvas I was working with and I Knew there was “something there.” Something I loved to look at.

The beauty of the white flowers, of the many shades of white.

Just white, white, white all around.

Many years ago, I had given My Teacher a gift: a tiny notebook that was maybe two inches around and I had covered it with a collage that consisted of cut-outs from the white-flower photos.

I remember it well because My Teacher’s comment on receiving the gift was, “it’s gorgeous!”

Creativity I now see far more deeply – Experientially, really – comes from Allowing the Spiritual Flow, from letting go, letting God. It’s not about “ideas” or “insights” or “plans for the future”.

And, yes, My Teacher Lovingly Advised me years ago How to “do artwork”.

Just do it. Allow yourSelf to be Moved. Allow the Flow of Spirit. Receive.

All those years ago, I also remember asking My Teacher when do I do artwork? How do I schedule it? After all, I was falsely identified with the things of the world – accomplishment, a “role” in the world, perhaps, as an “artist”, instead of Proper ID as the Spirit I am. “Do it when you’re Moved,” My Teacher told me.

“Do it when you’re Moved”.

That’s the Grace. That’s the Beauty.

As My Teacher has Instructed me many times and I Know to do as an Initiate, before I recently began to “do artwork” as Instructed, I put it into the Light Of The Most High for the Highest Good and Co-Created my preference with Spirit. I did It like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Please place the situation with my ‘doing artwork’ starting now into Your Light for the Highest Good”. I also asked the Lord, God to lead me, to do this artwork for me.

It’s a fun, glorious process. It’s surprise after surprise after surprise. It comes when it comes. Surprise! I may be on the way back from the printer in my office and I’ll stop and “do artwork”.

There’s no “time or space” in Spirit, as My Teacher Teaches. It’s God’s Timing and it’s perfect. I never know if it’s ten minutes or more or less. I just do it and it’s perfect. It’s Flow.

And it feels like play. Like the kind of play I used to do when I was a child. As if this is my sandbox and boy! am I having a blast with this castle.

Thank YOU, Dear Teacher, for the Loving “push”.

I Appreciate it.

A final note: As an Initiate, I have direct access to Spirit through the Sacred Process of Initiation Into The Sound Current. To request Initiation or to learn more, please email

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