I recently said something to My Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, Who is also the Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, that was untrue.

I told Dr. Lane a dramatic, emotion-filled “poor-me” story about how I had been “homeless” for months now.  Dr. Lane immediately asked me why was I lying to Him.

I have lied a lot, up until now, making excuses for the lies instead of taking Responsibility. This blog is based on what I was Taught by Dr. Lane in Open Hour, the twice-weekly time periods when Dr. Lane Generously provides Spiritual Guidance to anyone who needs help in their lives; and on Homework given to me in Open Hour.

The lie I was telling was based on these facts: I had an emergency in my apartment, which I’ve blogged about before; as a result, I moved into a hotel. Then back into my apartment where I lived in the bedroom and one other room because most of the furniture had been removed. Then I lived in another apartment loaned to me; then I was told that I had to move out of my usual apartment. I moved into that other loaned apartment for a longer period of time and, as I write this, I have made an offer on a new apartment and am waiting to be approved by the building’s board so I can move in there.

Why did I choose to lie?  Part of it was habitual. Instead of being fully conscious of everything I put out, I went with the drama – a tale that I am certain everyone I know except My Spiritual Teacher would participate in with great relish. By creating negativity, I had made it harder for others to Lift and to Grow – and for mySelf. I am Responsible for my creations, as Dr. Lane Teaches often, and for this lie, which is negativity, which is violence and which affects us all because – in Reality – we are One Spirit.

Integrity is a Key Teaching – It is to Focus into Spirit and live as the Spirit we are. All Actions Flow from There. I was out of Integrity, which affects All Souls; and again, makes it harder for “others” to Lift and to Grow.

The Truth was and is exactly the opposite of this self-created drama and violence. As Dr. Lane said to me early on in this period of four or so months, “you are having a blast!” Indeed, whatever this looked like “out there” and however much a great “story” it made – I was Loving the moving and the moving again and the opportunity to become fully mobile with just my computer, a stripped-down wardrobe and zero furniture! How great! And the Learning I’m getting over and over again about being better organized. Wow! What a Blessing from the packing and unpacking and packing again! I’ll never go back to the “old” way. And I can pick up and work on a Service Project anywhere in the world 1-2-3 for Cosmos Tree as directed by Dr. Lane!

I also Knew by going with my Knowing that all of this – the emergency, the moves, etc. – were brought forward for me to Lift and Grow. And boy! Have I been Lifting and Growing! I Knew inwardly right away with the first emergency that it was a Spiritual Action – part of which was for me to be better organized and also to go through this outer situation easily and effortlessly and in Joy, Which I did. It was also to surrender negativity, which I’ve also done, and which I know I need to do consistently.

It is my Job to stay in the Truth of the “blast” I am having no matter what!

I also knew – by going with my Knowing – that I was Learning that I am a Powerful Creator.  I Learned This in part by practicing Positive Co-Creation, Which is working with the Light Of The Most High to ask God for what I wish/my preference. I Co-Created with God living rent-free – not just anywhere but in way overpriced New York City – and that is exactly what I am doing now, living rent-free for a month in a very fancy place on Central Park South, one of the best locations in the city. The apartment overlooks  the waters of Central Park – more vacation spot than work-a-day apartment – and comes complete with maid service. I also Co-Created “the apartment of my dreams,” which is exactly what I was led to, literally. Someone tapped me on the shoulder one recent Sunday and asked to show me an apartment and that’s the one I made an offer on!

It’s really been an adventure! A Wonder-ful, fun adventure. And my Learning, too, has been that I simply tell others everything is fine, it’s great; I’m having a blast – no matter how they may choose to respond.

That’s The Truth and Being in Integrity is What helps others most of all, too, no matter how things may look “out there”. And I notice that when I say that I’m fine and everything is fine, most of the time they walk away. They just walk away.

And that’s just fine with me.

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