I’ve been hosting Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High at the Cosmos Tree Home Center for many years; and on a regular basis I see Souls transformed – and transformed in such short periods of time that I Know it’s truly a Miracle.

Let me give you an example: the other day someone came to Meditation. This Soul had come to the Cosmos Tree Center for Meditation over a month’s period. When this person walked in recently I was struck by the transformation of this person. It was a profound change. To me, this Soul seemed Spiritually stronger; much stronger – and this Spiritual Strength I Know comes from attending the Meditation at the Center, doing It as Instructed while There and then practicing at home. This newfound Strength is the only Real Strength there is. Boy! To my observation this Soul seemed much more Peaceful and less seemingly “affected” by the world around him in terms of negativity. More Centered in himSelf.

This person also looked healthier; there was what looked like a “glow” about him and there was a kick in his step; he was smiling more, what looked like a little smile to himSelf as if to acknowledge that all is OK, Which is the Truth. We are OK! It looked like a Knowing or the beginning of One. There had been what looked to me like a “darkness” around this Soul and it looked to me like it was gone, just gone! There had also been a nervous “chattering” quality. That was gone, too. This person seemed a lot happier. All in a month’s time!

I give this example because I see this transformation all the time. All the time! And I’m always struck by it. As far as I can tell, this transformation happens each and every time a Soul chooses to attend Meditation, to follow the Instructions (even a little bit) and then to practice at home (even minutes a day!)

When the above transformation came up in conversation with Dr. Lane, Dr. Lane simply said: “Of course! He came to Meditation!” This Soul literally chose to Attend two of the Talks or Satsangs (Spiritual Instruction) that Dr. Lane gives at the beginning of each month, and to come to Meditation at the New York Home Center twice.

When I first came to Cosmos Tree, I remember what I saw on my first visit: a roomful of people who looked so beautiful that I took note that I had never seen so many beautiful people in one place. The only conclusion I could draw was that the “cause”, so to speak – really, the “cure” — was the Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High offered There; and that This Meditation and beauty were somehow related, were directly linked, which they are. It’s an Inner Strength; an inner glow; a Peacefulness; a Joyousness that is beauty.

Visitors to the Center comment all the time on how young Dr. Lane looks. It’s remarkable, actually. But mention it to Dr. Lane as I did many years ago and you’ll hear the same response: “I Meditate!”

If you have a cold, as Dr. Lane has Taught, that means you are being “cold” to yourSelf – and there is nothing better for you than Meditation. Even when “sick” you can attend via teleconference (for information, go to cosmostree.org; click on “Locations” and see “California”). A caregiver at a nursing home where I hosted another Cosmos Tree Meditation – the Meditation For Health And Well-Being – told me that It was equal to or better than drugs for pain and behavioral problems. The 30 or so Souls who chose to attend monthly went from being miserable to being at Peace.

I can’t make claims about Meditations or any other Offering of Cosmos Tree but I can share that what happens is Grace – God’s Grace, the Grace of Dr. Lane, Director of Cosmos Tree, Who is also a Spiritual Teacher, A Sound Current Master, who brings forward for this Meditation the Light Of The Most High that is the Lord, God. And coming to Meditation helps big-time in terms of Where we are really going.

A note to readers: I sometimes used the word “Soul” in this blog in place of “person” or “individual” or “him” or “her” not because I can actually “see” a Soul but to emphasize that This is our True Identity – we are Spirit, we are Soul. I have been Taught by Dr. Lane to correctly Identify There rather than with ourselves as “people” or the roles we play. Meditation – especially in the Presence of Dr. Lane – is a reminder of That and Strengthens me/all who attend in That Remembrance! If you have not chosen yet to follow the Spiritual Path brought forward by Dr. Lane (see link at end of this blog), this Meditation is the best way I know of to rise above your thoughts and feelings, above the “stuff” of the mind, which Dr. Lane Teaches, is the stuff of doubt and fear.

Simply attend Meditation at Cosmos Tree, Inc.! And if you don’t have a Center near you (see cosmostree.org at “Locations”) feel free to call in for a weekly Meditation every Wednesday from 7 pm to 8 pm Pacific Time with the call-in time five minutes before by emailing losangeles@cosmostree.org for details.

I strongly suggest, too, that in addition you also visit spiritcentral.org and Learn more about your Power of Choice to come to Know yourSelf as Spirit, as Soul and be Totally Transformed through Initiation Into The Sound Current!

Check it out!

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