I used to work as a journalist; and in that role I had often thought about writing an article titled “scheduling as a weapon” because my observation was and is that people use their calendars to avoid Responsibility as if they didn’t create those schedules to begin with, as if those schedules have power over them. 

Here’s an example: let’s say I am on a committee and our group goal is to handle an event that is coming up in another city. And one committee member, whose participation is needed, says “I can’t go. I work.”

Another example: I currently help organize the teleconferencing and videotaping of the monthly Talks that Our Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Lane, Lovingly and Generously Gives at the New York City Home Center. For these Talks, someone had agreed to be of Loving Service by handling an important task. For the most recent Talk, the person said that he or she was unable to do so because this person’s grown child was coming over that night.

One more: let’s say someone committed to attend an event that is crucial to that person’s Spiritual Growth and other people were already involved in that person’s attendance; and at the last minute this person chooses not to show up and says that this person’s spouse needs care when, in fact, this spouse was perfectly fine with the care already provided.

What comes to me is that children – younger and older – are often being used so that their parent(s) don’t have to be Responsible. And ditto for spouses on the other end of someone who is attached to what the other will think or say if they move on, which could be absolutely nothing at all. And how beautiful and instructive it would be for these parent(s) and spouse(s) to role model being Responsible! That these are real lost Opportunities – up until now.

My observation is and has been that adults often learn much the way children do – by example. So my wish is that the spouse “being used” will be able to give something crucial to him- or herSelf after seeing his or her spouse do same. What a Gift! By the way, using your spouse to hold yourSelf back is not Love. Being yourSelf is! I – and many others – have Learned This and continue to Learn This from My Spiritual Teacher.

So here’s how to Self-schedule, which is “scheduling” from a Spiritual Perspective. Otherwise, “scheduling” is a weapon because you’re running your agenda instead of God’s. Your agenda is separation, which is violence. Creating negatively, which is attachment, is karma and you are responsible for these creations. Any creation away from Spirit, from Who you really are, is karma, is separation.

In each of the above examples, which are based on real situations, I felt a “pull” across my gut as if someone had smashed me in the stomach. I also felt a real need for those involved to practice Loving Kindness, which begins with being Kind to themSelves by being Responsible.

First, put the entire “subject” of “scheduling” into the Light Of The Most High. Call in the Light like this: “For the Highest Good Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Inside yourSelf say, “Please place all scheduling from now on into Your Light for the Highest Good!”

As Dr. Lane has Instructed, Co-Create what you wish/prefer with the Lord, God for the Highest Good by saying inside yourSelf, “Lord, God, I wish to [fill in what you wish/prefer]. For the Highest Good, please Co-Create this with me.” 

Let Go! Let God! Avoid chewing or running your agenda.  Instead Allow. In Spirit, there is no lack, limitation or condition.

You may also Choose to ask for Clarity and Guidance before you “schedule” or say anything to anyone about your so called “schedule”.  My observation is that whenever people take a moment first to ask the Lord, God for Clarity and Guidance, these schedules are “weapon-free”.

Do so by calling in the Light Of The Most High as noted above and ask the Lord, God for the Highest Good to send you Clarity and Guidance on [fill in; for instance, how can I be with my daughter/be a good parent and also handle the task Lovingly as I agreed to do?”]

If fear/worry/doubt come up, you can do the Two-Part Release Technique by calling in the Light Of The Most High and ask the Lord, God to take it and tell yourSelf, “(your name) it’s OK to let it go!”

You can also simply direct your basic selves, the part of you that brings forward your karmic patterns, the moment you know you have a responsibility to fulfill. So inside yourSelf, say “basics come present!” Then direct them: “I need your cooperation and energy to [fill in; write the newsletter articles or do task, etc.]. You can also ask them to cooperate with more than one action. Reinforce this direction as needed.

As Dr. Lane Teaches, what we all need to do, bottom line, is Surrender! Surrender your agenda! Allow yourSelf to be moved to deeper and deeper levels of Surrender by using these beautiful Opportunities to do so!

So Surrender is what I chose to do on July 4th, the date of that most recent Talk. I could have gone to see the fireworks or seen a movie; after all, isn’t everyone “off” that day? Or let that unfulfilled task “go begging” instead of Surrendering and Co-Creating with Spirit even though I don’t consider mySelf an expert in it and could have been “nervous”. Instead, I was Led. I handled multiple tasks, which went perfectly.  I Knew It was the Magic Show at Work. It was Pure Grace. It was Pure Joy. As a result of my Choice to do my part.

Thank you, Lord, God. Thank you, Dr. Lane.

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