As the coronavirus has spread around the world, I’ve made an important discovery. I’ve discovered that when I help others – not to “get” anything, etc. – by allowing mySelf to be Moved there as a Natural Process, I feel great; I feel healthy; sometimes I feel excited, too. I feel Loved and Cared for.

Early on in this “situation”, for example, I was moved to call my clients to see how they were doing. Not the usual focus on selling something or getting something done. I was in a reason-free zone: there was no “reason” for the calls; I have no “memory” of them; each just is. I can’t “go down a ‘memory track’”, as My Teacher has Taught, when I live as Spirit. There are no “past reference points”; and reasons are of the mind, which can’t “access” Spirit. As My Teacher Teaches, the mind loves to create “problems” that it can then go and solve. As Spirit, I’m in a problem-free zone.

Here’s more of what I’ve Learned by Allowing mySelf to be Moved into helping others:

1. A dear friend of mine often tells me what to do; and, up until now, I’ve allowed mySelf to be plenty annoyed by it. As My Teacher has explained to me, basic selves – the part of us that brings forward our karma – can’t stand to be told what to do. This Glorious Movement into helping others has meant that I do the same thing my dear friend does – all the time! I didn’t let the scowls of two people I know stop me from telling them to stand back from me social-distancing-wise. And guess what? The next day when I saw the same two people they were wearing masks and gloves and they kept their physical distance, which they had not before that.

2. To help others “nags” at me; it’s a “voice” I hear and that I’m listening to more often now. For instance, My Teacher is Giving His Students – Initiates Of The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence – the Great Gift of Meditations Of The Light Of The Most High via teleconference while the New York Home Center is temporarily closed during this “situation”. Before getting everyone on the line today – I am Blessed to Host these Sacred Meditations – I heard inwardly to call two Initiates and share the Power of This Gift.

For a split-second before making those two calls, some fear came up. I did the Two-Part Release by calling in the Light Of The Most High: “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Lord, God, for the Highest Good take this fear from me!” I told mySelf, “it’s OK to let it go!” Then I called.

3. When I give to mySelf it’s easier for others to do the same. And the giving is giving to ourSelves. One of those I called got right on the line. I was Touched; nearly moved to tears; It’s all Love, I Knew.

4. It’s important to be Consciously Positive always. I make very quick inner shifts – super-fast – into the Positive, including when I’m talking. I’m very conscious of this. “The world doesn’t need any more negativity.   That’s for sure!” My Teacher says.

5. As My Teacher has Taught many times, my job is to be Empathetic – not sympathetic. Earlier this month, my family had an unveiling for an aunt who died a year ago. Because of the current “situation”, the unveiling was held via Zoom, the video conferencing service. I noticed that when an adult family member who is visibly incapacitated physically came on the screen, participants covered up their own discomfort by speaking to him in baby talk as if he were two-years old. Empathy, according to The Teachings, as Dr. Lane has Taught me, is the Knowing that everyone is Spirit. God’s in everyone and that they’re given what they can handle and are perfectly capable of handling whatever comes their way; and it’s karmically correct. There is no victimhood. It is not a judgment, “oh my gosh, isn’t this awful”, which is sympathy.

I also Knew inwardly that the Lord, God/My Teacher had Blessed my family with His Grace. These many Souls – and this particular member and his brother, who hosted this event, in particular were Graced. I stayed in the Integrity of That Knowing and the Knowing that there was nothing for me to do but hold steady inside mySelf, which I did. Up until now, I might have projected my own anxiety “out there” by babbling: blah, blah, blah.

I sent these two family members in particular the Light Of The Most High; and, later on – as My Teacher Teaches – I held It for them “whether they know it or not.”  Holding the Light means being Empathetic, Which is Knowing that everything is karmically correct and that Souls are only given what They can handle. Holding the Light feels like a solidification in my heart. This is Doing Something Important. It is helping others. And It is part of practicing Empathy, as I have Learned from My Teacher. Sending the Light Of The Most High is a Very Powerful Action/Gift to Souls.

I Knew in this “family situation” that I am Spirit and not the “role” I play in the world; that Spirit is My Identity; and that I belonged to the Family of Initiates. I stayed in that Knowing, too.

6. I am sharing the above as a “cure”. The Cure is the Sound Current, Which is, in Essence, Who I am. It is Allowing mySelf to be Moved as/by Spirit. As Dr. Lane states in the Title of One of Our Teacher’s Talks, “Give – Then Give Some More.” (MP3 A53) Giving, as I’ve Learned more deeply, is the Nature of Spirit. It’s a Natural Process. I Know that It has a lot to do with my Knowing I’m Safe and Protected, too. It – Giving as the Nature of Who I am – “obliterates” everything else/the negativity.

I highly recommend It as the way of being.

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