You entertain the question mark inside you that punctuates, “How do I find love?” Maybe the latest dating app will offer a new forte of handsome suitors and amid that dapper crowd one single, perfect gentleman will sweep you off your feet. Maybe there’s a cute surfer boy living next door whose path you’ve never crossed before on his early morning barefoot walk down to the beach. Maybe the crush you had on a co-worker will come to sweet, suit and pocket square fruition when the autumn leaves start to turn.

Maybe so. Maybe not. In the meantime that whole situation involves a lot of wanting, yearning and placing the love outside of yourself, dependent on another person. I’ve been there. To a certain degree. Only when I’m down-and-out, which lasts a maximum of 20-minutes before I quickly sweep the submerged bits and pieces of myself up off the floor and set myself straight with a little update of the reality of the situation. And the reality is always the same. The reality is always Love. That there is a deep well of Love inside of me that already exists regardless of outer situation. It is inside all of us.

That Love is all-encompassing, irreplaceable, incandescent and irresistible, as my beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, says. Love is with me every moment. It is with me in every mili-moment and everything in between. And it’s been here all along. And it is with you too. So here’s my invitation. Move off the looking outside for the love. Looking at the café’s roundabout of people in the mid-morning sun for the man of your dreams. Scanning the airport’s periphery while heading to your gate for the eye-catching of a transatlantic James Bond. It’s so darn easy to have it become a project. To ever-more be a lady in waiting for the right fellow. Waiting and waiting and waiting.

What are we waiting for? Really. For another person to say that we’re adored? It is placing a lot of weight on someone else, with all their flaws and glory, to choose us. The other thing is that it rests squarely on the lie of pretending we’re empty and we need to be filled up. It also balances on the fulcrum of our thinking that we’re not already Loved. That’s the lie we tell ourselves.

Yet this is the micro for the macro of the human condition. It’s not a female storyline or a single person tragedy. We all do it in our own ways with our own cast of characters. If we knew how Loved we already are we’d not even be called to play these empty games of measuring our self-worth by other people’s responses, by how much money we have in the bank, by the degrees we have achieved and more. The truth is that the most immense Love you could ever imagine lives within you, as you. As Dr. Lane Teaches, the Soul inside of you is the same “material” as God. You are a Soul. And the Soul is the same as the Spirit that is God. You are That. You are Spirit. So why on earth would you look for love? It’s like being on a treasure hunt when you are the treasure. The greatest gift and Love you could ever imagine already lives inside of you!

To come to know this through a very natural Process called Initiation into The Sound Current on The Path of Soul Transcendence. By this Process the Soul in you is sparked Awake by the Sound Current Master who brings The Teachings of the Path of Soul Transcendence and you continue to unravel the gift by giving it to yourSelf through doing the Meditation Taught at the time of Initiation. It is simple and natural. It is how the Soul inside of you is Awakened and the inherent Love starts to flow.

When you live in Love then the dating, the career achievements, family relationships, business deals, being a parent, landscaping, playing sports, dinner out, going for your Ph.D. and all the things of this world are Opportunities to Lift and Grow. There are here for our enjoyment. Dating becomes the enjoyment of the company of your man. Additionally, you learn to rise above the rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings and become no longer identified with them and you are no longer at their mercy. You are God-Centered and there is so much Joy there. It is staying within yourself regardless of outer circumstances and you live in the expression of this Love. There is gratitude, kindness to others and yourSelf, there is deep peace and you harness your intrinsic joy. It is Freedom and, from here, you simply enjoy the life God has given you.

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