Recently, my children have begun to wonder and ask questions about Spiritual Realities like “Who is God?”; “Who is Jesus?”; “What is Grace?”; etc. Despite the fact that I am a devout Initiate On The Path Of Soul Transcendence who spends much of her time Focused on the Spirit within and in Love and in Devotion to the Lord, God, I initially felt afraid I would not be able to answer these questions. How do I explain something in words that I know directly through experience so that it can be understood by children?

I decided to share with the kids the Teachings that Dr. Roger B. Lane brings forth as a Sound Current Master and My Teacher On The Path. In Dr. Lane’s Teachings during Monthly Satsang and, subsequently, in the publication Tools For Living Free (available for FREE on!) the experiences I’ve had and Know to be True of the Lord, God are eloquently and beautifully spoken of by Dr. Lane.

For example, in “Living In Integrity” TFLF #66, Dr. Lane says, “we’re all … One. But we’re not One as a mental configuration; we’re One from the very simple fact that the Lord, God created us in His own Image, Which means that He created us from the same material, as it were, that He is, from the Spirit that He is. The Spirit that He is – inside of us. So that the Spirit that’s in me is in you, and the Spirit that’s in you is in me.”

So, when the question, “Who is God?” was asked, I simply said, “The Lord, God is the Creator; is the everything and is in everything. God lives in you, as you!”

I wasn’t sure if my explanation was understood; the kids asked no follow-up questions. My mind started to spin worry about whether my explanation was “good enough” and was I doing my best to educate them of the Spiritual Reality – but I stopped mySelf from persisting in those thoughts by doing Self-Talk like this, “Basics, come Present! You are doing a wonderful job with these kids! I need you to stay Present and simply share with them what you Know to be True! Thank you for your Loving Cooperation!”

For me, one key component about being an Initiate is Trusting mySelf. Letting go of the negativity, fear, frustration I may feel at any moment and allowing mySelf to Focus inside to Allow my Knowing – the Knowing of the Spirit that I am – to come forward. It is from this Knowing that I am able to Truly answer the “big” life questions asked of me.

The next day my four-year old son came up to me and said, “Mom, God lives in me!” I replied, “Yes, He sure does.”

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