I Mediate daily with the Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High, taught by Dr. Roger B. Lane, the Founding Director of Cosmos Tree, and know the many physical, emotional, mental – and most importantly – Spiritual benefits of my practice. I would love for my children to benefit like I do from Meditation, but let’s face it! They are 5, 3, and 2 years old. I can’t even get them to sit quietly for 5 minutes, let alone hours!

Dr. Roger B. Lane advised me to start with a simple exercise for children. A precursor to the Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High, this exercise can help children to relax; practice quiet time; and to strengthen their ability to Focus.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Sit your child in a comfortable spot with his/her arms and legs uncrossed.

2. Call in The Light Of The Most High by saying, “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, send us Your Light! Thank you.”

3. Tell your child/children to close their eyes and take a deep breath completely relaxing themSelves!

4. Now tell them to pretend they have a nose in the middle of their forehead. Have them “breathe” in and out through this nose in their forehead. For my little ones I guide them by placing my finger on the center of their foreheads and say, “Here! Pretend the nose is here and breathe in and out!” Do this exercise for a short time at first – 10 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute – gradually increasing the time as they become accustomed to the exercise.

5. Note that while doing this exercise slow deep breaths relax your child but the focus of the exercise is not on the breath. Rather, the focus is on the “nose” in the middle of their forehead. By “breathing” here, your child is practicing “rising” above thoughts and feelings and placing his/her attention at Spirit.

6. As your child/children become accustomed to this exercise and are able to sit quietly for longer periods of time, you may add this important step to the process. Tell your child/children to say the word “HU” (pronounced like you) inside themselves while they breathe out of the nose in their forehead. HU is an ancient name of the Lord, God.

As Dr. Lane has often instructed, Meditation is a way to work one’s “Spiritual Muscle”. And, as with most exercises, practice and consistency strengthen the muscle. As I have worked with my children I’ve had varied responses (from uncooperative to cooperative). It is my Responsibility to stay Neutral and present the exercise as it is laid out. If we have a day where they are especially wiggly, I say to the kids, “OK, we’ll try again tomorrow.” And we do! As I continue to work with my children, it is a Joy to know they are growing Spiritually strong!

In addition, I’ve found that doing this exercise with them is an Opportunity for ME to Focus and let go of any judgments or expectations I may have (about them, about myself as a parent, etc.). It is a time for me to be completely Present and Loving with my children and to share with them the Love I have for the Lord, God.

Another wonderful exercise to practice with children is the Two-Part Release Technique, taught by Dr. Lane and often featured in the Tools For Living Free publication, offered by Cosmos Tree. I use this Technique frequently for myself, and have begun to use it with my children when they are exhibiting anger, frustration, fear, sadness, etc. This Technique allows you to release negative thoughts and feelings in order to live as the Spirit you are!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Call in The Light Of The Most High with your child by saying, “Lord, God, send us Your Light!”

2. Ask your child if s/he has any hurt, pain, anger, etc. (You may already know what your child is feeling. I usually do and will then point out the feeling to my children by saying, “You seem really angry/sad/frustrated. Let’s let that go!”)

3. Tell them to repeat after you, “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, please take this hurt/pain/anger (whatever is bothering your child) from me!

4. Then tell your child to let it go by having them repeat after you, “(child’s name or name by which s/he refers him/herself) It’s okay to let it go!”

5. Repeat this process as often as necessary!

Both of these exercises, when done consistently, assist you and your child/children in living a more Spirit-Focused, Light-filled, life!

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