I recently had to share some news with a family member that I knew would not be received well and I felt some trepidation about sharing. I chose to approach the situation in Integrity – from the Inner Knowing that I amSpirit. What exactly does That mean?

Being in Integrity means approaching the situation in Neutrality. As Dr. Lane, Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, says in a recent Talk “Is Your ‘Everydayness’ Humdrum? Humming? Flat? – A Participatory Satsang”, “So all these things that come up for us – they’re for our good. They’re for helping us strengthen ourSelves, helping us become detached, etc., etc. And they’re Gifts from the Spirit …” The news I had to share; the emotions I felt about sharing; the reaction from my family member and how I interpreted that – were all for my good. It is all an Opportunity to practice detachment from the situation, which doesn’t mean not caring about the situation but, instead, means approaching the situation Neutrally and not being attached to the results.

How does one practice detachment? Well, Dr. Lane brings forward many Tools that I use to practice detachment. One of the most powerful Tools I’ve been taught is the Two-Part Release Technique. It is a way to release the emotions that build up inside of me that attempt to prevent me from Lifting and Growing. For example, before I shared the news with my family member I felt nauseous, nervous, and fearful. I used the Two-Part Release Technique to let go of those feelings like this, “Lord, God, send me Your Light! For the Highest Good, please take from me the fear and nervousness I have! (My name), it’s OK to let it all go!”

I knew the fear I had was about my thinking I would no longer be loved by this family member once they had heard the news I had to share. So to reassure mySelf and to stay Neutral I did Self-Talk. This is another Tool that Dr. Lane Teaches and is essential for living in Loving Surrender to the Spirit I am. I did Self-Talk like this, “Lord, God, send me Your Light! My basic selves, please come forward! We are OK! We are loved – NO MATTER WHAT! I need you to relax and speak the news now! Thank you for your loving cooperation!”

After I had shared the news, my family member was upset. There was some yelling and judgements made by him and had I not done the work before hand I likely would have taken that upset into mySelf and believed it. But, since I had used the Tools I have to approach the situation in Neutrality I saw the upset for what it truly was. My family member was fearful of the change to his life that this news could bring and was projecting that onto me. No problem for me! I stayed Focused on the Spirit I am and felt compassion for the experience they were having. I chose Integrity.


It takes great courage

It takes great Light

To be in Integrity

And Surrender the fight.

For fear can sit upon us

Masked in many ways

Depressing our True Nature

It can go on for days.

What pray is the remedy

To uncover the loot?

To be in Alignment with Spirit

And live in the Truth?

Speak plainly;

Honesty too.

Approach with Love

Is what you do.

Follow the Teachings

Stay on track!

They give you the strength

So you don’t fall back.

And with the Blessing of the Christ

Alive in your Eye

Integrity lives

Just give It a try!

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