Recently, I was invited to interview for a job for which I had applied. Before making the decision to go to the interview I was immediately plagued by worry about all the things that could go wrong if I were offered the position. I turned Inward to the Spirit I am to seek direction and didn’t hear what I thought was a definitive answer.

I mentioned to a friend of mine and fellow Initiate Of The Sound Current the situation and told this person that I was confused over whether or not this job was “the job” for me. My friend advised me to stay Present and not worry about a future dilemma of taking or not taking a job.  Instead, my friend suggested I simply ask Spirit for guidance on accepting the interview.

Our Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, often instructs Students on the importance of “Being Present”, Which, according to Dr. Lane in the powerful book, The Money Workbook that is authored by Dr. Lane, being Present means, “To live in the moment … to be present with all that is happening, self-contained in the fullness of your being.” While I have studied That Teaching for many years, I don’t think I fully understood what It meant until the conversation with my friend. Somehow, I had equated “Being Present” as meaning “Loving the Lord, God” (which I do!) but had, up until the conversation, completely left off the part of Its meaning where I STAY PRESENT – in the moment. As Dr. Lane says, “There is no place for worry, or concern, for regrets and second-guessing [in the Present].”

I chose then to GET PRESENT by letting go of all the worry surrounding having this particular job. I did this with the Two-Part Release Technique That Dr. Lane Teaches by first calling in the Light Of The Most High by saying “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, send me Your Light!” I then asked the Lord, God to, “please take from me all worry, concern, and fear I may have around the job!” Finally, I told mySelf to let it go by saying, “(my name), let it ALL go!”

After Focusing mySelf into the Present, I sat silently with the question, “Lord, God, is it for the Highest Good for me to go on the interview?” The answer I quickly received was, “Yes!”

With that direction, I went on the interview and I had a wonderful time! It was fun meeting other industry professionals and, through the experience of talking about the work I do, I was reminded about the many talents and abilities I have. Cool!

By releasing the worry that I had chosen to take on around the job, it freed me to not only be fully myself during the interview but also has allowed me to be free of the concern for the outcome. Whether I receive an offer or not is no longer important. What is important is staying Focused in this moment for I know that Spirit directs me if and when direction is needed. Staying Focused ‘in this moment’, also gives me the Opportunity to approach every person and situation in my life with Neutrality, Compassion, and Love.

This way of Being – being Present with the Spirit I am – is What Dr. Lane calls, “Giraffe Consciousness.” As a giraffe keeps its head high and eats from the top of a leafy tree, I too keep my Focus “high” on Spirit (at the Upper Part of the Third Eye). When we go through life with “Giraffe Consciousness” the only thing to be done is to direct our Focus into Spirit Where we Know that all that happens to oneSelf is Spiritually Correct, resulting in an attitude of Neutrality towards all.

After the interview I finally spoke to My Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, about the seemingly “silence” I had received from Spirit. Dr. Lane instructed me that the Lord, God always directlyhears Initiates Of The Sound Current and my questions and prayers are answered. The “silence” was my answer – to just keep doing what I was doing (and not make a change). And so, I am!

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