The question I most often get as a parent, from friends, family members and strangers alike, is, “whom do you think your child looks like?” By that I think they mean, “Is your child a physical copy of you or your husband?”

Visually speaking, I don’t think my children look like copies of anyone; they just look like themselves. More importantly, I know through The Teachings brought forth by Dr. Roger B. Lane that the True Focus on this Earth is not an outer one, but is an Inner One.

In the Tools For Living Free #4, “Allowing God To Live Through You” Dr. Lane talks about the body: “your body” is really “God’s body” and that the body is, “simply a vehicle” for the Lord, God to “drive”. And that all we have to do is, “allow Him to live there, and use [us] as His vehicle.”

Or to put it more simply, “…the real Inner Truth is … That you are the Lord, God. You are God. It’s within you.” (Tools For Living Free #107, “Our True Nature” by Dr. Roger B. Lane.)

These little ones, who may or may not inherit my nose, are really God! So while my child may physically look like me, or my dad, or my husband’s Aunt Chris – their body is just another one of the many bodies God has created to house the Spirit within. The same Spirit that is within me.

In addition, it’s been my experience that parents often confuse their role as a parent because of the physical nature of children. By that I mean, children physically come into this world through the mother’s body and often end up looking like one or both of their parents. The parents then make this assumption, “Well, this kid looks like me and came out of my body – he must be mine. I own him.”

What I’ve Learned from my dear Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, is that this is not the True relationship between parent and child. While the Truth stands that I am God and my children are God and we are One – I don’t “own” them. Souls come into this world through the Office of the Christ and parents are called to be assistant caretakers of these Souls residing in the bodies of their children. It is a parent’s Responsibility to care for their children while they can’t care for themselves and to give them the tools they need to grow, learn, and become fully functioning independent people. I encourage all parents to not only give them the tools to navigate this world physically – but to really Nurture them by Teaching them their True Nature – that they are God.

A great way to do this is to lead by example. Dr. Lane says in Tools For Living Free #12, “Taking Responsibility: Tag You’re It”, “God lives in you as you. That’s the simple Truth. But it’s our responsibility to nurture That and come into that knowing in a very conscious way.” Allow God to live in you as you! Be Responsible for the Spirit you are! How you ask? Dr. Lane adds, “… part of our Responsibility is to give ourselves the best, to Love ourselves despite our own feelings and to put them aside and to just allow the Truth and to just receive the Love that’s there. Meditation is a nice way to sit in that Love and nurture It and care.”

Give yourself the Gift of God, of God’s Love! Nurture yourself and Love yourself! If you are a parent, be an example to your children. Be grateful for the many Blessings and Opportunities you are given as a parent! Honor the True relationship of parent and child and be a custodian of the Soul within your child!

And whatever you do, please stop asking me whom my child looks like. Look beyond their physical appearance and inward to the amazing, Light-filled Souls they are!

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