I vividly remember the exact afternoon I heard the first notes of reggae music. I was perched on the cliffs with childhood girlfriends overlooking the sparkling Pacific Ocean. When the music came on I was beyond taken with it. It went straight to my mainline and my heartbeat permanently shifted to that of a crisp roots rhythm guitar. I was awash in the sweet sound. As the honorable Robert Nesta Marley said, “One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

Reggae has a pure, positive vibe to it. It matches me perfectly. It was me living a sun-soaked, bikini-laden, sandy feet, beachside youth in Southern California. It was my college nights in dreary, dreamy London-town, with the strong Jamaican influx of roots and ragga music banging from beneath the cobblestone street basement clubs. Reggae was always more than a sing-a-long at a summer time concert or a fat dub bass line mixed with keyboard and brass horns for me; it was a happy reminder of life being joyful, easy and fun.

A lot of the pure reggae vibes, barring some dark horses like Peter Tosh and a handful of fiery young bloods, are steeped in positivity and have that signature Caribbean, Polynesian, South American as well as New Zealand and Australian heritages of, “No worries. Easy now. Hang loose. No problemo. Shaka bra. I’ve got nothing but love for me bredren and sistren.” The lyrics are inclusive. All accepting. All loving. All’s good. Mix in a little sass of, “Cock up yuh bumper, sit down pon it,” and you’ve got an anthem brewing.

This is the aspect that always kept me returning. Positivity plus the coined, “No worries.” I took that notion to heart. Yet, I also had my feet very firmly planted on the ground and wondered to myself, “With all do respect for the forefathers of this rad music revolution, do they actually think there are no worries in life?” Really, no worries? Zero. How do they do that?

Even though I was young and my life was peachy keen even I recognized that the world seemed to hold an ongoing series of problems and troubles. “How can you truly have no worries?” I wondered. I laughingly concluded that these raggamuffins must be high on herbal sacrament to such a large degree that their exclusive daily responsibility was just to collect tropical fruits and spearfish for dinner. They, in fact, were so very worry-free that they casually rocked bellbottom jeans when it was 96 degrees in the shade. I’m generalizing, of course, but the “no worries” essence always kept me curious. It can’t be that simple as just saying it even in sweet harmonization, I thought.

I kept on skanking. Kept on growing. Kept on living. Kept on keeping on. Problems came and problems went. Money came, money went; money came again. Lovers came, went and came again. Life was very good to me, much to give thanks for, and yet the low hum level of worry ran beneath the soundtrack of my life. This was despite the fact that I was a generally very positive and blessed person. Having worries given how lovely my landscape was seemed strange to me even though it is very much the accepted norm for most people. Now I know from my beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, “That what passes for normal in this world is actually crazy.”

I never thought to look within for the glowing and flowing freedom my heart was set on. Yet that is exactly what Dr. Lane has Taught me to do. Through immersing myself into the blissful Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High on a daily basis I have received wonderful experiences of steadfast calmness, laughter and humor, greater Blessings that I could have ever dreamed of, deep gratitude and a strong compass inside that knows my vessel is exactly where it needs to be.

This Meditation gives eternally. Ever living, ever faithful, ever sure. Even in my daily, mundane, waking moments everything is touched by the Light Of The Most High and made to shine in pure Joy. I am stoked. Living from this place is pure. Spirit just handles things for me. I feel as though I’m floating and my day-to-day life is so easy and grace-filled, like a concierge service is taking care of every detail. I am devotedly committed to keeping my inner environment clear and bright with the Love that I truly am through my Meditation practice. There is deep Devotion on my part and continual re-Commitment. Each moment. Each-and-every moment. There really, truly are no worries here. It is all Love and Love is all there is. It is ultimate Oneness, more so than any reggae ballad has ever conceived.

This is available to everyone. The most incredible, powerful thing in the world is within you. It is the Same as That Which is in me. The Soul. The Soul is Oneness. I & I, as the reggae vibes would hint at. In reality, we are all the Oneness. We just don’t know it. Until we do. It is the Oscillation of the Soul – Which is pure Love – in Divine Joy and Harmony. We are so blessed that we get to know This while we’re in the body, not after “death,” which is an illusion anyway, but right this moment as I listen to my favorite jams and enjoy a beautiful Wednesday afternoon. That’s the Immediacy of Spirit. I’ve learned very much through the Gift of Initiation, through the process of studying with Dr. Lane and through the Divine Experiences I’ve had while Meditating with The Light Of The Most High. The Soul in me is comprised of the same “material,” as it were, as That in Dr. Lane. The Teacher supports the student with great patience and Love. It is similar to if you were to learn a new language you would seek out a classroom and educator to guide you. Dr. Lane is deeply Committed to his Students and serving Them and welcomes all Students into the Meditation Studio, asking only that we Love God, Which is Loving ourSelves.

This is the ultimate egalitarian, equal rights, justice scenario. Dr. Lane Teaches that we are all deeply Loved. Infinitely. Beyond understanding. Regardless of what we do. Out beyond the field of wrong-doing and right-doing, as Rumi would say. We are implicitly perfect just as we are. Not on the physical level with our quirks nor on the emotional or mental with hot surges and circular thoughts. It’s the Soul within us. The part of us that is Perfect no matter what the outer circumstance is. It is the Essence of Who we really are. Even if we don’t know it. Similar to how gravity operates regardless of whether or not we acknowledge it, believe in it or can calculate it. It just is.

The good news is that you don’t have to understand anything to Receive. Start Meditating now by attending a Meditation at your local Center! Work with the Teacher, Dr. Lane, by requesting Initiation into the Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence! Do it all with a Loving heart and curiosity! You won’t have to take anyone’s word for anything. It’s all within. You’ll have direct experiences yourSelf. The system is that magical. Spirit customizes life for you to have the exact Learnings you need to Lift and Grow and know yourSelf as Soul. Cruise through the world with your focus on the Soul you are by Meditating and working with the Teacher and you will find that you are more powerful than you could have ever dreamed.

The sidekick, the byproduct of this awesome cocktail is that life become so easy, so joyful, so laughable that it is the best thing going. I can’t begin to describe how happy I am. How good the music sounds from this altitude! How everything just seems to happen for me and is better than I could have ever imagined! I smile. I am living the ride of my life. Irie I? You bet. No worries? Nah bra, not a single one. Immeasurable Love and natural mystic beyond words. Yes iyah.

The fire is blazing for you, too. Take the Gift if you’re reading this! Run with it and allow the Spirit you are to run the show. And rock steady to the sweet Sound of your Soul!

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