There’s a trend now in social media – the personality test. With a click of a button, one can learn all about “who they are”. But how accurate are these tests? I recently took one and what was most surprising to me was not how accurately it depicted the characteristics of my personality, but how many judgments I had had on those characteristics. For those of you who have ever thought negatively about a characteristic of your personality, here’s what I discovered about judgments and what to do about them!

The personality test I took covered all aspects of one’s personality and how that personality reacted in situations like, friendship; romance; career; and parenting. The test revealed to me that some aspects of my personality that I had previously considered “personality flaws” were actually just a personality “type”. I felt such a sense of relief until I realized that those “flaws” reflected judgments I had placed on mySelf. All this time I had been judging my preferences and how I chose to react in my life. Whoa!

As I’ve learned through the Resources available through Cosmos Tree and its Founder/Director, Dr. Roger B. Lane, judgments create, “separation and it is one place within you where the Spirit cannot dwell” (TFLF #20 “For-Giving YourSelf”). How can we then release judgments in order to clear the space within us to allow Spirit and then live Truly as who we are? Follow the Two-Part Release Technique, taught by Dr. Lane!

1. Call in the Light Of The Most High by saying, “For the Highest Good Lord, God, send me Your Light!

2. Ask the Lord, God to take any judgments you are holding against yourSelf by saying, “Lord, God, take from me any judgments I am holding against mySelf!”

3. Finally, tell youSelf to let them go by saying “(your name), it’s OK to let it all go! I forgive myself for judging mySelf!”

In order to release all the judgments I had placed on mySelf, I did the Two-Part Release Technique. I also signed up for the Forgiveness Clinic, given by Dr. Lane. A three-part Clinic that Teaches, among other things, how to be For-Giving the Spirit you are and how to exercise one’s Power to live free from judgments. I also read Tools For Living Free #20, “For-Giving YourSelf”, which helped me to see that it is through the release of judgments on mySelf and through the act of forgiving mySelf for those judgments that, “enable [me] to move into a deeper understanding of [mySelf] as Spirit.”

A final word about that personality test. It was fun. I enjoyed reading about how my personality ranked on intelligence, social adaptability, emotional stability, etc. However, through my Learning with Dr. Lane; Cosmos Tree and CRASS (the Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies, an organization also founded by Cosmos Tree Founder/Director Dr. Lane that is focused on helping individuals walk a Spiritual Path and come to know themselves as the Spirit they are), I know that all of that information isn’t who I really am. It may be how I choose to express my likes and dislikes, proclivities and tendencies, but the Truth is that I am Spirit and the Purpose of the life that I have been given is to Focus into That, and to surrender anything (like judgments) that stand in the way of That.

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