In the Satsang (Spiritual Instruction) given by Cosmos Tree Founder/Director Dr. Roger B. Lane titled “Are You Saying What You Mean And Meaning What You Say? – A Participatory Satsang,” Dr. Lane says that feedback is important “so I’m always Learning something about mySelf …” According to the dictionary, feedback has to do with “information for our improvement”.

So how do we receive the Sacred Feedback That is there for us? Let’s start here:

Forget How Things Look “Out There”!

Dr. Lane frequently tells a story that has helped me be Open to Sacred Feedback That is here for me. The story is this: When Dr. Lane’s son was small, Dr. Lane was driving Dr. Lane’s car with his son in the back seat. Suddenly, Dr. Lane saw what back then we called a “bum”. Wanting to be a good father and to protect His young son, Dr. Lane inched the car forward to avoid this person. Suddenly, Dr. Lane heard him scream, “You take good care of that boy! He’s special!” Dr. Lane immediately turned the car around to thank him for this Learning. He was gone.

So Sacred Feedback has nothing to do with how things look “out there.” God uses everyone and everything for our Learning. Let me give you another example: When I was moving into a new apartment, the mover showed up with a new helper who told me that he “sells things on the street.” Based on this information, I did my version of a u-turn by wondering if even having him in my home was “safe”. Suddenly, I heard him say, “You need to hire a personal assistant who takes over your business from day one!” It seemed like a voice from nowhere. How was it possible that this “street person” knew exactly what was needed in my business? How did he know that this was what I had prayed for for years but hadn’t yet given to mySelf? How?

Be Open to How It comes

How? Is that this was a Sacred Gift from the Lord, God for my Learning for, as Dr. Lane Teaches, the Lord, God uses everyone and everything to give us our Learning. As Dr. Lane Teaches. I Knew this then from Dr. Lane’s story. My job is to be Open to how It comes.

To be Open, you need to be Present; and to help you with That, go to and avail yourSelf of Tools For Living Free #87 “Being Present.” The more you “work” this Tool, the more It “works”.

A few months ago and years later, the Lord, God sent this person to me again. This time I welcomed him! “Did you hire that personal assistant?” he asked me. With this Loving Feedback/Reminder from the Lord, God I Knew for the first time that I could indeed give this to mySelf. It wasn’t, as Dr. Lane had years ago explained, a frivolous “luxury” as I had it set up. I Knew I had Co-Created this with the Lord, God; that I was Supplied; that I simply needed to do my part. I saw that behind having the help I need is Worthiness, Knowing I’m Worthy of the Ease/of Spirit. I decided to place an ad online and to put the word out. I had used money as an excuse not to listen to the inner feedback I had been receiving about help.

Be Neutral! No one is making you wrong!

We often block the Gift of Sacred Feedback by taking it for criticism. So it’s important to be Neutral and Allow and Receive the Gift(s) being given! For example, a friend recently told me that I need to “stand up straight” and that she was sure that my personal trainer was working on this with me. Because I took this as criticism, she asked me, “would you prefer that I not tell you this?” “Yes,” I replied.

Later on, when I was Present, I Knew that this had indeed been Loving Feedback for which my friend had been the Loving messenger. By being Present and choosing to Allow and Receive and to be aware of the Gift of Loving Feedback based on the wonderful story told by Dr. Lane, when I met with my trainer, I told him we needed to do posture work, to which he replied that he had already put this in my program, just as my friend had told me.

Get the help you need to know What is Sacred Feedback – and what isn’t

It’s easy to take what seems like “feedback” as real when, in fact, it’s the stuff of the lower self or the basics, which bring forward our karmic patterns. For example, I was feeling nervous about a new business offering and was considering no longer offering it. One second with Dr. Lane and the negativity dissolved; there were “no problems” “out there”, as Dr. Lane Teaches.

Knowing What is Sacred Feedback and what isn’t takes practice. I often get the help I need in Open Hour, special weekly times when Dr. Lane is available by phone to give Spiritual Counseling in areas where one needs help. Get that help! It’s all Loving Feedback!

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