I’d like to share with you some easy ways to pray with children. One Prayer I do with my children is the “Blessing of the Food”, taught to me by Dr. Roger B. Lane, Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree. I Bless the food with my children before every meal. Sometimes my young ones join in and sometimes they just listen as I say It.

Here’s how to do It:
1. Call in The Light Of The Most High with your child by saying, “Lord, God, send us Your Light!”
2. Say together, “For The Highest Good, please Bless this food with the Light of Your Loving Presence.”
3. Pause for a moment while you and your family RECEIVE the Light Of The Most High and you experience Gratitude for the food you have!
4. Close by saying, “Thank you, Lord, God!” and En-Joy your meal!

Another Prayer that I do with my older child is the “Nighttime Prayer”. As a child, I remember using my nightly prayer, “Now I lay me down to sleep…” to say a rhyme and then ask for things that I wanted. In the Tools For Living Free #25 “Using The Tool Of Prayer”, Dr. Roger B. Lane says, “that’s fine, … but … many times we approach it like beggars.” Dr. Lane suggests another way to pray, “… a really positive way of working (it) is to approach God in the fullness of your Being as a Co-creator and with being Responsible.”

Dr. Lane teaches that being Responsible is the ability to RESPOND to the Spirit we are. How do we Respond to Spirit? As Dr. Lane says, “[by] Loving [the Lord, God], Serving Him, Choosing the Spirit we are, letting go of doubt, fear, pain, oppression each and every moment.” (TFLF #25).

A nice way to do that is through Gratitude. It is impossible to be in doubt, fear, pain when our Focus is in Gratitude. So, I’ve taught my daughter a prayer of Gratitude to do before she sleeps.

Here’s how to do it:
1. Call in the Light Of The Most High by saying. “Lord, God, send us Your Light!”
2. Ask your child what s/he is thankful for in his/her life. It can be anything your child feels gratitude towards.
3. Place all that your child is grateful for into the Light Of The Most High by saying, “Lord, God, send us Your Light! For the Highest Good, please Bless [name things child is grateful for]. Thank you, Lord, God for all of this!
4. You can say this along with your child until they become familiar with the prayer and don’t need prompting.
5. If there is something the child really wants or would like in his/her life, co-create it with the Lord, God by having the child say, “Lord, God, send us Your Light! For the Highest Good, please bring forward [whatever it is the child wants. Be specific.]
6. Then have the child “let it go” by saying, “[child’s name or whatever they call him/herself], it’s OK to let it go!”

As you Bless the food and say nighttime Prayers with your child, I Lovingly encourage you to also be in Gratitude for the many Blessings you have in your life!

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