What do I do when I don’t know what to do about a situation? I turn inside mySelf to the greatest resource and comfort that there is, the Soul within. Maybe there is a relationship in my life that I have chosen to be troubled over. I might be worried about money or a health condition of a loved one. Up until recent years, my instinct and immediate response has been to follow the concern down the rabbit hole and chew on all the negative scenarios that could possibly unfold until I am sufficiently tied up in knots. At times I’ve had restless nights of sleep, obsessively returning thoughts paired with ravenous emotions that eat at me. Through my choices into this negativity I thwart my ability to see solutions, observe things objectively and have a Spiritual Perspective on life.

And what is a Spiritual Perspective? It is Knowing, through direct experience, that we are more than our feelings, more than our thoughts, more than situations we find ourSelves in; rather, we are Souls in bodies having Learning experiences in this classroom called earth. This may sound vast and theoretical but the key to Knowing this is, in fact, your own direct experience. You won’t necessarily Know this because I say it, though there may be an ‘aha!’ moment of familiarity or deeper curiosity. You can strengthen your ability to attune to the Spirit within by attending a Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High at Cosmos Tree Meditation Center in New York City or one of Its Regional Centers around the country and in Mexico. For days and times click here.

When we begin the Meditation Of The Of The Light Of The Most High we are given instructions to Focus at the Upper Part of the Third Eye, where the Soul sits, and repeat the Sanskrit word “HU.” As Our Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane explained in a recent Satsang, “HU; H-U: That’s an old, ancient name of the Lord, God and It’s His First Manifestation. It’s the Frequency, the Vibration of the Lord, God as He Manifests. That also tells us who we are; we’re HUmans, we’re God in Manifestation and we’ve forgotten That. And all our Learning is connected to helping us remember that simple fact, the simple Truth that we are Spirit. We are Soul. We are God. And that God lives in us as us. It’s all about that.”

This Meditation allows our Consciousness to be Lifted above our thoughts and our feelings and we identify with the Soul within. It is a beautiful and natural process. With this Reality in place as our Inner Knowing, now imagine a friend who keeps exhibiting the same sharp comments you’ve asked her to quell. Knowing you’re Eternal, you’re Free to let go of the negative feeling inside of you, the judgment against her and you can Neutrally evaluate if this is a friendship you want to carry forward and if it is, then you may wish to set parameters. When you Know you’re Loved beyond belief and you’re a-okay regardless of outer circumstances then the Solutions come forth. The mind is what makes things complicated. When we choose into this we are kept in shackles.

Say you have a project for your home that you need a certain amount of money for. Simply ask God to bring it forth for the Highest Good. Meanwhile you identify with the Soul by doing the HU Meditation, work the Tools on the Cosmos Tree Website and you let go of worry and attachment. You also do whatever needs to be done in the world to generate the needed capital but you do it from a place of Neutrality. As Our Beloved Meditation Teacher says, “You work your buns off and leave the results to God.” Then you Receive. If the money and project is for the Highest Good then it will be.

This takes the laboring out of situations and also the conundrum out of, “What do I do?” Funnily enough, the Solution is always the same. Allow your Consciousness to be Lifted! Surrender negativity! Focus on the Spirit within by attending Meditations Of The Light Of The Most High! Ask God for that which you wish for the Highest Good! Pray for healings and blessings! Take steps in the world, if necessary! Rest in the Joy and Receive!

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