While on vacation recently, my family and I stopped for lunch. Afterwards, as my husband proceeded to back out of the parking spot our eight-year old son noticed that my husband had looked left and right over his shoulders, but did not look into the screen that shows the image from our backup camera. Our son asked, “Dad, why don’t you use the back-up camera when going in reverse?”

My husband proceeded to explain that the backup camera wasn’t really necessary…that what was important was to look left and right. My husband then made a grand show of how proficient he is as a driver with dramatic looks to the right and left.

Five minutes later we stopped at a gas station to fill up. It was a small station and, once the tank was full, my husband had to go in reverse in order to leave the pump station. No sooner had he put it in reverse than we heard a “BOOM!” As my husband twisted left and right to look over his shoulders, he had failed to see what was directly behind him, which was perfectly visible in the backup camera view and had swiftly backed up into a large concrete post. Though minor, the accident had caused $1,700 worth of damage to the rear of the vehicle and gave us all quite a start!

I walked away from this experience with a profound sense of amazement of the Wonder and Love of the Lord, God. I Know through my own direct experience and through the gentle Guidance of My Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, that Spirit lives in me as me – and lives in each one of us as us. We are One. And when one is Present with the Spirit within, as Dr. Lane has described, “Spirit goes ahead and answers our needs and gives us our needs and supplies us and all we have to do is listen. … Spirit anticipates us, our movement through time and space and runs out ahead and all we have to do is be open and receive.” [Tools for Living Free # 42 “Learning To Listen to YourSelf”]

Had my husband been open to the beautiful, innocent inquiry of our child (of Spirit) perhaps he would have used that as a reminder to look right, left AND center when backing out of a parking spot and could have avoided an accident. For me, it was such a wonderful reminder from Spirit that the Love and Support of the Lord, God emanates within me and is all around me. That I can use every opportunity in this physical life – even a child’s simple question – to Educate myself and Hear Spirit.

Borrowing from My Blessed Teacher, below is a Step-by-Step one can do to assist with the daily practice of Focusing into the Spirit you are. I highly recommend following along:

  1. Call in the Light of the Most High by saying, “Lord, God, send me Your Light!”
  2. Get quiet and say inside yourself, “Lord, God for the Highest Good take my agenda, my hurt and my pain!”
  3. Tell yourself, “(your name), it’s okay to let it go!”
  4. Ask God to Bless whatever situation with which you are dealing by saying, “Lord, God for the Highest Good take care of this situation for me!”
  5. Attend Meditations Of The Light Of The Most High at any Regional Center.
  6. Request the Gift of Initiation and learn to really listen to the Spirit you are.

[Tools for Living Free # 42 “Learning To Listen to YourSelf”]

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As a consultant, I have a client who for many months had complained to me about someone with whom she works, explaining that he was getting credit for work that the client had done. And she railed against this person.

Part of the upset that she had chosen to create was that this person had won an award! An award for work that she had done!

After hearing this story a few times, I said, “Stop competing! Just do your best.”

It was all quiet on the western front (she works in the western part of the U.S.) from that time on. I never heard another competitive complaint. It was done, gone from our work-related conversations, which we continued to have.

Then, one day not long ago, she happened to mention to me that she had won an award and how surprised she was. The company that she works for had selected her for one of their key honors; in this case, for innovations in software design.

In the conversation, she seemed to have forgotten entirely about “competing.” The focus seemed to be on the work she was doing.

I was reminded of this the other day when I shared with Dr. Lane, the Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, Who is My Spiritual Teacher, that, up until now, I have been competing. I have been very competitive. Dr. Lane immediately asked me What The Teachings that My Teacher Brings Forth say about competing. My initial response was that it separates me out from Spirit; that it blocks the Flow. My Teacher reminded me that it separates me out from all Souls, from the Oneness of the Spirit that we are. That I automatically lose.

As Dr. Lane explains in the Talk titled “Equality And Equity In The Sound Current” (#A290), “Equality is everyone is equal. Everyone is regarded equally, created equally, etc. … So somehow there’s this whole competitiveness: a beats b, b beats c, etc., etc. And it’s one against the other … What are we doing but practicing false identification? In the Sound Current there’s only our True Identification and That is as Spirit and as Spirit we’re all equal. …”

Let me give you another example! The other day I went to Queens, one of the five boroughs of New York City. I live in another borough, Manhattan, and I went to Queens to visit an art studio where I had scheduled a ceramics lesson.

Almost immediately upon entering the studio I realized that a competitive pattern was coming up inside of me and I immediately let it go. I just let it go. I didn’t feed it. I stayed open and I made it the Priority to be “empty” inside, to be clear.

Much of the time, I dropped the negativity the instant it came up; dropped it, dropped it, dropped it. While I don’t remember exactly as of this writing, I likely also used the Two-Part Release Technique by calling in the Light Of the Most High, “Lord, God send me Your Light!” Then: “Lord, God for the Highest Good please take this negativity/separation from Spirit/competitiveness from me!” And I told mySelf “it’s OK to let I go!” And I let it go.

When it came up again, I let it go again. 

Then I noticed something. My instructor, with whom I had taken multiple lessons prior to this one, seemed unusually joyous; “what a wonderful day to be in the studio!” she said. Prior to this, she might have easily complained about something; the colder weather, for instance. Then, after the lesson, when I was about to pay, she kindly waived me away. “We can take care of that the next time!” Very unusual.

I vaguely recalled as I left that she had apologized to me shortly after I had arrived for misunderstanding what we had agreed to work on that day. And that I had simply suggested that we do something else, which we did. I didn’t care at all.  

I also realized re: the competitiveness that I had dropped and dropped and dropped again – that in a studio visit prior to this one I had run a thought and that that thought was pure competitiveness; it was along the lines of  how much better “Manhattan” is than Queens, it was a “status” thing. In looking back on that visit, I realized, too, that everyone there had picked up on that. The openness and joyousness and helpfulness that was all around me this most recent time was absent. I had cut that off. I had created negativity inside mySelf, which is contagious. That negativity is also karma, for which I am responsible.

I offer here, too, that the other Important Help that I received from My Teacher was special Homework that I was doing during this visit. This Homework was to write down the moment I am competitive and then to list the alternative I chose.

That alternative – to do the Inner Work by Surrendering the separation between mySelf and the Spirit I am – and, as a result, to be open and “empty” inside mySelf – was the cure.

And, as I was further reminded by My Teacher during a recent The Teachings Study Group, negativity is to be used as a springboard to Focus into the Positive, into Spirit! To be Present. On that visit, I let go and let go and let go but I did not use the negativity to Be Present. I also needed to consistently reFocus into Spirit! Re-Focus into Spirit!

That’s the Key.   

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Recently, I was invited to interview for a job for which I had applied. Before making the decision to go to the interview I was immediately plagued by worry about all the things that could go wrong if I were offered the position. I turned Inward to the Spirit I am to seek direction and didn’t hear what I thought was a definitive answer.

I mentioned to a friend of mine and fellow Initiate Of The Sound Current the situation and told this person that I was confused over whether or not this job was “the job” for me. My friend advised me to stay Present and not worry about a future dilemma of taking or not taking a job.  Instead, my friend suggested I simply ask Spirit for guidance on accepting the interview.

Our Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, often instructs Students on the importance of “Being Present”, Which, according to Dr. Lane in the powerful book, The Money Workbook that is authored by Dr. Lane, being Present means, “To live in the moment … to be present with all that is happening, self-contained in the fullness of your being.” While I have studied That Teaching for many years, I don’t think I fully understood what It meant until the conversation with my friend. Somehow, I had equated “Being Present” as meaning “Loving the Lord, God” (which I do!) but had, up until the conversation, completely left off the part of Its meaning where I STAY PRESENT – in the moment. As Dr. Lane says, “There is no place for worry, or concern, for regrets and second-guessing [in the Present].”

I chose then to GET PRESENT by letting go of all the worry surrounding having this particular job. I did this with the Two-Part Release Technique That Dr. Lane Teaches by first calling in the Light Of The Most High by saying “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, send me Your Light!” I then asked the Lord, God to, “please take from me all worry, concern, and fear I may have around the job!” Finally, I told mySelf to let it go by saying, “(my name), let it ALL go!”

After Focusing mySelf into the Present, I sat silently with the question, “Lord, God, is it for the Highest Good for me to go on the interview?” The answer I quickly received was, “Yes!”

With that direction, I went on the interview and I had a wonderful time! It was fun meeting other industry professionals and, through the experience of talking about the work I do, I was reminded about the many talents and abilities I have. Cool!

By releasing the worry that I had chosen to take on around the job, it freed me to not only be fully myself during the interview but also has allowed me to be free of the concern for the outcome. Whether I receive an offer or not is no longer important. What is important is staying Focused in this moment for I know that Spirit directs me if and when direction is needed. Staying Focused ‘in this moment’, also gives me the Opportunity to approach every person and situation in my life with Neutrality, Compassion, and Love.

This way of Being – being Present with the Spirit I am – is What Dr. Lane calls, “Giraffe Consciousness.” As a giraffe keeps its head high and eats from the top of a leafy tree, I too keep my Focus “high” on Spirit (at the Upper Part of the Third Eye). When we go through life with “Giraffe Consciousness” the only thing to be done is to direct our Focus into Spirit Where we Know that all that happens to oneSelf is Spiritually Correct, resulting in an attitude of Neutrality towards all.

After the interview I finally spoke to My Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, about the seemingly “silence” I had received from Spirit. Dr. Lane instructed me that the Lord, God always directlyhears Initiates Of The Sound Current and my questions and prayers are answered. The “silence” was my answer – to just keep doing what I was doing (and not make a change). And so, I am!

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According to the Teachings Of The Path Of Soul Transcendence that Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree and Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies (CRASS), Brings Forth, when jealousy comes up inside of me it’s a sign that I falsely believe that someone else has something that I can’t have.

The antidote, according to the Teachings, is to give whatever that is to mySelf inside mySelf. Then, once I have done that – evaluate it to see if I really prefer to give whatever that is to mySelf outwardly – as Dr. Lane explained to me, “that takes care of it.”

Let me give you a recent example! Not long ago, jealousy came up for me when some friends started talking about a fancy vacation they had just taken. Afterwards, I worked it inside mySelf by simply giving that fancy vacation to mySelf inwardly. I made it OK to spend the money; to take that time off from work. As someone who rarely travels for leisure, I made it OK to just do it!  

As an Initiate On The Path Of Soul Transcendence constantly Educated by Dr. Lane, My Spiritual Teacher, I knew that jealousy had an Antidote and it was to give whatever that is to mySelf. While writing this blog, though, I received much-needed Clarification from Dr. Lane. The Antidote is to give this to mySelf inside mySelf. It’s not simply giving whatever that “thing in the world” is to mySelf outwardly – minus the Inner Work. And examining it afterwards is an important part, too.

There’s something else that I’ve discovered about inwardly giving mySelf these “things” or something similar to them and it’s this: the more I give these “things of the world” to mySelf, the more I find out that I don’t want them. It’s rare, indeed, that I actually prefer something once I do the Inner Giving and then examine it.

Take that fancy vacation, for example. Once I did the Inner Giving, I researched fancy spas, including the one in question and I looked at possible dates to go there, etc.  Then, whoa, nelly! I discovered that I had no interest whatsoever in taking a fancy spa vacation. I realized that as a solo traveler I prefer trips that involve actually doing something more than taking a yoga class or going to the beach; say, writing an article about the trip – circumstances where I have instant access to people and something to do that is already kind of set up for me. I also recalled that I had actually been to the fancy spa in question many years ago and, even though it had been given an upgrade, I didn’t see any reason to go again.         

There’s another Powerful Antidote to jealousy: the Two-Part Release Technique. I recently used It when jealousy came up in a different way – it was directed at a person. In this instance, I falsely believed that someone was getting more attention than I was. I also recognized this as a familiar pattern; it doesn’t much matter if the outer circumstance is work-related or involves the Service I do for Cosmos Tree/CRASS.

I applied the Two-Part Release by Calling in the Light Of The Most High like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light!”. Then saying inside mySelf: “For the Highest Good Lord, God, please take any jealousy I have of [fill in the person’s name]! And I tell mySelf “(my name) it’s OK to let it go!” I let it go and I do it as needed.

Finally, re: the first example and its Antidote, that much-needed Clarification from Dr. Lane was crucial. I received It by choosing to place mySelf in the Presence of the Teacher, a Gigantic Opportunity That I recommend to all those reading this! You can do This by calling in for Open Hour, the time each week when Dr. Lane is available to all for Spiritual Counseling; attending a Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High in-person at the Cosmos Tree/CRASS Home Center; and/or by requesting a private session with Dr. Lane. This crucial Clarification reinforced for me that giving inwardly to mySelf is the way I need to work everything. It’s all Inner Giving.  

As for the Two-Part Release, it was My Teacher Who Instructed me to remind mySelf to do this Process by writing it on an index card and placing that card where I can easily see it. As a result, I’ve been doing It every day.

What an Opportunity to Learn, let go and live more freely!

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I had an experience recently that’s I’d like to share with you!

It’s this: Someone asked me if I would please handle a project for them and I immediately agreed to do that. I didn’t think about it; I just said “yes, of course!”

Then, as the project moved forward and I contacted the necessary people to work on it, things happened. The first round of work on it was, basically, “a disaster”. The company chosen to do the work, it turned out, was foundering and promises made were not promises kept.

If I were working this “outwardly”, I’d say there were “problems”. As an Initiate Of The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence, I knew better. As My Teacher Teaches, there are no “problems” in Spirit – just Opportunities to Lift and Grow!

I Knew These are Opportunities to be Neutral and to “keep my eye on the prize”, so to speak, which was on Solutions, the next step in the moment that that step was needed. I could have just “walked off” and turned it back over to the person who had requested my assistance. Instead, I chose to proceed because I Knew I had agreed to handle it and I was responsible. No matter what came up.

Yes, I had a “moment” every now and then when negativity came up. At one point I had wanted to be paid even though this was a Service Project for my Growth and Upliftment. “Boy! this is a lot of work now!” Instead, I focused on solutions. On the Responsibility. On being Neutral.

I also thanked mySelf inside mySelf and that took care of it 1-2-3!

In private sessions and Open Hours with My Teacher, I discovered that all this stuff that needed to be done on the project – this needed fixing; that needed fixing; that needed to redone, etc. – wasn’t some “plot” against me. It was just everyday stuff in the world. No more, no less. So I continued to focus on Solutions. I also didn’t focus on how much I was doing, which I’ve done, up until now. Just next steps as needed.  

I also committed the “time” that was needed – without the usual “oh my goodness! How am I going to get the regular work I do ‘in the world’ done when I’m stopping to do this!” I just did whatever needed to be done – be it traveling to meet with someone working on the project or making phone calls or going over the various stages of work. I just did it.

I also gave up expectations. I could have said ‘oh, how come this is taking three months when I thought it would be only two weeks?” None of that. I just stayed in the moment with the solutions as they came up for me, which was always in the moment when they were needed. The word that comes to me now to describe how I handled this was mature. I acted like mature adults need to act.

My Teacher explained something else to me that was profound, potentially life-changing and oh! so simple, too. I had noticed that the two people that I had begun to work with on the project weren’t focused on solutions; I was the one who always stayed There. Let’s do this! Let’s do that! And things moved forward.

My Teacher told me this: that when people are all caught up with each other nothing gets done. Boy! is that true! When I’m caught, for instance, on what someone else has said to me or how they’ve reacted, nothing happens. We’re at a standstill in our relationship, including anything that we’re working on together, too. Projects stall. So it goes that the two people I had brought in to work on the project focused on the reactions of the other.

I was the one who said ‘let’s do this! Let’s do that!’ And there was movement. There was progress.

Of course, from the get-go I put the project into the Light Of The Most High and, as it proceeded, I refined what I preferred and put that into the Light, too. And I got help from My Teacher when I needed it by calling in for Open Hour, having private sessions, etc.

Also, I did have anxiety at times as deadlines neared. ‘Would they be met?’ ‘Oh my goodness! what if this happens or that! And I’m responsible! How will that affect the person for whom I agreed to do this?’

I just focused on solutions. What I learned is that as I stay in the Love and work with the Light, I receive what is needed for the Highest Good.

When something came up and more time was needed on the Project, I requested and was given more time by My Teacher. I experienced these extensions as Loving – as Love in Action.   

And they were given with so much Love because I was Loving towards mySelf.

Finally, to another kernel that is with me daily: I was having fun! Just having fun! Early on, when I discussed the project with My Teacher, My Teacher said, “you’re having fun!”

At that time, I reached for an excuse as if having fun wasn’t OK. That excuse was ‘oh, yes, the overall area of work that the project’s in is an area I’ve worked in so, of course, I’m interested.”

Now though, I Know I was having fun because I chose to be Neutral. As My Teacher Teaches, “there are no ‘problems’ in Spirit.” The fun is inside!

So, when the project ended I shared with My Teacher that I had been Neutral. And that I had used this Marvelous Opportunity to grow in my ability to do That! And, I add here, to be responsible.

I had agreed to this and I stayed within that agreement. Period.

Then I received another big Learning from My Teacher: “The Neutrality is the fun,” My Teacher explained to me.

“The Neutrality is the Fun!”

Boy! is it!   

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The Teaching, “You are Worthy,” brought forward by the Director of Cosmos Tree and The Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies (CRASS) and my Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Lane, has been with me recently. When I was at the yearly Initiates’ RETREAT a few months ago, I understood that a negative pattern of mine to not “speak up” (physically – when something felt important for me to say) was a pattern I had allowed because I was not recognizing my Worth.

Again, the other day, I felt fear and judgement come up around a choice to not create boundaries or speak up for myself regarding Service. What immediately came to me is, “You are Worthy.” I saw how in my being of Service to others, I have – up until now – often disregarded mySelf by thinking others “knew better”. As such, I have often ignored my preferences and gone with what other people have asked of me.

Service (meaning the Service I do for Cosmos Tree and CRASS non-profit organizations and the volunteer work I do for community, family, friends, etc.) is an extremely important part of my life as it affords many Opportunities for me to Lift and Grow. But I do a dis-service to mySelf when I don’t INCLUDE mySelf in that Service. To “include” mySelf means to give mySelf the same respect, time, energy, and Love that I give to others.

I turned to the Tool, “You Are Worthy,” #74 of the Tools For Living Free Educational Series available on the Cosmos Tree website to understand more of how I can be of Service to mySelf and know my Worth. In It, Dr. Lane talks about how knowing one’s Worth doesn’t take big, complicated gestures or actions. Rather it is the small, moment-to-moment, choices to practice Love, Compassion, and Neutrality that make the difference. Dr. Lane states, “You need to know that the Compassion that God has for us is how we need to treat ourSelves…we have to have that Compassion and Caring for ourSelves.”

For me, having Compassion for mySelf includes listening to my Inner Knowing, communicating clearly what works for me/what my preferences are, and doing Self-Talk when I feel like others aren’t “happy” with what I’ve put out. An example of Self-Tallk is, “Basics, come present! We are Loved and Worthy of Love. I need you to stay with your preference (what was put out). Thank you for your Loving Cooperation!”

Inwardly moving from a “place” of fear and judgement to a “place” of Worthiness and Love is, for me, an amazing, powerful, joyful experience – like being wrapped up in a big warm hug. All it took for that experience was a small step in a different direction. As Dr. Lane notes, “It is a nice circle: making these [small] choices helps you to know you ARE Worthy and Knowing That helps you make those choices.”

I am Worthy and I CHOOSE to Know THAT!

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During a recent Meditation RETREAT my Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, said that giggling is a sign of Spiritual Well-Being and relief.  This was in reference to a Student who had Surrendered negativity, which clothes the Soul in karmic sheathes.  She did so in Our Teacher’s presence by doing a Two-Part Release Process.* Immediately after having done so she erupted into giggling and our Beloved Teacher explained that laughter is a sign of Freedom and Well-Being from the Soul Level.

I thought about this many times since then because I laugh often and intentionally.

Light-heartedness is a sign of less attachments.  The more I can accept things as they are the more I don’t need things to be “my way” or a certain way.  Acceptance, as our Beloved Meditation Teacher Teaches, is the first Law of Spirit.  If I Accept things as they are and am 100% in the present moment, allowing the Flow of Love inside of me.  It is at this Point of Power – meaning the location inside mySelf of Being Present and in Acceptance – that I know that everything is okay.  Even if I don’t prefer the outer circumstances, I know that it’s all alright. 

This Way of Being is natural and Self-Fulfilling in the sense that my Focus feeds my attitude, which feeds my life circumstances and back again.  The steadier my Focus on Spirit, the higher the Vibration that follows the circle and the higher the Vibration the more steady the Focus.  I Allow mySelf to be Sourced and inherently taken care of by being Present.  From this place, I Know all my needs are handled and I am filled with the experiential Knowing of Peace, Joy, and Gratitude.  I rest in the Knowing that all is “good in the hood”.  From this place of security and Peacefulness I know that I am safe.  Here nothing feels like a big deal and I can find the HUmor in it all.  I laugh easy and often.  The little peculiarities of mundane life and ironies all amount to an easy breezy laugh.  Even my own shortcomings and mistakes are taken with such a grain of salt and self-acceptance that I can laugh.  For who better to name a spade than a spade!  It’s good to keep it humble and light; done so by Allowing the Flow of Love and Light. 

My Beloved Meditation Teacher, the King of Spiritual Knowledge and Love, has Taught His Students that “HU,” which is the preface of the word “humor,” comes from the Sanskrit word for the first name of God as It Manifests.  “HU.”  Hence, HUmor, according to this breakdown inherently has God in His first Manifestation on the physical plane in it.  So HUmor inherently holds God within.  This is akin to the word Human, Which, as My Teacher Teaches, has God in It.  Therefore, we are God-man.  And when we are laughing we are God-more. 

Another Gift Our Beloved Teacher Gives His Students is The Teaching, “Laugh and be Happy as Your Father in Heaven is.”  Laughter, Joy and HUmor are Qualities of living in Peace and Joy and God Consciousness.  I Allow all to be and be with all.  I am in Acceptance and am thankful for everything I have.  It may not be exactly what I want but it’s good for now.  It’s enough for today. And from that place, I Co-Create with God using the powerful Tool of Gratitude.  I am moving into having more, should I want it, and am Grateful for all I do have.  I’m Free and Full of God.  Easing on down the road.  “Less Toil” Our Beloved Teacher Teaches, which means, “do life” with less work and with Spirit as my Partner because Spirit is my Foucus.  I still may handle all the same items of business but my consciousness is at God, at Freedom.  Thus, effervescence and incandescence wells up inside of me and comes out in a Joyful way of being in the world.  “In the world but not of the world,” My Beloved Teacher Teaches.

It’s worth marking a distinction that there is a difference between the lively uprising of giggles within and insecure laughter at the expense of others and self.  The later is really a way of bringing judgments to the surface and exacerbating them.  The former may be poking fun at the same quality within yourSelf but it’s from a place of Surrendering and sharing.  It comes from a place of deep Acceptance, Acceptance, Acceptance.  Surrendering and Sourcing.  Going to God, Being with God, Coming from God.  That’s how we giggle.  It’s a High Vibe thing. 

You see, it’s really about where we come from within ourSelves.  When we are Present, as Taught by my Meditation Teacher, all is well and all is cool.  The jokes and the Wisdom and the Knowledge come freely, move freely and represent an out-picturing of Our Inner Freedom.  That which we Focus on we become.  The qualities of God, including HUmor, become our natural expression because God lives in us as the Soul in us.  When we are Attuned to the Jolly Giant inside of us, the huge Soul That is our True Essence, we are living life for Its truest Purpose and as Love.  The Soul is just waiting, inside of each of us, to be Awakened.

If you are interested in waking up to the Soul within, Laughing and Being Happy as Your Father in Heaven is then request Initiation into The Sound Current by contacting My Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, through the website www.cosmostree.org or www.spiritcentral.org.

*A Two-Part Release Process is done with the following steps:

  • Call in the Light Of The Most High by saying, “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, send me Your Light!”
  • Now, ask the Lord, God, for the Highest Good, to take any negativity that separates you from the Spirit that you are.
  • Tell yourSelf, “(your name), it’s OK to let it go!”
  • Choose to give up the negativity no matter what! That’s the Joy!

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The other day I wanted to celebrate. I was finishing up a number of things I had been working on one way or another and I wanted to treat mySelf. So I picked a fancy restaurant, chose one of the warmer days of the week – it’s wintertime and it’s during COVID so the eating is outdoors – and I took a taxi to this fancy place.

And guess what? They were booked. That afternoon and all evening. Then I went to another restaurant that I had seen earlier and that had looked “festive” to me but no! they had no tables available.

Then I asked the person in charge if he knew of another place like this one that was nearby and he said he knew of one so I walked there and there was a line.

The search for a place to eat had taken time so I now needed to meet someone shortly and preferred the quick service of a take-out place with outside service. I found one and ate some vegan sushi.

Then I had a Learning. The Celebration, I realized, is inside. Go “out there” to “celebrate” as I had done and I get duality – booked solid, long lines, open, shut, open, shut, whatever.

Here, with God, is the Celebration. The Real One.

That Learning came to me either after an Open Hour or a session with My Teacher in which I shared some details of my “celebration” outing, after which My Teacher asked me if I had put it into the Light Of The Most High for the Highest Good, to which I said “yes.”

Ah! What happened was for the Highest Good! I had been insisting that the “celebration” be in my timing at “my” choice of a place instead of my having a simple preference and leaving the results to God!

I Knew shortly after that that the Celebration is with God, is always with God if I choose to Place my Focus There. That’s the Joy.

Another Learning arrived: my “search” for that celebration reminded me of the Satsang that My Teacher had recently given Titled “Hey, Good Looking!: For What Are You Looking? Why Are You Looking? Where Are You Looking? Are You Focused On Looking? – A Participatory Satsang” And the same four questions in the Process led by Our Teacher during that Satsang. “Are you Focused on Looking?”


During the recent Holiday Satsang Given by Our Teacher, Our Teacher Instructed us regarding the message of Christmas: “So There’s a Way. That Positive Polarity … the extension of God into the world – is here. That’s an important part of the message. God is in this world. … So Jesus comes along … and shows mankind its next step. We have to incorporate that God is within.  …”

Yes, I do.

Both Satsangs are summarized in the January/February/March 2021 Issue of the Cosmos Tree/CRASS Newsletter SpiritCentral, Which I highly recommend. The quote above is taken from There.

And the Celebration takes Loving Choice, the Choice to do the Inner Work by placing my Focus at God. It’s moment-to-moment.  

From There, as My Teacher Teaches, I’m met more than halfway by the Lord, God. It’s both Loving effort and It’s Grace.

From There, if the outer stuff happens, fine; if not that’s fine, too.

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We stream YouTube channels for advice.  At our digital fingertips are Emily Post guidance for every situation.  Have a question?  Not to worry; answers are awaiting you from the moment you wake-up and switch on!  We have our daily predicting astrology columns.  Our op ed contributors.  Our inspiring preachers.  Our ever-beloved teachers.  Our follow-the-leaders.  Our financial analysts.  Even our weathermen.  All predicting and giving us the lay of the land, helping us to make decisions, telling us what to do and giving our minds even more problems about which to worry.  The addiction to continue to search for advice, keep scrolling for the next best thing and looking outside ourSelves is insatiable.

So what are we really looking for when we look for advice?

Validation, sure.  Information, absolutely.  These both have their place and are important.  On an emotional level, understanding from others what we feel is within the realm of “normal” is assuring.  On the mental level, obtaining information that helps us to make decisions seems practical, prudent and often necessary.  However, there is another Resource to use to navigate life and that Resource lies within us and is evergreen, free and always in Support of the Highest Good.   

You see, there is something inside of us that is more than just our feelings or our minds: the Spirit.  This is our Soul.  And the Soul is our Divine Self, the spark inside of us that is the same material, the same frequency as the Lord, God.  It is made of Love and is Love.  

If you knew the actual Reality, how things really are you’d never worry a day in your life.  Everything in the world, including us, is composed of This Great Love.  All the atoms.  All the things we see, touch and feel.  And, indeed, us.  All of it is this Divine Oscillation of Great Love.  And this Love is what your Soul is made of.  That’s What exists inside of you.  

This means that our questions are made of Love.  Our situations are made of Love.  We are made of Love.  Therefore, there is no better place for advice than the very Love that lives within us as us.  

What does this look and sound like?  You start with receiving Initiation Into The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence, Which My Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane Gifts, to Souls.  In Receiving this Gift the Soul in you is Sparked awake.  The Love within you is unlocked, as it were.  And, as you Walk The Path Of Soul Transcendence, by studying with the Meditation Master, you become aware – through Direct Experience – of your Soul within. You can receive Guidance from your Soul in the form of your Inner Knowing.   

For me, this is an actual, Inner Voice and Inner Knowing that tells me what I need to know about situations.  It may sound like, “Everything is okay; let’s trust that more money will come when we need it and continue paying the mortgage on this house now.  We don’t yet need to sell just yet.  The market value will hold for next year.”  This Inner Wisdom proves to be true and my investment is protected.  How much stress and running around I am saved from by listening to mySelf!  Or the Inner Voice may say, “You need to call a new printer right now.  The company you have your Thesis printed at is not able to complete the job.” Shortly after my partner in the project received a call from the printer saying that their head staff member had quit.  My Inner Knowing can also say things like, “This vitamin isn’t good for you.”  Maybe there is something in the way it is processed or the actual nutrient that isn’t sitting well with my system.  I stop taking that vitamin and energy I didn’t know was missing comes back into my body.  Another perfect example is listening to my Inner Knowing that I can Focus stronger in (what the world calls) Meditation.  So I make the point to further Focus and I feel more Free throughout my day and life. 

When you receive Initiation into The Sound Current on The Path Of Soul Transcendence then your Soul is Sparked Awake and you live with access to the Love and inner Knowing within. So you can use this Wisdom, Knowing, Divine Flow of Love to vet and make decisions in your life.  Sure, you also integrate all the intel of the world.  Read articles, research, deal with “practical” things; however, your Consciousness is at this Flow of Love and Wisdom, and that’s What Sources the decisions.

And That’s what Sources you. You start to realize and experience this Love and Know that You are this Love.  And when basking in this Love there is a Security and Trust so the questions of the world don’t seem very alarming because you Know you always have the Answer within.  And you realize that you are Divinely Guided, if you allow It.  If you Listen to It.  And that Listening takes the form of Attuning to That Which you already are.  The True Self, for lack of a better way of describing It, would never lead you astray. It gives the perfect Advice.  

This Soul’s Knowing is available to us as a Source of Wisdom about all things in the world.  From the mundane to the magnificent.  An example of the magnificent is that a Fellow Student and friend of mine house-hunted for over nine months after selling her home and renting multiple different mid-term homes while actively watching the market.  She “Knew” that her perfect house was coming to her.  She turned down logical option after logical option because it wasn’t correct.  Just this week the perfect house for her, on a pond, flanking a state forest, with ample light and vaulted ceilings came available.  It happened to be twice as much money as the other houses she was looking at but she realized, upon revisiting her financial responsibilities, that she could easily afford it.  She is in escrow now and facetimed me from the wooded haven this morning.  Believe it or not, there is part of us that always Knows!

That same part of us can also inform and guide our Spiritual Progression.  If we Listen to ourSelves we can receive the Inner Guidance we need for our next steps directly from the Spirit that we are.  It’s like an Inner Knowing and a closed-loop system by which we are refined and even greater refined by this beautiful Attunement from God, which is what we are, and therefore, is within!  This may offer a self-directed tweak in the way we are being in the world or our inner environment.  It may also tell us how to shift our Focus within ourSelves or adjust Spiritually.  

When we’re at this focus inside of ourSelves it becomes a “place” from which to approach things of the world.  We may get intel about a situation or problem and then we assimilate it inside ourSelves.  We listen to our Inner Knowing about this information or follow the next step It brings forward for us.  We just stay in the Love, renew the Love, listen to the Love and are moved through the world effortlessly.  This is the True Solution to anxiety, to powerlessness, to spinning our wheels, to “me vs. them” and to fear.  Just go within and be Source from the Love you are.  Get advice from the best Love Column going.  Yours!

If you are interested in Living and Listening to this Love and being this Love then request Initiation Into The Sound Current by contacting My Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, through the website www.cosmostree.org or www.spiritcentral.org.

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When I first met Dr. Lane, My Teacher, I recall saying something about my age, which was 46. And I’ll always remember My Teacher’s response: “There’s no such thing as aging!”

I Know inwardly that this is so because I Know we’re Spirit. As My Teacher has Taught me, anything other than focusing into Spirit/identifying mySelf as That is false identification. That includes identifying with the body, with the physical.

As Dr. Lane has also Taught me, we’re all wearing the same thing: a body and that that body goes into the ground. The Spirit I am is Eternal. That’s Who I am; That’s Who we are. And we’re here to come to Know ourSelves as That. That’s It, folks!

I chose to write this blog after an experience I recently had. I was getting my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine at a local pharmacy. After I received the shot, I was told to sit outside the room in a waiting area for 15 minutes to make sure all was OK before I could leave.

As I walked towards this waiting area, the people there started waving at me. At first I kind of wondered what are they waving for? Then I realized that they were just “welcoming” me into this small group of people who had gathered post- and pre-shot.

Kind of like a little vaccine club.

So we chatted about the shot and one person suggested that I may want to wave my arms around to prevent the stiffness that can result from it. Then she raised her arms way up and started swinging them around, almost like an arm-driven wave dance. And she just kept swinging them and waving them from side to side to show me what she believed was best for me.

I raised my arms and swung them, too.

Then, later on, I realized something. That this small “get together” – and a similar one that had taken place after my first shot – was the first time other than in nursing homes that I had actually seen and been in the company of older people like this, chatting, smiling, advising each other, too. It was happening because the shot was being given at that time only to people over 65, mySelf included.

Boy! was it fun.

That woman waving her arms – I knew outwardly that she was what we call in this world “old”. But the experience I had inwardly was age-free. It was one of fun, of being with a Soul. Yes, I knew outwardly she was likely in her 90s and, perhaps, beyond that; and her arms were a mass of wrinkles and they were super-thin. It was as if that information registered someplace off in the distance and had no real effect on me.

I Know we’re One Spirit. I know that the physical is an Opportunity to Lift and to Grow – the so-called “aging process” included. It’s part of God’s Plan, too. As My Teacher also Teaches, it’s no accident that one person is born this way and another that way. It’s all Love to help us move into that Oneness, Where we all in Reality live. And Where there is no such thing as aging.

I believe that it was no mistake that they kept waving at me. And waving at me.

On some level, I believe, they knew we were somehow in this life together as One. That this was a judgment-free zone. As an Initiate Of The Sound Current, I know that when I am Present/living as the Spirit I am, “others” pick up on It somehow.

It’s no accident, of course, that My Teacher Teaches that the best thing we Initiates can do for anyone is to be ourSelf.

This reminds me of something else: for eleven years I was given the Honor and the Blessing of being of Loving Service by hosting the Magnificent Meditation For Health And Well-Being that is brought forward by Dr. Lane at nursing homes.

It was in doing that that I fell in love with “old people”. Yes, we are One Spirit; and, as the Spirit I am, I recognize their wisdom; their vast experience; and, as I’ve shared with other people at these homes who also love “old people” what I believe is their ability to let go. So much had been given to them situation-wise – death of a loved one, often many times over; family stuff including children in jail or addicted to drugs; illness, you name it – that they had decided at some point(s) to start to let go and to let go some more.

That was, I realize now, the foundation for the wisdom.

And yes, the only person I’ve ever trusted outside of Dr. Lane, My Teacher, was the aunt of someone I was dating at the time. I trusted her with anything I had to say, no matter how “private.” She was wise; she had common sense.

And, yes, outwardly, she was 96 and bed-bound. And, she just kept going even though she was losing her ability to move at all. Wow! She was to me amazing.

At first she expressed dismay at “living this long” then she moved into acceptance of her situation.

As a Soul I Know from My Teacher that like all Souls (with very rare exceptions) she was here on this planet to get her Learning. Yes, she will return for future embodiments until the Soul that was in the body that was this magnificent person chooses to use an embodiment for Its Purpose, Which is to come to Know ourSelves as Spirit, as Soul, Which is Who and What we are, period.

This Opportunity to come to Know ourSelves is a rare and Precious One and It is here on this planet now through the Priceless Gift of Initiation Into The Sound Current. As My Teacher, the Sound Current Master Bringing Forth this Gift, Teaches, you never know when this Opportunity will come again!

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