I had an experience recently that’s I’d like to share with you!

It’s this: Someone asked me if I would please handle a project for them and I immediately agreed to do that. I didn’t think about it; I just said “yes, of course!”

Then, as the project moved forward and I contacted the necessary people to work on it, things happened. The first round of work on it was, basically, “a disaster”. The company chosen to do the work, it turned out, was foundering and promises made were not promises kept.

If I were working this “outwardly”, I’d say there were “problems”. As an Initiate Of The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence, I knew better. As My Teacher Teaches, there are no “problems” in Spirit – just Opportunities to Lift and Grow!

I Knew These are Opportunities to be Neutral and to “keep my eye on the prize”, so to speak, which was on Solutions, the next step in the moment that that step was needed. I could have just “walked off” and turned it back over to the person who had requested my assistance. Instead, I chose to proceed because I Knew I had agreed to handle it and I was responsible. No matter what came up.

Yes, I had a “moment” every now and then when negativity came up. At one point I had wanted to be paid even though this was a Service Project for my Growth and Upliftment. “Boy! this is a lot of work now!” Instead, I focused on solutions. On the Responsibility. On being Neutral.

I also thanked mySelf inside mySelf and that took care of it 1-2-3!

In private sessions and Open Hours with My Teacher, I discovered that all this stuff that needed to be done on the project – this needed fixing; that needed fixing; that needed to redone, etc. – wasn’t some “plot” against me. It was just everyday stuff in the world. No more, no less. So I continued to focus on Solutions. I also didn’t focus on how much I was doing, which I’ve done, up until now. Just next steps as needed.  

I also committed the “time” that was needed – without the usual “oh my goodness! How am I going to get the regular work I do ‘in the world’ done when I’m stopping to do this!” I just did whatever needed to be done – be it traveling to meet with someone working on the project or making phone calls or going over the various stages of work. I just did it.

I also gave up expectations. I could have said ‘oh, how come this is taking three months when I thought it would be only two weeks?” None of that. I just stayed in the moment with the solutions as they came up for me, which was always in the moment when they were needed. The word that comes to me now to describe how I handled this was mature. I acted like mature adults need to act.

My Teacher explained something else to me that was profound, potentially life-changing and oh! so simple, too. I had noticed that the two people that I had begun to work with on the project weren’t focused on solutions; I was the one who always stayed There. Let’s do this! Let’s do that! And things moved forward.

My Teacher told me this: that when people are all caught up with each other nothing gets done. Boy! is that true! When I’m caught, for instance, on what someone else has said to me or how they’ve reacted, nothing happens. We’re at a standstill in our relationship, including anything that we’re working on together, too. Projects stall. So it goes that the two people I had brought in to work on the project focused on the reactions of the other.

I was the one who said ‘let’s do this! Let’s do that!’ And there was movement. There was progress.

Of course, from the get-go I put the project into the Light Of The Most High and, as it proceeded, I refined what I preferred and put that into the Light, too. And I got help from My Teacher when I needed it by calling in for Open Hour, having private sessions, etc.

Also, I did have anxiety at times as deadlines neared. ‘Would they be met?’ ‘Oh my goodness! what if this happens or that! And I’m responsible! How will that affect the person for whom I agreed to do this?’

I just focused on solutions. What I learned is that as I stay in the Love and work with the Light, I receive what is needed for the Highest Good.

When something came up and more time was needed on the Project, I requested and was given more time by My Teacher. I experienced these extensions as Loving – as Love in Action.   

And they were given with so much Love because I was Loving towards mySelf.

Finally, to another kernel that is with me daily: I was having fun! Just having fun! Early on, when I discussed the project with My Teacher, My Teacher said, “you’re having fun!”

At that time, I reached for an excuse as if having fun wasn’t OK. That excuse was ‘oh, yes, the overall area of work that the project’s in is an area I’ve worked in so, of course, I’m interested.”

Now though, I Know I was having fun because I chose to be Neutral. As My Teacher Teaches, “there are no ‘problems’ in Spirit.” The fun is inside!

So, when the project ended I shared with My Teacher that I had been Neutral. And that I had used this Marvelous Opportunity to grow in my ability to do That! And, I add here, to be responsible.

I had agreed to this and I stayed within that agreement. Period.

Then I received another big Learning from My Teacher: “The Neutrality is the fun,” My Teacher explained to me.

“The Neutrality is the Fun!”

Boy! is it!   

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