Love looks like many things but it is no thing.  God’s Child’s place in the delicate threading of the great Oversoul’s Loom.  Woven together our illusion of separateness becomes One.  Twine and diamonds, sweat and dirt, sea and land, tooth and ivory, guitar and chord.  Our Sound is one of Harmony and Attunement to the Grace that we already are.  It’s the sound of the boughs of the trees and running riverbeds.  Mary Oliver’s poem, “Wild Geese”, speaks of nature ever calling out, harshly announcing our place in the scheme of things.  Yet, while the poet speaks of nature and its holy inspiration, I speak of the True heritage and Divinity that we come from, our Wildness and Freedom given to us by Knowing the Father, God directly.  In each moment, whether you see a landscape of the metropolis city hustle or quiet blade of grass, no matter where you are, no matter who you are, there is always the trace of His Hand in our life, leading us within to where God resides.  Within ourSelves, is the True, great territory to ourSelves, the Wild within.  All this life, our aspirations, our landscapes, our loves, our losses, funnily enough, are actually a dream to arouse from.  The Father wakes us from the illusion of life – which is actually death – and establishes us in True Life, True Freedom.  This is the Call of The True Wild.

And here I am blessed beyond measure, now unfettered and free, having received and answered That Call.  I’ve been introduced to the Great Master and Received Initiation into the Sound Current on The Path of Soul Transcendence.  I do – what the world calls – Meditation and am Lifted to the highest Highs, Which are within.  Within me.  They also are with in you.  This Initiation and Meditation remove the layers of karma around the Soul and stokes the embers of Joy and Our True Nature.  I feel an aliveness intrinsic with Love, dancing like countryside sisters and brightly colored maypole ribbons.  Through The Path of Soul Transcendence we discover a child-like celebration on the inside of ourSelves.  A whole world within.  As we sit in this Meditation the Father unravels the knots of the pressured loom and the unfolding begins; we find ourselves awash in spring, rebirth colors splashing, while we are Satisfied with His Presence only. 

Our Joyful brush strokes in this life leave their marks yet in Knowing ourSelves as Spirit, and through our Kindnesses, our Integrity and our movement as an Awakened Soul on the planet the karmic record is erases.  The propulsion to be and do and say lessens and, eventually, disappears.  We sink into our True Self.  Our True Wild.  The Freedom eclipses us and we sail on a northward wind that is caught within. 

If you are interested in Knowing yourSelf and celebrating that Self as Soul, as Spirit, then request Initiation into The Sound Current by contacting My Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, through the website or  Take your first step – back to where you came from. Retracting your steps Home, as our Beloved Meditation Teacher says in the publication that we affectionately call The Red Book.  Through Initiation into the Sound Current we go back to Where we came from.  I am here to serve as a fellow walker for those who wish to do so.

In My Beloved Meditation Teacher’s most recent Satsang entitled, “Behind The Screen Of Anger” My Teacher describes this Process of the Soul’s having received Initiation into The Sound Current and Its Progression, “We’re all set up, we’re set up to be Lovers of God. … We know the overriding definition of Compassion is to be Who we are in the presence of others.  We need to Allow this Love, of the Spirit, of God, which is Who and What we are, to Flow. … It’s an Inner Way of Being That is projected onto the screen of Reality and is Reality. And we all need to do our part.  So the best Gift we can give anyone is to be at Our True Nature. And use anything along the negative pathway, the anger, the hurt, the fear, etc.. to Allow yourSelf to be moved to that Perfect Place of Loving where the Above is as the Below and where Inner Peace is and where the Eternal Now exists.  And it’s really that simple.”

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