When people learn that I have a devoted, daily Meditation practice they look at me with an expression that melds interest, desire, repulsion and recognition. It is like they are shocked because, after all, I look so normal. How could someone Spiritual be shopping at Barney’s New York and be jovial at cocktail parties? I’m often quizzed about this ancient art and am asked again and again, “Why Meditate?”

There is usually some chat about how they could never sit still, be quiet, find the time, abstain from thinking or be alone with themselves. I say, “I was just like you!” I remember vividly when Meditating for 8 minutes and setting those little minutes on my timer was a daunting amount of time to sit still. And, now I sit for hours. Yes, you heard it right, hours. And I have a life – a beautiful, amazing, rich, gorgeous life that I adore. I have a dream-come-true life. And it started with Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High. It is because of this Meditation. It started with one minute that became eight that bore an hour and more.

It takes focus and yet it is effortless. It is simple to follow the instructions on how to do this Meditation and yet the devotion, dedication and diligence aren’t easy. It takes warrior-like determination. Yet the heart is strengthened by Meditating and the love that we are comprised of is allowed to come forward and breathe into our waking life, infusing it with an abundance of Blessings. The little bit we give to attune ourselves is met with waves of love, abundance and generosity infusing our day-to-day waking life. “Why would you not Meditate?” I ask myself. People just don’t know. Until they do. Deep sleep until awakened. Like sleeping beauty. I’m here to share the kiss.

Ever wonder if there is a way out of the drama and stress of your life that doesn’t involve selling all possessions, indefinitely leaving your children with their ever-willing grandparents, canceling every account and bill you have to gallivant off to Bora Bora and coast on eternal vacation for the balance of your life? As attractive as the sunscreen and bikini escape hatch looks when the clamp of life twists tighter around your soft-tissue brain you know that the “ultimate solution” is not the solution at all. As always, with you goes you. Your mind, your feelings, your choices, your patterns, your you-ness is what you recreate unintentionally no matter where you are or who you are with or what the circumstances are.

Why Meditate? This is why. There is no way through all of this. There is only up. Live higher! Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High is the way to elevate. Attend these Meditations at Cosmos Tree! Through this Meditation you learn to strengthen and float above the thoughts and feelings that we create that separates us from the Spirit we are and into a place within your consciousness that is peaceful regardless of outer circumstances and the inner banter. It is the nosebleed seats to life in the best possible way. You are at the place of power when you surrender attachments. Power, peace and love are the byproducts of this Meditation. Not even the main course! The main event is that you feel love and joy – what you really are – pulsing through your blood and your consciousness is at peace.

It is “freest” place to be and the single destination that can go with your everywhere.

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