I am a parent of three young ones and I Meditate. Everyday. For hours. The reaction I most get is, “How do you find the TIME!?!”

How does one “find the time” for anything, really? Parenting, marriage, friendship, Service and Meditation – for me it boils down to Commitment. I “find the time” because I choose to. How do I feed my children healthful food instead of junk food? I commit to buying and preparing healthful food. It’s the same with Meditation.

I Commit to placing a priority on mySelf; on my well-being; on my Knowing that I am Spirit; on my being with the Spirit that I am and I create the time to exercise That. For me, placing a priority on mySelf is an Inward choice. It’s about aligning with the Spirit within me and keeping my Focus there rather than trying to “fit in” another “Do” on my “To Do” list.

Trust me, it is not always “easy”. My kids are sometimes up at 6am and awake until 8pm. There are meals to make; laundry to wash; toilets to scrub, etc. I have a lot going on, as most people do. So I start my day, sometimes as early as 4am, before the kids wake – with Meditation.

Commitment has to do with Loving. It is not outside mySelf; it is an inner process and a volitional process. I Love mySelf so much I wake at 4am to devote time to the practice I Love, which fills me with Peace, Joy, Love, Energy, and Balance. I know that through this practice I am a better parent – really a better person overall – and am able to “find the time” for ALL the things happening in my life that need my attention.

When I place my Focus on Spirit and give that to mySelf, time no longer exists. The day has ample time for me to accomplish all I set out to do and more. I “find the time” by making a choice, committing to mySelf, and Loving mySelf enough to follow through with that Commitment.

If you’d like to “find the time” to do and be more I Lovingly Encourage you to start by attending a Meditation at Cosmos Tree. Don’t worry! Most of the Offerings at Cosmos Tree are in the evening so you won’t have to wake as early as I do to participate! Meditation at the end of the day is a great way to de-stress after work or, like me, find some Inward “me time” after being at home with children all day!

Give yourSelf an hour and you will receive much more than “your time” back in return!

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